Mother's Day

Beautify your Mamma with Touch of Lavender on this Mothers Day

She is the one who always surprises you with her unpredictable love. No matter how much time you speak to her, she knows everything about you and makes you feel better and best every time. On this mother’s day surprise her with some amazing gift ideas that will beautify her soul and her smile. Blooms are the best way to do that, especially Lavender on this Mothers day. The beauty of Lavender and the freshness can blow up her mind.

There are many ways you can send this special gift to her. Here is what you can ask your florist or get it online for your mom:

Lavender Flowers

 Lavender On this Mothers day
Lavender On this Mothers day

Lavender flowers have a special quality that can affect our health in good terms. It includes the spark of benefiting from stress, Sleep,  reduce inflammation, lower skin irritation, prevent from infection, helps to get rid of dandruff and soothe stomach boating. Now when you have so much to gift her, what can be the best gift to order online!

Order mother’s day flowers from your florist nd make the lavender the best expression for this special occasion. If we go back, it is said that there are nearly forty mind family that is said to belong from lavender family. Its color is also known as lavender. This flower plant is found in Europe-Africa. The best about lavender is its health elements and the speedy growth.

This flower is used for multipurpose and benefits in the best way. It is also used for an edible purpose. Gifting this flower to her can be one of the thoughtful gifts that is said to be stress buster and good for anxiety. And also for many other health purpose.  So send this beautiful flower to make her feel special and pampered. Don’t miss our blog on how to save money on buying Mother’s Day flowers.

Lavender Spa Basket

Lavender Spa Basket
Lavender Spa Basket

Lavender gift basket available online can also be the best treat for her. This pampering basket is said to be a complete package of all needful stuff. Indulge her into some me time with this refreshing spa basket. This exquisite spa basket features the entire lavender product that is a complete package. The products in the baskets are soothing and calming.

It’s better for you to create DIY mothers day gift basket for Mom in easy steps which saves money and give personalized touch.

This could be a thoughtful and one of the rejuvenating gifts for this special lady of your life. Simply beautify her special day. Not everyone gets this special idea, if you are one among them who had missed it till now, send it right away to your mom on the special occasion of mother’s day.

The lavender spa basket if filled with the soothing lavender products like Cream, face wash, scrub and many more. Using these products everyday can just be a remarkable spa experience. The natural ingredients make it much more royal and sophisticated gift idea to send.  This is indeed a best Mother’s day gift basket idea!


Use of Lavender Flowers

Use of lavender flowers
Use of lavender flowers

As mentioned above, lavender has amazing benefits in all means. Lavender is very much known for its scent all across the globe. It is one of the most recognized scents across the world. There is multiple use of this flower:

  • It is best as a dried herb. It makes a perfect relaxing herbal tea.
  • The tincture of lavender helps in relaxation and sleep.
  • A dried herb of lavender can be added to the homemade buckwheat pillow or a sleeping mask. This helps in promoting a relaxing sleep.
  • Adding a few drops of lavender essential oils on the burn area of skin can be a good benefit. Few drops of essential oil, cold water and spray are a big relief for the burn area.
  • Tea made from the dried leaves can be cooled down and used for scalp treatment as a remedy for dandruff.
  • The smell of lavender can be a best treatment for headache. Rubbing it on the forehead can be the best medicine.
  • To use it as a skin tonner or in cooking, dried flowers can be used with vinegar for the best results.
  • The essential oil of the flower can be used to treat acnes.
  • Sprinkling Lavender herb in a pot of water with some citrus can give a natural freshness around you!

So beautify your mom’s day with this amazing flower gift idea.


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