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6 Cool and Surprising Uses of Chocolate around the Globe


‘Diamonds might be a girl’s friend, but chocolates are a girl’s best friend’ is a real quote, talked by some anonymous person. Chocolate has known as the quintessential comfort food of men and women, of all the age groups. With its quite obvious appeal. This sweet goodness is quite divine no matter how they serve. Whether as a cake as a drink or eaten as a simple chocolate bar. Recipes with chocolate as an ingredient get the most attention and disappear the fastest when laid on the plates. But, there is some cool and surprising Uses of Chocolate, used around the globe. They are surprising and unknown – read along, you will understand.

1] As Body Paint

As Body Paint

Chocolate is a real sweetener to have in your life. So, it doesn’t seem weird to have it used as body paint! It known for being rich in antioxidants, which is equal to ‘very good for the skin’. Chocolate body paint, also of it giving our skin some extra nutrients, it is going to kick your mood for love up a notch! And as you know, chocolate is already used for some acts that are not discussed. Now you know!

2] Wrapping Bacon

Wrapping Bacon

Chocolate covered bacon was originated in America. It has cooked bacon coated with chocolate, either milk or dark. Usually topped with sea salt, crumbled pistachios, walnuts or almond bits. It is a surprising combination and it sounds cool. But, does it taste good? Yes, yes it does! It can be treated like an evening snack, or also as a part of the main course during lunch or dinner. You can send it in gift delivery to USA, UK or any other place where your loved ones live. Bacon is lovely. Uses of Chocolate is lovely – and together, they become lovelier!

3] Keeping your Skin Happy

Keeping your Skin Happy

Cocoa Butter is rather a marvelous way of keeping your skin healthy and happy. It’s no wonder that many of the beauty products, especially about the skin, have cocoa butter as its base ingredient. Cocoa butter is rich, smooth and it comes in an aroma that will have to get near you in seconds. It will then undoubtedly keep your skin, and in turn, you the same way! And since its chocolate, it’s edible in a technical sense.

4] Making You Smarter

Making You Smarter

Have you ever thought of chocolate making you smarter? No? Maybe now’s the time. The dark chocolate especially is flavones-rich as well as something that will improve the circulation of blood in your body. This will include the brain, fight mental fatigue which will make you more definitely alert. It will make you an even more efficient thinker. Chocolate is, thus, the smartest foods to be existing. You can always buy chocolate online, although make sure you order dark chocolate.

5] As a Lip Balm

As a Lip Balm

Lip balms are a very important part of people’s lives, especially women’s and girls’. A chocolate flavored balm, as a result, becomes the best thing to have and apply on those dried, chapped up lips of yours. You can either DIY it, instead of having to order it from some sites. It will not only save you a lot of money, but it will be a fun thing to do at home.

6] As a Fake Blood

As a Fake Blood

Didn’t think of it, right? Uses of Chocolate is actually used as fake blood, or as one of the ingredients that are used to make fake blood. You must have seen that much amount of fake blood used in horror or thriller movies. Well, now you know they use chocolate to create it. The movie set has used Bosco Chocolate syrup to make the gory scenes more frightening and believable. No wonder the actors are so much comfortable in so much gore. It wouldn’t be past them to even eat the gore they have donned on their bodies!

Chocolate is an absolute wonder. Everyone will accept anything if it has even a little amount of chocolate. These ways listed above are some surprisingly appealing ways of enjoying this rich and sweet goodness, and they are, much loved around the globe!

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