How to Celebrate Anniversary in Kolkata with Flowers and Interesting Activities?

How to Celebrate Anniversary in Kolkata with Flowers and Interesting Activities?

In our life, we often come across events that are worth remembering forever. For instance, our wedding, first day of falling in love, joining a workplace, and making a strong bond of friendship etc. We may celebrate the special days by doing something unique, like going out for a movie, eat out at a popular restaurant, or simply spending time with our dear ones. When it comes to Kolkata, residents often prefer to explore the city and impress each other with gifts and flowers on the day of the anniversary.

An anniversary is a day in the year, which holds a special meaning. It is celebrated every year, just like a birthday. As Kolkata is a city of dreams and bears a rich cultural heritage, you have many options as far as exploring the place is concerned, from visiting museums, gardens, fairs, shops, to temples etc. You can send flowers to Kolkata to loved ones on their special anniversary days, such as a wedding, friendship etc.
Below we have discussed different types of anniversaries that are celebrated in Kolkata and how flowers and gifts become a significant part of these occasions.

1.Anniversary of Love

Even if you are not married to your sweetheart yet, there is no reason why you should not celebrate the anniversary of your love. We are not talking about Valentine’s Day, while this day is, of course, the day for lovers, you can also celebrate your love anniversary, basically, the date when you both started dating or confessed your love for each other. You can go out for a short vacation in a vicinity of Kolkata such as Shanti Niketan or Digha.

Propose your partner once again with a bouquet of flowers and present to them the engagement ring, if you have not already. Take your ‘to be’ better half to a theatre or an art festival or a book fair. Treat him/her to roadside snacks like Phoochka, jhaalmuri, chop, momo, to bring alive the memories of your initial hangouts.

2.Marriage Anniversary

A celebration of wedding anniversary is a special moment for every married couple, even for those who may forget the date of their marriage! Be it your forgetfulness or remembrance of the marriage day, nothing can work better to uplift the mood of your life partner than a pretty bouquet of flowers. If you are the husband, why not cook a pure Bengali meal for her? And if you are the wife, you can gift him traditional Bengali attire.
Even if you are away from your city on your marriage anniversary, you can always make your wife/husband have your presence felt. Simply send flowers to Kolkata on the wedding date along with something unique, like jewelry, smartphone, gift card etc.

3.Work Anniversary

To observe the work anniversary of your colleague in Kolkata, you can surprise him/her with chocolates, floral arrangements, and many other gifts. Plan a surprise party in the workplace and give a handmade card with a flower to the person, the receiver will surely love it. If you are the owner of the company or a team leader, you should certainly think of smart corporate gift ideas for your employees or team members during their work anniversary. Token of appreciation on special days would make them feel respected and cared for.

4.Memorial Services

There are quiet and dedicated occasions held in honor of those who have passed away. These functions are called memorial services. You can send flowers to Kolkata to convey your condolence or sympathy to a memorial service when needed. It will show your respect towards the particular person who had somehow contributed to your life. It may not be someone you knew personally, but someone who had sacrificed for the country. For instance, people present sympathy flowers to widows of soldiers on Memorial Day or death anniversary of the soldier.

5.Anniversary of Friendship

There are few people who never leave our side in the life’s journey. Such friends really adore us and will do anything to protect us. If you remember the day when you met your best friend or the day when your friendship took off, you can consider that date as the anniversary of your friendship. You can choose utility and quirky gift for your friend such as electronic gadgets, flower baskets, grooming kit, new clothing, tour package etc. Go for shopping in the city at new market, Park circus market, Gariahat market, Hati Bagan, College Street, burra bazzar, Chowringhee road, or other such places.

There are many types of anniversaries that mark important life phases and there are anniversaries, which sometimes go unrecognized. Be it whichever special day, you can celebrate it in Kolkata with full vigor and happiness by gifting each other fresh blooms and goodies.

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