The Most Amazing Happy Birthday Cake for Kids

Kids are most excited about birthdays and moreover they are so curious for their birthday cakes. Every time they want something new for their birthday cake. Sometimes it may be superhero characters other times they want their favorite cartoon character or a simple cake of their favorite flavor. They start planning for their birthday cake a month or two prior.

1) Pineapple Smash Cake

Pineapple Smash Cake

If your little one is too young to understand the concept of cake, treat him with this pineapple look alike. You can disguise him with his favorite fruit. In place of pineapple, you can get a cake of any of his favorite fruits. Smash cakes are little cakes with frosting which are specially made for birthday girl/boy so that they can smash it or dig their hands in it. This Pineapple Smash Cake is a fine pineapple vanilla flavored cake with yellow frosting on the whole cake. And green frosting on its top for making it look similar like a real pineapple fruit.

2) Moustache Cake

Moustache Cake

The little ones are always found of their father’s beard and mustache. And if your baby boy is aged between 10 to 15 years he would aspire to have a moustache like his father. So you can treat him with a mustache cake. The Moustache can either be made of black frosting and if that is not possible you can make it out of fondant. There is various mustache cakes available online and they are sometimes paired with a party bow. If your little one is so much fond of moustache you can paste a fake mustache on his face too and have coordinating birthday cake.

3) Monster Cake

Monster Cake

When our little ones are growing, they are so eager to know stories about monsters and ghosts. And some kids are even fascinated by monsters. If your child is matured and wants to keep a theme party, go for this unique monster themed party and have a monster cake. Monsters are made of unusual and weird faces that look scary. These cakes are fun also because they are quite unfamiliar and children will laugh around looking at that monster cake. You can birthday cake delivery by ordering cakes online for your dear ones birthdays.

4) Giant Cupcake

Giant Cupcake

Regular cakes are being replaced by cute and little cupcakes. And children prefer this because they are cute and tiny. Also parents prefer it because it is very easy to and there is no mess of cutting or anything. So this Giant Cupcake is for the ones who cannot decide between cupcake and regular cakes. It is a giant version of miniature cupcake with fine delicate details on it. Your child and his friends will get delighted to see this different type of cake.

5) Super Stars Cake

Super Stars Cake

If your kid loves eating fruity candies this one is for them. You can bake a regular vanilla cake. Cover it with vanilla, pineapple or chocolate frosting. Now take fruity chewy candies and keep it inside microwave for few minutes. Flatten them with rolling pin and cut star shapes out of it. Now you can decorate those stars on the top and side of the cake. You kids will love this starry cake and its fruity flavour.

6) Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Kids love bright and vibrant colours. And the tropical season calls for a rainbow cake. Rainbow cakes can be made in so many different styles. One you can make it by laying necco wafers over its top from the centre and overlapping. These wafers are of rainbow colours so it will create a rainbow effect. If can fill the in between spaces with colourful sprinklers. Second you can bake the base of different VIBGYOR colours by adding food colour and arrange the bases in rainbow colours with white frosting in between each base. Cover the cake with vanilla frosting and colorful spiral sprinklers. You would see the rainbow colors when you will cut the cake.

7) Mini Smash Cake

Mini Smash Cake

You can make a tiny cake and cover it with Malt balls and top it up with a cupcake. Tiny because your little one will smash the whole cake. And you can take nice pictures of it. You can also cover it with confetti sprinklers. And put a cherry on cupcake arranged on it. There are special smash cakes available online especially for per birthday shoots of kids. You can make online cake delivery for your child’s coming birthday.

8) Birthday Buzz Cake

Birthday Buzz Cake

This is for the kids that admire flowers. You can bake a flat cake and arrange flat lollipops over its tip now with the help of frosting or fondant make honey bees buzzing on these flowers. This way your Birthday Buzz Cake is ready.

Nowadays we have so many different cakes like smash cakes, multi tier cakes, photo cake, cupcake cakes etc. So the choice has become tougher. Thus, we hope these birthday cake ideas inspire you for your child’s coming birthday party.

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