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10 Best Valentine’s Day Rose Colors and Their Meanings

When we talk of love and passion, the day that comes in mind is Valentine’s Day. There is another thing that epitomizes love. That is a Valentine’s Day Rose and to be specific it is rose. Here is a list of varieties of roses that reflects the different meaning of love and feelings to different people.

1) White Rose

The white rose is the color of roses in wedding ceremonies. It has a deeper meaning of youth and in love. The one who sends this flower to the beloved means they are still young and is deep in love. A bouquet of white roses on this day sends a message of loyalty to the receiver. Besides, white is the color of tranquility and purity. Any age new love is the perfect person to gift white roses on Valentine’s Day because red roses will be way too much for them.

2) Red Rose

Whenever you think of a rose, the very first color that comes in mind is red. Red roses are traditional flowers for romance. It perfectly reflects the deep and passionate love for your partner. It reflects immense respect for the person as well. As it is the first preference of gift on Valentine’s Day, red roses are very expensive throughout the whole of February. This is the only rose that you do not have to send in bouquets. A single rose can also make miracles happen.

3) Pink Rose

This is one of the sweetest hues of roses. This adorable pink color rose represents how much you appreciate each other. The lighter shade of it reflects a notion of elegance and femininity. The darker shades reflect gratitude to the recipient. When you gift a darker pink bouquet to the people you love, it means you appreciate the person’s everything. If you tell your love how much graceful and admirable. This is the perfect choice of Valentine’s Day flowers. Pink can be an ideal color for people falling in love new. Or it is an ideal flower for an extended friendship and relations as well. It is perfect for mothers, sisters, and brothers as well.

4) Yellow Rose

This is a flower of pure and forever friendship. When you send a bouquet of this flower to any person, it means that you want them more to be your friend than a lover. This is the only variety of rose that reflects warmth and affinity without a single sign of romance. Sending a bouquet of yellow roses to your friends means it is your request for his/her eternal friendship.

5) Orange Rose

This shade is a perfect choice of rose for Valentine’s Day delivery to your deepest desire. This is one such rose that reflects emotion over romance. When you send a bouquet of orange roses on Valentine’s Day, it means you desire the person. Besides admiration and appreciation, they also send a message of excitement and passion. People who want to be more than friends to a person but less than a lover, it is the perfect gift. It reflects more the lust for the person than the love.

6) Lavender Rose

Lavender or purple is a perfect mysterious essence of the flower. It reflects one of the unique feelings in love just as unique they are as flowers. When you fall in love at the first sight, this is the best gift to send to the person to let him/her know. Lavender is also a color of royalty which reflects how you consider the man/the woman as the king/the queen of your life. As they are rare, they also make the recipient feel that they are one in a million.

7) Green Rose

This color might look odd at first sight. But as you start knowing its meaning, you start liking it. Green roses reflect a beautiful message of renewal and rejuvenation of love. If you are married to your beloved long, this Valentine’s Day send them this flower to relive your magic moments.

8) Black Rose

It is not usual that you send a black rose to your love on Valentine’s Day. But if your beloved is fond of Gothic romances like ‘The Crimson Peak’ or the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, then this is the perfect flower to send to them. This color of roses reflects the capitalization of interests in love.

9) Blue Roses

Blue roses are one of the rarest species of roses which is equally expensive. So, if you are sending someone a bouquet of blue roses on Valentine’s Day, it means they are that special to you. It sends the message of ‘No one like you’. This flower is manufacture than cultivated.

10) Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses can have two meanings. Either it is a rose of all rainbow colors blends or it is a bouquet of many colors of roses. It is one of the best flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day. This has been a very famous rose from Victorian century literature.

When you give roses to someone on Valentine’s Day, you do not need to tell anything. Above are the roses that will do the talking of your feeling for you to your beloved.


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