Stuffed animals are often given as gifts and there is always something extra special about stuffed animals or teddy bears. The cuddly, sweet and adorable teddies evoke fond memories of childhood. There are many adults who still own their favorite teddy bear and many of us still have love affair with teddy bears even at this age. We are here with a twist and have incorporated various teddy bear crafts in different things to make it cuter. Anything in shape of teddy becomes cute, you can love the very own version of cute teddies. They would have great time doing these activities and at the end of the day they will also have a DIY teddy bear craft in their hands and so many things to learn. We are here with some DIY teddy bear craft ideas that are perfect for the kids and they can enjoy the same.

Teddy Bear Toast

This is a perfect snack for the kids as well as adults and they would love to make this toast for a breakfast or for the picnic. This toast is healthy, yummy and absolutely adorable. One can create fun breakfast by slathering nutella, peanut butter and fresh fruits on the toast. The breakfast game of your kids would be up a few notches with this. This adorable animal toast is perfect and any little one would love to make it as well as eat it.

Paper Plate Teddy Bear Craft

The kids can make this fun teddy bear plate using paper plates, brads and googly eyes. This is an easy and a very simple project for the kids of all ages. To make this craft first cut a small head out of one of the paper plates and let your child glue the eyes and pom pom nose on the plate. You can also add a mouth with the crayon. With the remaining plate cut out two small ears and let your child glue the ears on the head. Similarly make four legs and using the brads secure the legs.

Teddy Bear Cookies

Cookies are favorites of the little ones and they can never get enough of cookies. Once they can make their own cookies of course with your help they would be most excited. Cookies are super easy to make and perfect for the little hands. You can make bite sized cookies with the help of teddy bear cookie cutters. It would make great afternoon snack or perfect serve for birthday parties or any random day.

Teddy Bear Cupcake

Everyone young and old will fall in love with the delightful cupcakes. These are bear cupcakes and the kids would easily be able to make these teddy cupcakes. For making bear cupcakes you will need cupcakes, brown or chocolate frosting and piping bag. For bear face, use the piping bag and squeeze the bag randomly so that texture like fur is created on the top of the cupcake. You can apply the nose, eyes and ears at the end. Send birthday gifts online to your friends and relatives and wish them a very happy birthday through amazing birthday gifts.

Teddy Bear Gummies

It is very easy to make teddy bear gummies. These gummies can be made in three amazing flavors pomegranate, apple cinnamon and cranberry orange. These gummies are flavored with fruit juice and you can use the silicone teddy bear mold to make this teddy bear gummies. The kids will love making these tasty treats and not just love making it but also eating them. These gummies are sure healthier than the ones you buy from market and so even if your little ones eat extra or excessive it is just okay because these are homemade.

DIY Pom Pom Teddy Bears

To make a DIY teddy bear you will require various sizes of pom poms, black puffy fabric glue, small felt heart or heart gem and glue gun. You have to select the pom poms you will use to create the teddy bear and using the glue gun put the pom poms together. With the help of puffy fabric glue create eyes or any other designs you would like on the teddy bear. This is a perfect craft for kid’s birthday party or slumber party.

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Teddy Bear Cake

With your little help the kids can also make a teddy bear cake. You will require vanilla sponge cakes, icing sugar, softened butter, milk, food coloring, round cookie cutter, chocolate buttons, chocolate piping tubes and small amount of white ready roll icing. Assemble the sponges in such a manner that it looks like teddy’s face, cover the sponge with icing and use fork to mark fur onto the bear. Using a tube of piping chocolate you can add little happy smile to the teddy. Make teddy bear delivery to the little kids and see them happy with these cute teddy gifts for various special days.

We hope these incredible and cute teddy bear craft ideas are great and fun for the little ones.

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