Chocolates: Ultimate Comfort Food and Magical Box for Mother’s Day

Chocolates: Magical Box for Mothers Day

“If you are a traditionalist and you must give chocolate, choose dark chocolate,” says Dana Greene, RD, a nutritionist, Boston.

Confused about Chocolate is best, healthy gift for mom or not?

Yes, Chocolate is healthy gift treat for mom. Checkout below reasons why it is beneficial for health.

  1. Keep brain functions whirring into old age
  2. Has Many Nutrients
  3. It is source of polyphenols which is good for heart
  4. Reduce risk of suffering a stroke
  5. It is good for Skin
  6. Helps to lose weight
  7. Dark chocolate prevents diabetes (Cocoa improve insulin sensitivity).

So, let’s melt mamma’s heart with mood enhancer, romance inducer, healthier chocolate treat on this Mother’s day.

Top Most Popular Chocolate Gift Packs Welcomed By Mom

1. Chocolate Gift Box Tower:

Discover chocolate gift in tower shape packing. This is unique and attractive look which is welcomed by all ages on all occasions. Gift your mother in beautiful packing from small box to big box.

  • Corné Port-Royal’s Ribbon Tied Chocolates Box:

Corné Port-Royal's Ribbon Tied Chocolates Box

Corné Port-Royal’s Ribbon Tied Chocolates Box

       What we include in box?

  • First Tier:
    • 40 delicious milk, extra-dark chocolates
    • wrapped up in pretty pink paper
  • Second Tier:
    • 16 milk, dark, and white assorted Belgian chocolates
    • including chocolate hearts
  • Third Tier:
    • 9 delicious chocolates
    • Heart shaped filled with a smooth ganache
  • Top :
    • crowned with a rich Dark Chocolate Crunchy Praliné Tablet
    • red chocolate strawberry heart shaped lollipop.
  • Godiva’s perfect trio gift set for Mother:

Godiva's perfect trio gift set for Mother

Godiva’s perfect trio gift set for Mother

      What we include in box?

  • First Tier:
    • Godiva chocolate
    • new pralines in White Tahitian Vanilla Almond, Milk Guerande Salt and Pecan, Milk Valencia Almond and Dark Piedmont Hazelnut
  • Second Tier:
    • Godiva Mousse Meringues
    • pink gift box
  • Top :
    • crowned with Godiva’s timeless Coeur Iconique
    • Gold box featuring 6 traditional chocolate hearts in white, milk and dark chocolate
  1. Heart Shaped Chocolate Box:

“Life is like a box of Chocolates.” Express your feeling of love or affection with beautiful heart shaped chocolate box. Impress your love with red heart shaped chocolate box.

  • Godiva’s Heart Shaped Chocolate Box:

Godiva's Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

Godiva’s Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

      What we include in heart box?

  • Covered with the smoothest, silkiest ruby red satin
  • Chocolatier-crafted Godiva chocolates
  • milk chocolate strawberry and dark chocolate café caramel cups
  • 11 of our creamy ganaches, pralines and truffles
  • Neuhaus’s Chocolates Stuffed Heart For All:

Neuhaus's Chocolates Stuffed Heart For All

Neuhaus’s Chocolates Stuffed Heart For All

      What we include in heart box?

  • red leather heart box
  • 30 of our most popular pralines and gianduja assorted chocolates
  • milk, dark, and white chocolates are paired with creamy, mouthwatering hazelnuts, almonds, raspberries, and coffee flavors.
  1. Chocolate Gift Baskets:

Pack all your memory into one basket in amazing way and share your best wishes in unique way. Chocolate gift basket includes varieties of branded chocolates.

  • Enticing Godiva’s Chocolates Gift Basket:

Enticing Godiva's Chocolates Gift Basket

Enticing Godiva’s Chocolates Gift Basket

      What we include in basket?

  • classic Belgian chocolates
  • pink gift box in center filled with 21 seasonal and signature chocolates and squares
  • 6 scrumptious milk, dark, and white chocolates
  • 6 piece truffle gift box
  • large pure milk chocolate tablet
  • Tin of Godiva crispy milk chocolate “Pearls”.
  • Godiva’s Tempting Gifts Basket:

Godiva's Tempting Gifts Basket

Godiva’s Tempting Gifts Basket

      What we include in basket?

  • Sweet Teddy Bear
  • heart shaped box of Godiva chocolates
  • pink heart shaped box offers 14 delectable milk, dark, and white chocolates
  • Godiva’s iconic 14 piece gold gift box, decorated with a luxurious satin bow
  • truffle gift box, juicy chocolate -covered Orangettes, and dark chocolate nuts
  • Raspberry chocolate bar.

Surprise your mom on her “Me Time” with scrumptious branded mother’s day chocolate gifts in varieties of gifting packs.

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