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6 Attractive and Excellent Gift Ideas for your New Neighbours

When we move to a new place, we want to make new friends with our neighbors. So we have to be welcoming to our new neighbors so that we can have a bond where we can always be of help to one another. So if you have any new neighbors surprise them with lovely gifts. That they will feel welcomed and not aloof in this new place. You can get friendly to them by talking or helping them out arranging their new home. Thus we are here with 6 Excellent and Attractive Gift Ideas and ways to welcome your new neighbors.

1] Frozen Cookie Dough

Frozen Cookie Dough

This is a very good idea as everyone loves fresh baked cookies. So instead of baking treats, you can treat your neighbor with a frozen ball of cookie dough. They can pop cookie out of them whenever they like to. Along with the dough, you also have to attach baking instructions so they have a tasty treat whenever they feel like having it. Thus while arranging the home, something to eat is a very nice gift option.

2] Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers

You can welcome with stunning flower bouquet so they feel warmth in their new place. They will be obliged to have welcoming neighbors and they can also decorate these lovely flowers in their living room. If you can also give them a flower vase along with flowers. Because the new neighbors would be really confused about where they would have packed flower vase in this so much of luggage. Buy plants online and send these thoughtful gifts to your near and dear ones on special occasions.

3] Houseplant


It is a tedious job to decorate the whole place again and moving the luggage from one place to another. One can easily decorate their home with wonderful houseplants. So you can gift your neighbor a meaningful gift of houseplants and celebrate their arrival. These houseplants will make any dull corner of the home look very attractive. They can also use the houseplants at the entrance and welcome the guests to their new place with these green plants. You can also help them in gardening to plant new flowers and plants in their backyard or garden.

4] Gift Basket

Gift Basket

When you move to a new place, we always run out of food supply and for few initial days you hardly get time to cook full meals. So Gift Basket is a very nice option to treat your new neighbors as they can munch these snacks and sweet treats in this gift basket when hungry. This gift basket contains a candle, welcome board, one of the cleaning products, tasty treats, snacks and a bottle of wine. You can buy online housewarming gifts delivery USA and surprise your friends and relatives. Living far away in the USA on important occasions and festivals to convey festival greetings.

5] Tell them where to have fun

Tell them where to have fun

Sometimes some information works better than any gift. You can invite them to your place for coffee and let them know some really cool places where their whole family could have fun and enjoy. You can oblige them with a well-prepared list of nearby restaurants. And what type of food they serve, name of movie theatres, local clubs, libraries, parks. All the important locations you think your neighbors should know. On weekends when you have some free time you can even go with them to the grocery store and take a stroll. So that you can let them know the location of important places.

6] Give them the Scoop on Local Services

Give them the Scoop on Local Services

One more such thing you can oblige them with the contact list of important services. And people like baby sitters, neighborhood, grocery delivery men, and neighborhood yard services. The handymen, plumber, gardener and many more. You can glue this information to the magnet. So, that they can put it on their refrigerator and it will come handy whenever they will need any of the services. Believe us this is better than any good welcome gift for a new neighbor.

Thus these are some really cool and attractive gifts and ways to surprise and welcome your new neighbors.

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