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Creative Gift Hampers for Particular Occasions

We all love occasions. In a very famous dialectical proverb it says that, ‘One has 13 occasions in 12 months.’ So, it does not matter what the issue is, we love to celebrate. And when there is celebration, there have to be gift hampers. But sometimes, like at the month-end, or in recess time, we might not have enough pocket money to buy an expensive gift for an occasion. This article provides creative ideas about homemade gift baskets that can work as exclusive gift at any occasion. The creative gift hampers for particular occasions are as follows-

Birthday Basket:

Birthday baskets are cute gifts and also a gift the birthday person would like as well. Pick up a wicker basket of any shape and fill it up with whatever stuffs the person likes. One can gift a basket full of chocolates to make it a sweet birthday basket; or might gift a basket full of nuts or chutneys to make a savor one and gift it. Besides the filling, a cute birthday message on a colored paper with shredded tissue paper design would be a cherry on the top.

Welcome New Baby:

A homemade gift basket filled with baby clothes (usually large sized so that it can be used for a longer time), rattles, soft toys would be best for welcoming a new baby. One can also gift frozen home-cooked foods like lasagna etc, but exclusively for the new mother. Also, a diaper cake, in a basket, wrapped with coloring cellophane paper will be a simple though exclusive gift for the baby. These home made gift baskets can be purchased online.


Anniversary is a milestone in a two close person’s life, so it has to be special. As an anniversary gift basket, it is best to gift champagne, wines, chocolates- anything that both of you love. If the love is age old, then a gift basket with a beautiful album stuffed with cute photographs of two of them cherishing the sweet moments would just be perfect. If the love is new and fresh, then to make a romantic anniversary evening one can gift bubble bath following candles and massage oil.

Get Well Soon:

Just a bunch of flowers in a decorated basket can work as a very effective get well soon gift. If one is sick for a very long time, one or two comedy DVDs or a book full of laughter in a wrapped basket would be good enough for refreshment. Again if a person is mildly sick, down with a flu or has a stomach upset, then a basket full of lozenges, each re-wrapped in hand made colored papers with funny labels like, ‘Flu pills’, ‘last wishes’, ‘god bless you’ etc would be a lovely care package get well soon gift.

For New Home Party:

Those who move to a new home, first few days are very hectic for them. So, in a new home party, the best gift is to fill up a laundry or cleaning basket (bigger in size) with home essential stuffs like either cleaning product or cookery products (salt, sugar, olive oil, spices, breads, tea packets, etc kitchen products). A small gift basket filled with home baked/made foods for their early survival would be a generous one.

Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is a universal day of celebrating love. So, Valentine’s Day gift should be romantic. A heart shaped basket filled with heart shaped homemade cake or cookies or chocolate with a cute love you message on it is an incredible valentine’s gift. Or, one can also surprise his/her partner by making some romantic love vouchers or two romantic movie tickets and putting it in a heart shaped basket full of shredded red tissue paper.

Mother’s Day:

We always strive to make our mothers feel special. So, on mother’s day, one can gift a Breakfast in Bed gift basket, including tea/coffee, fresh muffins, pastries, homemade jams, chocolate, flowers and her favorite magazine to read, stuffed beautifully in a tray. Besides, one can gift an ‘Afternoon Tea Theme’ basket- including tea, her favorite homemade biscuits and scorns. Also, homemade helping offer coupons are also welcome.

Christmas/New Year:

In this gift basket, any winter food would be just perfect. As a Christmas or New Year gift basket, homemade jams, biscuits, chocolate truffles, mince pies can be used to fill the homemade gift basket up as a gift. Or else, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, Santa Claus soft toys, Christmas crackers, spiced nuts can also be stuffed into the gift baskets. One can put homemade wine in a bottle and gift it to someone on the occasion of Christmas or New Year, in a homemade gift basket.


Chocolates are the best gifts for Easter. One can bake creative Easter breads or cookies, or get some different shaped chocolate and pack them in a homemade basket and gift it to anyone close on this occasion.

Party in a Basket:

Party in a basket is the best gift for night parties. Apart from the beers, champagnes, wines, some crisps, snacks, homemade dry foods also add some new flavors to the party. Some balloons and party poppers wrapped in a colored papers and stuffed in the basket with other things can also be an exclusive surprise for all.

Boy’s Night in:

A boy’s night in is a hard party. So, one can gift a basket full of savor treats like nuts, crisps, popcorn, salsa, with few beer bottles that would be enough for them to have a blast. Plus one or two action movie DVDs or some video games like Max Payne, would work perfectly.

Girl’s Night in:

Girls love cosmetics. So, on a girl’s night in occasion, a homemade basket full of nail pops, beauty creams, hand washes, face masks would be cherishing for the girls. To add a little, a DVD of a ROM-com movie would be a bliss for them. And for feeding stuffs, heart shaped chocolates, popcorn might work perfectly. One can get suitable online delivery of this basket gifts and gift them to their sisters or their closest friends.

A homemade gift basket also has a re-usable staff- the basket itself. If not a ready made container is available, one can very easily make a cardboard basket, color it creatively and decorate with some crushing papers and that can serve as a basket as well. A creative handmade basket gift is a cheaper but a very good gift. These gifts for various occasions can be easily get through online gift basket delivery.

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