Easter Decoration Ideas

How to Decorate Your Home for Easter? 7 Simple Ways

We, the human beings love to celebrate life. The way we choose is to celebrate various festivals. These festivals break the barrier of class and religion. Just like Christmas has become a celebration for the whole mankind. Another such festival is the Easter. This day Christians remember as the resurrection day of Jesus Christ. This is a very happy festival for us. We celebrate this day with decorating our house with different things.

Here are 7 unique and amazing ways of decorating your house for Easter.

#1 : Easter Tree

Easter Tree Decoration

The concept of Easter tree is like that of the Christmas tree. All you need is some important things and a tree. There are two ways. In one way, you can have a conifer tree of your desirable size. Then find some polystyrene eggs. Paint the eggs in as decorative way possible. Next, cut a coloring ribbon into 10 cm strips and attach them to the plastic eggs. Make a chain of eggs and hang them to the tree. The other way is, if you have a bush or a small tree around your house, you can turn it into an Easter tree. Decorate it in the similar way or with artificial egg garlands, available online.

#2 : Hang An Easter Wreath On Your Front Door

Hang an Easter wreath on your front door

A wreath is a very common and compact way of celebrating your Easter. You can buy the wreath online. There are many sizes available. Choose according to your door size. Or you can make a pastel-color wreath of your own. It is better to put spring contrasting flowers to make it look bright. Synthetic eggs and bunnies are also symbolic elements of the occasion of Easter.

#3 : DIY Easter Egg Balloons

DIY Easter Egg Balloons

Easter egg balloons are one of the unique easter gift ideas. This is the simplest way of celebration. All you need is the egg-shaped colorful balloons. Choose as vibrant colors as possible for the balloons to make it look stunning. Then on the balloons, paint creative designs with acrylic colors. You can gift them to your guests you invited for the Easter party. Also, you can use it as a decorative prop in your house for that occasion. IF your invitation list includes a bunch of little souls, they will love this idea.

#4 : Put Easter Bunnies In Eye-Catching Places

Put Easter bunnies in eye-catching places

Easter is a festival where the bunnies play a very symbolic role. You can go to any place on Easter and you will find bunnies along with eggs. You can use these plush toys bunnies as decorative prop. Keeping these at places can draw the guest’s attention. You can put the bunnies on your door-stairs. A chocolate bunny at the center of the food table will also look unique. Another idea that will melt people’s hearts is to make bunny-shaped cookie and chocolates. Bunny pillows will also draw the guest’s attention.

#5 : Decorate The Table With Seasonal Plants And Flowers On Easter

Decorate the table with seasonal plants and flowers on easter

Plants and flowers are the two most efficient decorative props. Presence of these two in occasions, you need nothing else for your perfect decoration. Likewise for Easter, the plants and flowers are must. As it is the season of spring, daisies and gerbera are popular easter flower arrangements. You can make your favorite wreath as well with the head of your colorful favorite flowers. Cut the flower heads and staple them on polystyrene rings. Then hang them at any place you wish. Patted plants can be very beautiful dinner table centerpiece.

#6 : Use Easter Eggs to Decorate The Inside Your Home

Use Easter eggs to decorate the inside of your home

Easter egg is one of the most important decorative for Easter celebration. There are polystyrene Easter eggs available in any online shops. Buy a lot of them. You can go for both colorful and uni-color eggs. Then paint them with acrylic colors. Draw unique designs to them. You can place those at different places. One can hang them on the Easter tree. Or by attaching the eggs with ribbon, you may make chains as well. Then hang them at the entrance of your home. You can also use these eggs as decorative props on the tables and show-cases as well.

#7 : DIY Peep Bunting for Easter

Easter DIY Peep Bunting

Peep bunting is one unique and fun idea to take up on Easter. Create your own fun peep banner. You can use one color, or you can use multi colors to make it look graceful. Use the idea of bunny and chick as they are symbolic to Easter. Cut the marsh-mellow treats into funny shapes of bunnies. Then use the edible candy colors. To be honest, the peep banner is a unique Easter gift as well, for the children. When you send your easter gift baskets for kids, do not forget to put one of those customize peep banners. The colors and funny designs will catch them like anything. Most important, their smile will melt your heart, won’t they?

These are the most unique and fun way of decorating your house in the coming Easter. All the above decorative ideas need less effort and are very much affordable for anyone.

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