Cakes have always been the delicacy of every occasion. From birthday to anniversary, every occasion, the celebration is incomplete without a delicious cake. There are different types of cakes as per the customers’ choices. Some like theme-based cakes. Some are fond of old-classic and traditional cakes. Here is a list of 10+ classic and traditional British cakes that loved-by nation.

Try These Classic and Traditional British Cake

♥Carrot Cake♥

Carrot Cake

The concept of carrot cake lies way back in 10th-century Arabian carrot pudding. It is more famous as a dessert cake. Here the carrots act as an alternative to sweetener. Middle age was a time when carrot cake went missing from the cake list. Till the 1800s, it was famous as pudding. During the Second World War, it gets popular in Britain. And 1960s first had the cake with frosty cheese cream icing. Nowadays you can easily send cake online UK from our online store.

♥Scone Cake♥

Scone Cake

This cake is in a scene from 1513. It has its name ‘scone’ according to the Scottish throne. Scone cake is a type of flat quick bread from Scottish bannock. It is a traditional delicacy of Britain since centuries. It is still the favorite better half of evening/afternoon tea. There are various tastes of it. One might like it with raisin, others without raisins. You can choose between your scone to be sweet or savory. You even have choices with which you can serve it. It is as tasteful with jam as it is with cream. One very recent yet mouthwatering scone is the cheese scone.

 ♥Victoria Sponge Cake♥

Victoria Sponge Cake

Victoria sponge cake is also famous as ‘Victoria Sandwich’. This cake has its name after Queen Victoria and is still a famous side part of afternoon tea, from 19th century. This cake has a mouth-watering filling of whipped cream and raspberry jam. From 1615 to mid 18th century, it was in its bake form. From 1840s, with the invention of baking powder, it takes its fluffy form. It is more as an institution than a mere delicacy.

♥Bake-well Tarts♥

Bake-well Tarts

Bake-well cake is the winner of nation’s favorite baked-treat in 2015. Its competitor was the Eccles cake. It is the most famous cake in its hometown Derbyshire and in Ireland. This cake recipe is there since 1845. It’s yum almond flavor with jam filling and icing makes it a dreamy delight. A cherry on the top compliments the cake the best. Order now for cheesecake delivery UK to those who are mad about tarts.

♥Pork Pies♥

Pork Pies

Pork pie tops the list of the British cake delicacy. It is, no doubt, the most famous British Classic cake. The first thing to like about t is its soft coating bun. Once you get over with the mouth-melting sweet buns, there comes the tasty pork. It is a famous cake for occasions like get together and birthdays.

♥Butterfly Cake♥

Butterfly Cake

Butterfly cakes are best known as ‘fairy cakes’. It is available in many flavors. Cut the top of the fairy cake or curve it with a spoon. Next, cut it into halves. Then put the buttercream or whipped-cream at the place between the two halves. This looks like a butterfly while some wings decoration with the icing.

♥Apple Crumble♥

Apple Crumble

Crumble is a special form of a cake with its British origin. This cake according to the tradition is of different seasonal fruit flavor. So whenever someone speaks of autumn, the first choice for crumble comes out is Apple crumble. It is the most simple bake cake. The cake is of simple sugar and flour. Besides the butter topping, add the apple pieces. Your apple pie is ready to serve.

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♥Madeira Cake♥

Madeira Cake

Madeira is a famous wine with Portuguese origin. This famous Madeira cake has its majesty after this wine. It was a cake to have with wine, now tea is its best companion. Madeira cake is the oldest cake recipe from 18th century. To be specific, Eliza Acton is the mother of this cake recipe in 1845.

♥Eccles Cake♥

Eccles Cake

 Everyone might not be familiar with the name of a small town Eccles in Great Manchester. This cake is from this small town and has its name after it. In 1769, Mrs Elizabeth Raffald from Cheshire was the first to give this recipe. It has another name of ‘Sweet patty’.

♥Welsh Tea-bread Cake♥

Welsh Tea-bread Cake

It is a very classic and traditional 19th-century cake from the city of Wales. It is a delicacy from bake-stone. It has some similarity with a scone. It is a favorite teatime delight as well. It is best served alone. Some might prefer to have it with jam and cream. It carries a sweet flavor of sugar and raisins. Sometimes to enhance the taste one might add sultanas and currants.

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♥Battenberg Cake♥

Battenberg Cake♥

The color and the ‘chequered’ pattern of this cake is a signature feature of Batten-berg. It was the unique wedding gift of Prince Louis, Battenberg and Princess Victoria in 1884. It has a unique cover of marzipan. It is a cake of having four sections- alternative pink and yellow. In 1898, Frederick Vine had an instruction of getting the cake of 9 pieces.

♥Sticky Toffee Pudding♥

Sticky Toffee Pudding

This type of cake is the most modern chocolate dessert. The 1970s original recipe is from Francis Coulson at Sharrow Bay, in Lake Districts. It has a Canadian origin. It is very much like a famous American muffin. Serve it with vanilla custard or ice cream to have the delightful taste. You can send chocolate your loved-ones.

Try these above cakes to know Britain better. These cakes carry the traditional definition of delicacy in Britain.

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