Graduation is once in a lifetime moment. That is enormously special for the grad and of course his family, friends and juniors. It’s more than walking on the stage kind feeling.

Are you a parent or perhaps his/her siblings, planning to throw a party for the graduate? Well, we have got some amazing and creative ideas to arrange the party.

Additionally, if you are a distant relative who couldn’t make it up then always send congratulation flowers online via e-store. Read on to host a perfect party for seniors. And trust us it’s going to be lifelong cherishing memories.

Before we jump in there are certain things to be kept in mind before organizing the party. Ask your kid whether they want to invite friends or just family members?

Huge bash or a small gathering? Do you want only classmates or entire family consisting of cousins, grandparents and other relatives?

Once you are clear with all the questionnaires, it’s time to start preparing for the senior party.

Graduation Party Invitations and Announcements

Invitations play a big role as they rise up the excitement for the party. Therefore, many layouts available with incredible artwork and designs they are going to leave a lasting impression on the guests.

Moreover, you can create the guest list through Facebook and create an event on it. In addition to that if the grad is planning to throw a grand party then send graduation announcements firstly followed by party invitations.

Make sure that you send the invitations before 12-14 days before the main day. It’s an ideal way of letting them know to keep them updated for the event to allocate a place in their schedule.

Graduation Party: Who And How Many To Invite?

When arranging a party it depends a lot on the space, budget and flexibility of everyone.  Have snacks, desserts and drinks according to the choice of him/her.

If your graduation is in May, consider it a celebration of mother’s day as it will pay tribute to her and of course your celebration. Many people tend to host a party on terrace and decor with balloons received through online graduation balloon delivery.

If you are running out of the space but have a beautiful garden to fit a bunch of people, then have brunch over it. You can also rent a space or go out to a park.

Take out the graduate for dinner tagging along his/her best friends. They will be able to spend time with themselves while you reminiscence how they have grown up pretty quickly.

Family Only: When Small Is Best

Your senior may love to amuse everyone at the grand party. But a home cooked meal, taking walk with grandparents is their preferred celebration.

However, you can also invite your extended family and sponsor them to visit your home for the enjoyment. You can spend some time with mom dad by visiting the local restaurant or even concert.

Remember the small number of people, the more happiness arriving and giving time to the members.

Popular Activities & Games For Graduation Party

Standing around and going in and out sounds tad boring. Instead, have few activities and games for the party. So that your friends and other guests can have an entertaining time.

The photo booth is the famous ideas that you can make with easy DIY. Don’t forget to include #HashTags like classOf2017.  Furthermore get photos on a flash drive to share it later on social media.

With the help of Instagram add stories and go live streaming but only if the permission is being granted. Get Polaroid and click pictures and stick it on the wall.

Also, ask your friends to write down something on a piece of block. It could be anything a funny memory or quote or any incident.

 Stress-Free Tips for Planning A Graduation Party

  • It’s not every day that you get the chance to have a graduation party. In fact, it’s always first and last, to make it even more special you need to plan it efficiently.
  • If you are not good at planning then ask for a helping hand to your friends. Two grads in one home? No worries simply combine the guests, bonus point – they’ll get to know each other.
  • Everyone has their own budget and so do you. If so, pick some of your friends who are reliable enough arrange work with you.
  • You can also hire a caterer to provide you delicious food; of course, it’s going to expensive but pays off well.


A graduation is a moment where you’ll be ending a chapter of your life. While the new one is about to begin, it’s not good to bid goodbye without celebration.

The above-mentioned blog sums up about arranging a perfect grad party for seniors. So, go ahead and end your chapter on a fantastic note and begin the new with love, happiness and confidence.

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