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Dianella Flower – A Plant of the theflax-lily Family

These plants also called flax lilies are a large family of strappy leaves that can be found throughout the Asia Pacific region. Many varieties of this plant are native to Australia. And they are home gardener’s favorite because of attractive blue green leaves and deep blue to purple colored berries. They are available in strikingly beautiful variations and their clumping form makes these flowers an ideal choice for mass plantings. The plant is also called blueberry lily, flax lily, black anther flax lily etc. It grows to about 1 m in height and 1.5 m diameter. It is an erect, hairless, perennial herb with the life span of many years. They have star shaped flowers with golden anthers that arrive in spring and are followed in mid summer by oblong rich metallic blue berries. They are extremely low maintenance and easy to grow plants. 

They have their name after Diana the Greek goddess of hunting and it reflects the rugged beauty expected of Greek goddess. 

Dianella Flower - A Plant of the theflax-lily Family

Uses of Dianellan Flower

  • The foliage berries and flowers are attractive addition to any flower arrangement.
  • A very strong silky fiber is extracted from the plant leaves which are used to make baskets.

Interesting Facts

  • It attracts native birds and insects.
  • They are perfect choice for mass planting under large trees.
  • It is deer resistant plant.
  • The fruit of this plant can cause irritation to the digestive tract.

Soil needed

  • It does best in partial shade to heavy shade and tolerates clay, sand and some water logging but prefers well drained soil.
  • Plant it in full sum for most vigorous growth.

How to plant

  • Propagation can be done through ripe seed collected by hand and sown or by the division of rhizomes.
  • It can spread through underground rhizomes.
  • Divide the plant in spring so number of plants increases in your garden.
  • You can also grow these plants in containers and place it on porch, patio or even in the borders.
  • They will grow well when planted along east or north facing wall and if they get more than 6 hours of direct sunlight. 
  • They will grow about 24 inches till maturity and grows at a medium rate.
  • It can propagate by division and it is right choice for the garden.
  • Before sowing the seeds pre soak them for 24 hours in Luke warm water and sow in spring time in gentle heat.

Maintenance and Care 

  • Once established they are drought tolerant but can rot in wet conditions. 
  • It is susceptible to fungal infections so they must be cleaned properly with wet cloth.
  • Fertilize the plants just before the new spring growth and to avoid burning the flax lily don’t place the fertilizer too near to the base of the plant. 
  • Remove old yellow and pest infected leaves throughout the growing season so that the plant looks tidy.
  • You can water it slowly during the periods of drought even if it is drought tolerant.



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