Get Creative with These Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Get Creative with These Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Handmade Flower Bouquet

Handmade flower bouquets are a great Mother’s Day craft idea for kids. Here are some easy steps to make a beautiful flower bouquet:


  • Colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon


  1. Cut out flower shapes from the construction paper in different colors. You can choose to make different types of flowers, such as roses, daisies, and tulips.
  2. Cut out green leaves from the construction paper.
  3. Glue the flowers and leaves onto the green pipe cleaners. Arrange them to create a bouquet shape.
  4. Tie a ribbon around the base of the bouquet to hold it together.
  5. Optional: You can add a personalized note or message to the bouquet.

Your handmade flower bouquet is now ready to be gifted to your mom on Mother’s Day!

DIY Mother’s Day Card

Sure, I’d be happy to help you with a DIY Mother’s Day card idea that kids can make! Items needed to create Mother’s Day card are Colored cardstock or construction paper, Scissors, Glue or double-sided tape, and Markers or colored pencils


  1. Fold the cardstock or construction paper in half to create a card.
  2. Cut out a heart shape from a different color of cardstock or construction paper.
  3. Glue or tape the heart onto the front of the card.
  4. Using markers or colored pencils, write “Happy Mother’s Day” or a message of your choice on the front of the card.
  5. Decorate the card with additional drawings or designs as desired.

Optional: You can also add a photo of you and your mom or some small flowers to make the card more special.

I hope this helps, and I’m sure your mom will love the card you make for her!

Painted Picture Frame

A painted picture frame is a perfect Mother’s Day craft that is simple, fun, and thoughtful. To make a painted picture frame, children will need a few basic materials like a wooden frame, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and embellishments like stickers, sequins, or glitter. They can choose any color scheme they want, depending on their mom’s favorite colors.

To start, children should remove the backing and glass from the frame to avoid getting paint on them. Then, they can apply a base coat of acrylic paint with a paintbrush or sponge. They can use multiple colors, blending them together or creating patterns.

Once the base coat is dry, they can add details and embellishments. They can use stencils to create shapes or letters, or they can freehand paint flowers, hearts, or anything else that reminds them of their mom. They can also use stickers, sequins, or glitter to add some sparkle and shine to the frame.

After they finish painting and decorating the frame, they should let it dry completely before putting the backing and glass back on. Finally, they can add a special photo of themselves and their mom to the frame to make it a complete gift.

A painted picture frame is a lovely way to show appreciation and love to Mom on Mother’s Day. It’s a thoughtful and personalized gift that she will cherish for years to come.

Personalized Apron

Personalized aprons are a great customized Mother’s Day gift idea that kids can make with a few simple materials. Here’s how to make one:


  • Plain white or colored apron
  • Fabric paint or fabric markers
  • Stencils or templates (optional)
  • Paintbrushes or fabric markers


  1. Choose a plain apron in your mom’s favorite color.
  2. Decide on a design for the apron. You can use stencils or templates, or draw your own design freehand.
  3. Use fabric paint or fabric markers to decorate the apron with your chosen design. You can add your mom’s name, a favorite quote, or drawings of her favorite things.
  4. Allow the paint or markers to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Once the paint is dry, your personalized apron is ready to wrap and give to your mom for Mother’s Day.


Use a pencil to lightly sketch out your design on the apron before you start painting or drawing to make sure everything is evenly spaced and positioned. And practice your design on a scrap piece of fabric first to make sure you’re happy with it before you start on the apron. Also, to make sure the design is permanent, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for heat-setting the fabric paint or markers. This usually involves ironing the fabric on a high heat setting for a certain amount of time.

Homemade Bath Bombs

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by making your mom a homemade gift? One fun and easy gift idea that kids can make for their moms is homemade bath bombs. Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also a great way to pamper your mom and show her how much you care.

To make homemade bath bombs, all you need are a few simple ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, and cornstarch, along with some food coloring and essential oils for scent. Kids can have fun mixing and shaping the ingredients into colorful and fragrant bath bombs that are sure to delight their moms.

Once the bath bombs are dry, they can be wrapped in tissue paper or placed in a jar with a ribbon for a beautiful and thoughtful gift. And if you can’t be with your mom on Mother’s Day, you can still send Mother’s Day gifts like these homemade bath bombs in the mail to show your love and appreciation.

So this Mother’s Day, why not let your kids get creative in the kitchen and make some homemade bath bombs for their moms? It’s a fun and easy way to show how much they care, and it’s sure to bring a smile to their mom’s face.

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