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All About Easter Chocolate Eggs: Origin, Facts and History

All About Easter Chocolate Eggs

Easter is the religious holiday observed all around the world. It is Christian church’s most important festival that marks the crucifixion and later resurrection of Jesus. But there are many traditions which we follow today at Easter are not of Christian origin. The giving of Easter Chocolate Eggs as gifts represents the new life around spring equinox that predates Christianity. This was adopt from the practice with an empty egg to represent Jesus’ empty tomb after the resurrection.

Why do we eat Chocolate Eggs?

Why do we eat Chocolate Eggs?

During the 18th century, people started getting more and more creative with their egg giving. People started making fake eggs out of papier-mâché which has small hidden gifts inside and it was around this time. By the 19th century new kind of eggs which were cardboard eggs that were cover with silk, lace or velvet that were tie with ribbon was so much in trend.

The first chocolate eggs appeared in France and Germany in the 19th century and they were made of dark chocolate and were usually bitter tasting. This is because at that time there was no process molding chocolate as they were solid and hard. Thus when milk chocolate came into the picture these chocolate Easter eggs started becoming more and more popular and that’s why we eat chocolate eggs till today. Send online gifts to USA to your friends and relatives living far away from you and convey your wishes for their special days.

History of Chocolate Easter Eggs

History of Chocolate Easter Eggs

Before Christian time there was this history of egg decoration as far back as Persians where eggs were paint for the spring equinox. This tradition of decorating eggs become prevalent since then and is still prevalent in most cultures around the world. When talking about Christians they adopted the eggs as the symbol of rebirth and resurrection of Christ. The egg denotes the end of the lent that is the forty day period when Christians fast or abstain to show penitence to commemorate Christ’s fasting. Later this tradition started losing its importance.

People started decorating pagan with these decorated chocolate eggs that appeared in Germany and France in 19th century. This new tradition then was adopting in England and gradually Easter chocolate eggs became so popular. That this custom spread all over the world. Different variations started appearing in these Easter eggs including eggs filled with chocolates, caramel or toys. Nowadays we find chocolate eggs in most supermarkets. It a tradition to do an Eater egg hunt on Easter Sunday when parents hide the eggs and kids try to find as many as possible. Buy Easter chocolate online and send it to your near and dear ones to convey Easter greetings to them.

Origin of the Chocolate Easter Eggs

Origin of the Chocolate Easter Eggs

The first of these Easter eggs were made in Bristol by a chocolatier JS Fry & Son in the year 1873. This company later merged with Cadbury and launched its first Easter egg line in 1875. The chocolate eggs then were decorating by chocolate piping and marzipan flowers and it were of patterned finish rather than of smooth finish.

The development of milk chocolate made these eggs as the bestselling treat at Easter. Today the Easter egg market is base on milk chocolate. It is a very common activity nowadays to give chocolate eggs to your loved ones for Easter. Alone in UK every year around 90 million Easter eggs sold amounting to 300 million Euros.

This was all because of the development in chocolate making towards the end of the century which resulted in hollow eggs that resembles to the ones we are eating today. They were not only famous as treats but were even decorated and used to hold gifts inside them. You can get wide range of Easter chocolate Eggs from our online gift store. And celebrate this festival with delicious and designer chocolate treats and surprises.

Facts about Easter Chocolate

Facts about Easter Chocolate

– Americans spend nearly 2.1 billion dollars on Easter candy, which is only second to the biggest candy holiday, Halloween.

– Every year over 90 million Chocolate Easter bunnies are producing and sixty million are consume in US alone.

– Before chocolate, hot cross buns were serving as Easter treats; they were beautiful and simple sweet rolls that were made by European monks.

In the year 1890, a Pennsylvania druggist went down in history and came to be known as the “the father of chocolate Easter bunny” who displayed five-foot chocolate bunny in his hop window. As an Easter promotion to promote the sales of chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs to skyrocket. Get the information all about Easter chocolate eggs from our online gift site. Know everything you need to know about the Easter and its relation with chocolate eggs.

We hope you would have got total insights on Easter chocolate eggs and would also have got answers to all your curious questions.

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