Frightening but Delicious must Try Halloween Cookie Ideas

Frightening but Delicious must Try Halloween Cookie Ideas

Halloween is all about candies but like candies, cookies are also favorite treats of everyone. Everyone loves to host Halloween parties and loves to treat the trick or theaters’ with delicious cookie surprises. These cookies will make great treats and décor for the party too. Moreover, you can also have quality time together with your family by involving in the fun activity of making these delicious and unique cookies.

You will have to get something for the dessert at the Halloween party so there’s no better option than the Halloween cookies. These cookies are easy to make and are decorated in such a way that it will give you perfect Halloween feels. You can treat your loved ones with these cookies to wish them Happy Halloween too. Thus we are here with some of the best frightening yet delicious must-try Halloween cookies.

1] Dracula Dentures

Dracula Dentures

These are the only tasty dentures and they are great as Halloween cookies. You can gift these cookies to wish your loved ones Happy Halloween or you can also gift them the same. For making these cookies you will require chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla frosting, red food color, sliver almonds, and mini marshmallows. Marshmallows are placed between two cookies so that it looks like teeth and red food color is used which looks like blood. You can get creepy desserts for this Halloween Season from our online chocolate shop to have as dessert for your Halloween party this year.

2] Mummy Pops

Mummy Pops

Here the nutter butter cookies are turned into a very spooky treat. You will need 8 opened nutter butter cookies along with 8 straws, melted chocolate, buttercream frosting, and M&M minis. Place the straws between the cookie and dip it in melted chocolate. Later with the help of a straight flat tip cover the cookie with buttercream with a pipe from side to side. You can use M&M to dot to finish the eyes. Make online gift delivery USA to your friends and relatives living miles away from you to convey your greetings to them for their special days.

3] Day of the Dead Cookies

Day of the Dead Cookies

You can celebrate Halloween with colorful skull cookies. The October 31st marks as the start of Day of the Dead. These are one of the best sugar cookies and you can use your favorite colors and decorate the skull to your own desire. You have to bake the cookie with the sugar cookie dough with the skull shape and cover the top of it with white royal icing and decorate the same with colorful icing for added effect. You can get Halloween Greeting card ideas by Giftblooms from our online gift site with which you can greet your near and dear ones with Halloween cards this fall season.

4] Oreo Spider Webs

Oreo Spider Webs

You can give your Oreos a spooky spin with this super easy spider web design idea. You will need semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and double stuff Oreo cookies. Dip the Oreos in melted white and dark chocolate. Later using a pipe makes three circles of the opposite color on the cookie and using a toothpick make a spider web-like structure on the Oreo cookie. Later transfer the cookies into the refrigerator to set.

5] Graveyard Cookie Jar

Graveyard Cookie Jar

The jar is filled with different graveyard themed sugar cookies. The jar includes chocolate cake dirt, white chocolate bones, and the sugar cookies tombstones. Such a mind-blowing and terrific graveyard cookie jar is sure going to steal the scene on Halloween buffet. To make it look more interesting you can also add a tag on the top of the cookie jar that says Cemetery. Order Halloween cookies online from our online gift store and wish your loved ones Happy Halloween with these spooky yet delicious cookie treats.

6] Skull Cookies

Skull Cookies

You can very make these cookies; you have to invest in some festive molds so that creating cookies becomes as easy as melting and pouring chocolate. For making these cookies you will need white chocolate chips, chocolate sandwich cookies like Oreos, and bittersweet chocolate chips. These cookies are a perfect combination of white and dark chocolate. You have to pour melted chocolate into a plastic cookie mold followed by sandwich cookies and again a layer of chocolate then refrigerate.

7] Zombie Finger Cookies

Zombie Finger Cookies

These cookies are very creepy but trust us they would be the best part of your Halloween celebration. These cookies can be very made with the help of sliced almonds, red candy melts, cocoa powder, a brush, and a small spatula. Roll the dough in the shape of the finger and make the knuckle, press a sliced almond as a nail and also put some cuts on the surface of the finger to make it look more realistic. Place the tray and chill it overnight. Place the red candy melts in a piping bag and brush some cocoa powder on the finger cookies and the zombie finger cookies are ready.

We hope these frightening but delicious must-try Halloween cookie ideas are perfect to treat your loved ones this Halloween.

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