7 Easy Balloons Decoration Ideas for Your Celebration

The very appearance of balloons is funky and full of happiness. The most we like about balloon is its effortless floating. Balloons are easy to find and are effective decorative tools. We can make any celebration full of fun with creative balloon decorations.

Here are 7 easy balloons decoration ideas for your celebrations.

Color Of Graphic Punch With Number Balloons

Number Balloons For Decoration

Number balloons are very useful in certain celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. Birthdays and anniversaries are tokens of time from its beginning. The first event counts your years on this earth. The other one counts your time of togetherness with your soul-mate. Highlight those number balloons by putting them in front of graphic color walls. You can put the golden color number balloon on the black or deep blue wall. Or you can choose number balloons with graphic color punches. This decoration conveys that you remember the year of the special day of your close ones as well.

Over Sized Letter Striker Balloon

Letter Balloons For Decoration

Letter balloons are the most expressive balloons ever. When you want to tell something in a special way, go for the letter balloons. You can make your party look decorative with the over-sized letter striker balloons. To wish your love ‘Happy Birthday’/‘Happy Anniversary’, striker balloons do it best. You can also wish messages like ‘Congratulations’, ‘Thank You’ to your close ones by this way. It makes out to be a unique birthday gift as well. You can send birthday balloons from our site and surprise your loved one if he/she is far from you.

Top Air Balloons Tied Each One With Ribbon

Air Balloons For Decoration

Air balloons at the top is useful for many decorations. One very common decoration is at the top of the celebration cake. The air balloon has sprinkles inside. During the cutting of the cake, one pops the balloon out. The other one is to tie ribbons with each balloon and tie it to something heavy on the table. Thus the color balloons float in the mid air above the dessert table and the dinner tables as well.

Bright Color Flower Balloons For Birthday Party

Flowers Balloons For Decoration

Color and balloons are two complementary decorative parts of party decorations. One is incomplete without the other. You can make floral designs with bright color balloons. It makes your party decoration look attractive. Tie up five single color petal balloons with one different color balloon in the middle. Such decorations at places will make your birthday party look intense and happening. It is best to go for online sites to send balloons for party decorations.

Simple Polka Dot Balloons Decorated On Stage

Dot Balloons For Decoration

Many plan small stage shows on celebration parties. As the stage is small, there is nothing much for decoration. You can decorate the wall with handcraft paper works. And the best decoration for the stage is the polka dot balloons. These balloons have same pattern of one color dot on a solid color balloon body. Symmetrical decoration like this makes no difficulty for the performers to perform.

Balloons To The Garden For Outdoor Party

Balloons For Garden Decoration

Outdoor parties are very much fun but there is one problem of it. There are limitations on the decorative units. The one decoration you can have which is unique and simple at the same time is balloon decoration. You can let the balloons float free on the ground. Or you might choose to keep the place cleaner. So you tie bunches of air balloons at places with heavy props on the ground.

Center Peace Table Runner Pink And Orange Balloons

Balloons Table Decoration

It is a unique and pocket saving way of decoration. Instead of plastic table cloth, buy cheap wrapping paper rolls from the dollar store. Or you may order from online stores to get different varieties. Put some similar color air balloons floating in the mid-air. Te best combination is the orange and pink. You buy two wrapping paper rolls. One is of solid pink color and the other one orange with white polka dots. Contrasting to those, now tie orange and pink balloons with a balloon stand on the table. When the party is over, you can recycle the paper rolls for gift wrapping in the future as well.

Try these new balloons decoration ideas for your next celebration. We bet you would get better reaction and appreciation for your unique decoration.

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