Congratulations Flowers to choose for Different Occasions and Achievements

Congratulations Flowers

A flower bouquet can be given on any occasion whether it’s a special achievement or celebration. The flower becomes the most applicable gift because no one would deny this gift. A Flower fragrance lifts the mood and also adds tropical beauty to the celebration. From orchids to lilies to roses there are unlimited flowers available to select from. But there are certain flowers that you share on specific occasions. Like if you want to wish congratulations with flowers there are certain flowers that express certain greetings. If you are unaware of this fact, let us help you. We have got covered all types of Congratulations gift ideas to let you select the flower according to the occasion. Please see the topics mentioned below.

New Job/ Promotion

Irises Bouquet

Irises Bouquet for New Job/ Promotion

Iris is a wonderful flower symbolized for hope, courage, and strength. Iris bouquet is very much popular for its voluminous look. You can mix this purple iris bouquet with other beautiful flowers. Also, it helps to represent new life. Iris flower instantly reflects happiness. So it is said to be the most aspiring gift for sending on a new job, retirement, or promotion party. Iris are available in different shades but the blue color is very much popular and fascinating.

Gladiolus Bouquet

Gladiolus Bouquet for New Job/ Promotion

Gladiolus flower is symbolism for strength, courage, and inspiration. Also, it is associated with good luck and fortune. And this is why the Gladiolus bouquet becomes the best gift for achievement. Given on corporate events like promotion, new job, or retirement this purple Gladiolus is very popular. Also, if you would like to add some beautiful flowers with this, you can go to an online florist shop to customize it your way.

New Baby

Carnations Bouquet

Carnations Bouquet for New Baby

Carnation symbolizes good luck, hope, and faith in life. To welcome a baby girl choose pink carnations and purple or blue for a baby boy. Carnations are long-lasting and send blessings for prosperity and good health. You can also adore the effort of the mom by giving the pink carnations bouquet to the mom who gave birth to a baby.

Lavender Bouquet

Lavender Bouquet for New Baby

Use the exotic lavender flower to share happiness. Lavender is a flower of peace of mind. Its alluring fragrance gears up the mood and also fetches positivity. Mix them up with any favorite flower. Mostly white or yellow roses mix with a Lavender bouquet. Dried Lavender can also be used as dressing for salads, desserts, and soups.


Orchids Bouquet

Orchids Bouquet for Graduation

The Orchid flower represents new hope, rebirth, and faith in life. These flowers help in igniting passion, endurance, and integrity. It is fragrant and long-lasting and is very popular for its enduring beauty. However, a purple and white orchid bouquet is a perfect gift for celebrating graduation.

Lily Bouquet

Lily Bouquet for Graduation

Lilies are fancy and modern flowers. Lilies make the celebration ten times happier. This star shape flower symbolizes hope, a new beginning, and good luck. Also, it is the best flower for sharing happiness. Lilies’ wonderful beauty and exotic fragrances make the opposite person feel special. So don’t hesitate! Just order congratulations flowers online from here.


Stephanotis Bouquet

Stephanotis Bouquet for Engagement

A blessed Stephanotis flower attracts lovers. This flower bears a small white fragrant flower with green stems. This flower bears eternal love and good luck. Stephanotis is a popular wedding flower use in making a bride’s bouquet. You can also use it to rejoice engagement ceremony. If you wish you can also add some red roses because they symbolize passion and enduring love.

Daffodil Bouquet

Daffodil Bouquet for Engagement

Engagement is the first phase of life with a partner. They need blessings from you to transform their relationship into a long-lasting relationship. Daffodil here symbolizes a new beginning. Also these flower blossoms in the spring month that represents new life. Daffodil helps share love and care. And if you are aspiring to take this flower for your love, you are in no way wrong. This idea definitely works to earn lots of love from your partner.

New Home

Sunflowers Bouquet

Sunflowers Bouquet for New Home

Sunflowers brighten up the day and instantly lift the mood. The yellow color represents good luck for a new beginning. Sunflowers’ long-stemmed beauty is the center of attraction. Housewarming is a dream come true event. Purposely you can send a sunny sunflower bouquet and greet them happy housewarming. Send sunflower in a decorated vase so that they can use it later for decorating home. And if you are looking for something different thing you can make housewarming plants delivery.

Colorful Roses

Colorful Roses for New Home

Colorful mixed roses’ bouquet can be gifted on any occasion. Here I take an excuse and use this bouquet to send in housewarming party. For the person celebrating a new home yellow roses add sunshine, red roses show love, and white represents purity, peach color demands beauty. So I can say a mixed roses bouquet is a perfect gift for celebrating a new house which has the essence of all these colors.

From orchids to lilies, roses to carnations all flowers mentioned here greet “congratulations”. Moreover, there are endless varieties of flowers that help you deliver happiness. We have managed to show you ways to choose congratulations flowers. This would help in choosing the perfect flower for different types of occasions. Hope so you get the related information from here.

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