Choose Congratulation Flowers Online by Knowing their Meanings

Flowers are the best gifts no matter what the occasion is. They are associated with so many feelings and meanings that you can find an appropriate flower to convey your heartfelt emotions to your loved one. Moreover flowers are available in rainbow of colors so you can also choose flowers according to preference of the recipient. You can greet your loved one with flower of their favorite color and bring a wide smile on their face. Similarly you can also choose blooms to greet your loved one according to their meanings. These blooms help you convey feelings like love, affection, loyalty and many more. In Victorian times there was this whole language dedicated to blooms and people used to converse with each other through it. You can wish your dear ones many congratulations with bunch of colorful and fresh blooms. From getting a job promotion to moving to a new home and many more such achievements needs to be celebrated. Thus there’s no finer way to express congratulatory feelings and sentiments than with a flower bouquet. So we are here with two different ways of choosing congratulatory through colors and meanings associated with the flower.

Give Blooms According to Colors

  • White

White colored blooms are the virtues of purity and sophistication. The intrinsic traits of these flowers can fill the mind of you and the receiver. White colored blooms are wonderful and always a delight to cherish so greet your dear ones with white colored blooms if they are fond of flowers of this royal and peaceful shade.

  • Blue

Exquisite flowers are blue in color and whenever you greet your dear one with blue colored flower they would be very delighted. With exquisite blue colored flowers you can symbolize the magnitude of their success and wish them congratulations in the finest way. So express your joy filled excitement with blue colored blooms to your dear ones for their accomplishments.

  • Orange

Orange colored blooms can reciprocate love and cheerfulness in the finest way to you and to the person you are presenting these flowers to. There is no finer floral spectacle to signify your elation than with orange colored blooms if they are getting success or have achieved something special which has made you so proud. Order congratulations flowers bouquet online from our online flower shop and treat your near and dear ones with fresh and gorgeous blooms.

  • Red

A red rose is the most popular flower and also the most gorgeous floral delights. There’s no better way to reciprocate the love you have for someone than with this flower bouquet. These red Roses are passion filled delightfulness and are great for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Anniversary etc. There are so many red colored blooms that are synonymous to love which you can choose to convey your heartfelt feelings to your loved one.

  • Pink

People are highly delighted by something that is pink and pink flowers are beautiful that it can enchant anyone with its beauty. The pink petals of any flower have the power to melt the heart of the recipient. You can greet your loved ones with pink colored blooms and build a bond you guys can cherish for lifetime.

Give Blooms According to Type

  • Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most beautiful flowers and they will help you convey good luck to the recipient. When you greet your dear ones with these blooms, it is like an encouraging gesture when someone is taking a new step in their life. So recognize the success of your dear one with the bunch of Jasmine flowers.

  • Gladiolus

These flowers represent integrity and strength. You can give these blooms to someone who has shown strength in difficult situations. You can choose yellow or orange colored gladiolus blooms as they are good colors to wish congratulations. You can also find these blooms in colors like red, green, pink and purple. Send flowers online to your friends and relatives and convey your wishes for special occasions through these beautiful flowers.

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers symbolize seizing the moment and because of this reason they are a great addition to any congratulation bouquet. So tell your dear ones you are proud of them and very happy to see them succeeding in their life. These blooms will also portray a sense of happiness and the recipient will be very joyful that you have their back and supporting them throughout.

  • Poppies

These flowers are a common symbol of prosperity, luxury and success. When you give someone these blooms it means you admire them for what they have done. And you are also wishing them luck on the next stage of their life. The best color poppies that can be used for congratulation flowers are yellow poppies. So whether your friend is graduating or getting a new job yellow poppies are perfect blooms to greet them.

  • Irises

These flowers represent the feelings of courage, hope and admiration. Thus these flowers are a great choice for cheering people on and also recognizing their hard work and success. These blooms will also make the recipient feel energetic and they will become more determined towards their goal. They would be very thankful to you for encouraging them and fulfilling their dreams and aspiration. So now on wish your dear ones congratulations with lovely Irises.

  • Lilies

Lilies show pride. So for example parents can send their kids these blooms once they graduate. For this matter orange lilies are the best to show the kids how proud you are of them. Few lilies are also associated with friendship and devotion and so it is a good way to say congratulations to someone you know well and also see them struggle to what they have achieved today with these lovely and pretty blooms lilies.

We hope this helps you find perfect blooms to greet your loved ones according to their meanings, colors and types.

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