Father's Day

Father’s Day: Different Countries around the world celebrate

The role of a father in every person life is very essential and special, as there is every day to say Thank You to father or make him feel special. But there is one day which is especially dedicated to the father and that is known as Father’s day. Many people around the world celebrate Father’s Day. And the celebration of different countries may vary with the date that they choose to celebrate this day. But, the spirit of that day is the same for everyone that is to recognize, make him feel special and honor the fathers.


1] Father’s Day in the USA

Father’s Day in the USA

If you are in the USA, then you must know that Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, On the special day of father’s day. People honor their father and show their gratitude for all his love. And affection, as well as people, says Thanks to the father for all the things that he had done for him. In the USA, there is a father’s day tradition, in which the people pay tribute to grandfather, uncle, stepfather or any other men who are just like a father. In the USA, it is a day, in which people take out the time for the families to celebrate. Now you can simply send Father’s Day gift online USA through the reliable online portal.


2] Father’s Day in the UK

Father’s Day in the UK

In the UK also, father’s day is much like as in the US. Even though in the UK, the father’s day is a kind of festival which is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. The date of the father’s day is never fixed. This is an auspicious day for the UK people; they celebrate the occasion by honoring their fathers and give them a beautiful. A gift to thank them for the things that they did for them. In the UK, there are many places that organize Father’s Day parties to helps people with an option to celebrate the day in a great way in different Countries.


3] Father’s Day in Australia

Father’s Day in Australia

In Australia, Father’s Day is the most important time of the celebration; it is noticeable because of its unique time of celebration. In Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September; here also the date is not fixed for the father’s day. The first Sunday of September, people celebrate the day as a father’s day. In Australia also, the day is celebrated by giving gifts to the father, spending time with father and other family members.


4] Father’s Day in Canada

Father’s Day in Canada

In Canada, Father’s Day is celebrated in a grand way; the people celebrate this day with lots of fanfare and enthusiasm. In Canada also, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The people in Canada wear the roses to express gratitude for their father and as per the tradition in Canada. If a person is wearing a red rose, then it means the father of a person is alive and if a person is with white rose, then it means the father of a person is no more. You can send Father’s Day gift basket Canada to show your love and affection to your father.


5] Father’s Day in New Zealand

Father’s Day in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country, and here the people celebrated Father’s Day with much enthusiasm and charm. They celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September. The people of New Zealand also celebrate this beautiful occasion by honoring the father and paying tribute to fatherhood. The kids take the benefits of celebrating Father’s day because, on that, they can pamper the father with handmade gifts like cards, chocolates, etc… Kids like to spend time with the father by indulging in joyful and fun activities, it is a way of expressing love and affection.


6] Father’s Day in France

Father’s Day in France

In France, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. At the present time, people celebrate this special day in a great way, they give gifts to father. Giving gift is the idea of honoring the father, and it is also linked with the tradition with the celebration of Saint Joseph on March 19. The people of France also celebrate Father’s Day with the same spirit of rebutting and showing love to father on this special occasion.


7] Father’s Day in Germany

Father’s Day in Germany

In Germany, Father’s Day celebrated in a different way in a different Countries, as it is celebrated on the 40th day of Easter i.e. Ascension day. In Germany, people have a tradition to celebrate Father’s Day by organizing gatherings. And hikes as well as they also ensure the well supplied with food and drink. German men celebrate Father’s Day in a great way and they also look for the online Fathers day flowers Germany to surprise him.


8] Father’s Day in Brazil

Father’s Day in Brazil

In Brazil, Father’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in August, here also the people like to celebrate Father’s day. It is celebrated in honor of St. Joachim, the father of Mary. Now with the help of the online portal, you can send the Father’s Day gift online. A huge range of options available in gifts available, you can buy the best one for your father in different Countries.

These are some ways in which different countries around the world celebrate Father’s day. But the motto of every country to celebrate Father’s Day is same, that is showing love and affection to father.

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