Delicious yet Famous Collection of Australian Chocolates

Every one of us loves eating a chocolate bar. Chocolates are the perfect treats as they are sugary as well as melty goodness. Chocolates are one of the great pleasures in one’s life. Also chocolates are great to lift away the blues or even to celebrate something special. The Australian chocolates are one of the big names worldwide. These Australian chocolates are crafted with skill and precision. These chocolates are available far and wide all over the world. So without making you wait much longer, let us start by giving you some of the most delicious and famous collection of Australian chocolates which you can treat yourself as well as your loved ones with.

Milky Bar

The Milky bar chocolate has been around since like forever. It is no wonder that many generations have been in awe of this chocolate. These Milky bars taste amazing and one milky bar is never enough. This is by far one of the best creamy, white chocolate treats that have been kicking around forever. It is a confection produced by Nestle. One of the most curious thing about this chocolate is that it is not labeled as chocolate because Milkybar does not contain cocoa butter. This bar become famous after the advertisement where a Milkybar kid was featured wearing spectacle was blond and who was dressed as a cowboy.


This twirl chocolate is an excellent bar from Cadbury. None can resist those creamy choccy curls that are covered in smooth Dairy Milk chocolate. The added bonus of this chocolate is that it is light enough to snack on without ruining your appetite. Moreover this is light feather like chocolate and so it definitely makes way in some of the best chocolates of Australia. This bar actually consists of two flake style bars that are covered in milk chocolate. There has been rumors that the concept of this chocolate evolved from an over spill flaw during the manufacturing process of this chocolate. We do not know whether it is true or not we are glad it is here.


There are too many ways to eat this chocolate, so what is your favorite way to eat it? Whether crumbled over a milk shake or sticking out of an ice cream or just by shoving it in your mouth. The one thing so sure about this flake is that it is tasty treat and is a real delight to eat. If you are a 90s kid you would also realize its advertisement featuring Demi Moore lookalike that advertises world’s crumbliest and flakiest milk chocolate in the world.


These treats are like best of both worlds as they are healthy as well as gourmet. They are made with lovely nougat, caramel and peanut bars which make it amazing. Nowadays these chocolates are also manufactured in the United States but are from Australia and they are not letting it get away.


This chocolate is like a glorious honeycomb smothered in the delicious chocolate. So, none of us can really resist it. This chocolate has honeycomb and toffee centre which is dipped in some milk chocolate. This process gives birth to this bloody good chocolate bar. These chocolate bars were moreover available in different types of flavor like lemonade and Tango orange. Also on a new year’s eve they introduced a new flavor of this chocolate champagne. In some countries, crunchie brand cheesecake as well as ice cream bars are also sold.

Cherry Ripe

This is one of the oldest Australia chocolate bar and they are huge sellers throughout the country. This is also one of the highest selling confectionary products across the land. This chocolate is a combination of cherry and coconut and it has been an inspiration for hundreds of such slices, cakes, tarts and many more all across the nation. Send birthday gifts online to your near and dear ones and wish them a very happy birthday through exciting birthday gifts.

Mars Bar

The Australians especially loves Mars Bars. These treats are great for adding into desserts too. Just imagine a big ice cream or cake that is topped with Jolly Ranchers, marshmallows and few pieces of Mars Bars. Wouldn’t it taste heavenly? This treat sure deserves a standing ovation because of its gooey texture that easily melts in one’s mouth. Thus take a bow, mars you have truly earned it.

Polly Waffle

So these chocolates are actually discontinued, but many Aussies have been campaigning for the return and it is confirmed that Polly waffle will come back. Can we be any less excited? This chocolate has a loyal following of so many fans not just across the country but around the world. If you are an Australian you would have also participated in campaigning to bring back this retro treat.

Winnow Chocolates

These chocolates are all about the eye catching colors and the flavorful distinction. Also they are all natural and delicious. The brand employs the traditional French technique of hand tempering on marble by using organic and fair trade couverture chocolate. While the taste of the chocolate is truly maxed out, the waste is kept to a minimum.

Daintree Estates

This is not only a native chocolate brand but is even 100% owned and operated by the Australians. Moreover they actually source cocoa beans from Daintree region of tropical Far North Queensland which makes them the first brand to commercially produce the chocolate of Australian origin. With the help of cooperative of farmers they even use local sugar and dairy. No other chocolate brand does the justice of Made in Australia like this one.

Jasper + Myrtle

Jasper + Myrtle are one of the best chocolate brands in Australia. They carefully source their cocoa beans from places like Peru and Papa New Guinea. They roast these cocoa beans on site and then blend in all sorts of quality ingredients. The chocolates of this brand are very famous because they have no artificial colors or preservatives and no two batches are perfectly same ever. Make chocolate delivery to your friends and relatives for various occasions and festivals to convey your greetings.

We hope this content gives you complete insights on the delicious as well as famous collection of Australian chocolates.

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