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9 Blue Flowers that Absorbs the Attention of People

A blue flower is undoubtedly rare and unique, and therefore desirable because of its characteristics. Color blue has quite a lot of symbolism, which are undeniably attributed to the flowers bearing this color as well. These flowers speak about inspiration as well as hope – thus making them one of the most unique and perfect flowers that are out there in wild! Find here list of blue flowers and their meanings.

Meaning of Blue Flowers

Every color tells a different story – and it also covers flowers as well. The red flowers speak about romance, passion, while the white flowers are all about serenity, peace, purity. The ones which we are concerned with are the blue blooms, which signify trust and never ending commitment. If you give blue flowers, then it almost always conveys the meaning that you want the romance between you burning and alive for the years. It also conveys trust, and therefore makes the perfect flowers for giving someone who is going through a difficult phase and could use some solace! The true blue flowers are naturally calming, along with representing confidence, spirituality and intellect – and, of course, they are very rare.

Blue Rose: Rarest Flowers

The Blue Rose is one of the rarest flowers and has bagged a special place in fantasy tales which has immortality. However, the blue roses are lilac in real life and are the result of hybridization methods or genetic modifications due to the blue pigment delphinidin. Generally, a white rose is taken to add this pigment, so that we can get a blue rose. These roses represent royalty, mystery and intrigue, mostly because it is one of the rarities.

Blue Hydrangea: Fourth Anniversary Flower

Blue Hydrangea is also called fourth-anniversary flower and it is the best to express your heartfelt emotions to the recipients. It represents prosperity, grace and beauty as well as expresses deeper understanding between two people. Ironically though, it is sometimes also used to convey disinterest in a romantic or even a wedding proposal. Don’t let this faze you – you can buy wedding anniversary flowers online, and gift them to your partner, for fourth anniversary, funnily enough.

Delphinium: Perfect Gift for Corporate Meetings

Delphinium is the epitome of simplicity and makes a perfect gift for corporate meetings and tie-ups. This is because these blooms signify new opportunities as well as expansion. All in all, it is considered as a flower to be used to celebrate anything that is positive. It is popularly known as the bird’s claw, owing to its unique shape and design. This equally unique name is derived from a Greek word meaning dolphin, because a single bloom, if separated from the plant, resembles a leaping dolphin.

Bell-flower: as Cut Flowers

Bellflowers are flowers shaped as a bell, which are long stemmed. It is an ideal choice for flower arrangements as well as cut flowers. This beautiful flower is associated with the World of Fairies and symbolizes humility and reverence. If you want to adorn your household with these beauties, same day flower delivery is available and extremely easy and convenient.

Blue Orchids: Symbol of Strength and Virility

Orchids are originally rare, and a blue orchid is even rarer than that, maybe even one of a kind. The symbolism of these flowers goes right back to the Aztecs and Greeks; they believe that the flowers to be a symbol of strength and virility. The plant is believed to have healing properties. Even the Chinese use it to treat lung infections, cold as well as flu. The flower itself is believed to emphasize on beauty, perfection, fertility, opulence and luxury.

Morning Glory: Have Duality

These flowers themselves are something unique – they blossom at the sunlight and dies as the sun sets.They have a unique duality – they are used to celebrate love as well as love in vain.

Periwinkle: Used for Bedding or Fencing

Periwinkles are small flowers mainly used for bedding or fencing. The bloom symbolizes promise and hope in a relationship. The flowers also imply existence, everlastingness and extension of life and love for forever. Sending these flowers to your loved ones can help a lot in encouraging them to reach out to their goals or to support them during their struggle. These flowers are also used to celebrate nostalgia.

Love in Mist: Devil in the Bush or Ragged Lady

This delicate annual flower is known as the devil in the bush or ragged lady, owing to its dainty appearance. According to the various folklores, this gorgeous flower is a Venus herb and therefore, emits a strong feminine power. It is also believed to be the reincarnation of the Holy Roman Emperor, Fredrick I Barbarossa. The uniquely shaped leaves and the messy, frothy look is what lends its mysterious name.

Aster: the Tears of Goddess Astraea

Asters are flowers that have a root in Greek Mythology. The word derived from the Greek Word and implies star-shaped structure, because of its design. It is believed, in Greek Mythology, that the flowers are the tears of Astraea, a Goddess, who demanded to be turned into a star in the protest against god Jupiter’s decision and then she cried when she lost the Earth. English, as well as German people, believed that this flower holds magical powers. The flower represents patience, elegance, peace, and afterthought.

These natural blue flowers are something different and unique in their own sense. The mainstream flowers are something everyone has heard of, but not these ones – these are rare and yet symbolizes something special and important!

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