The Ultimate Gift Giving Etiquette Guide for Hanukkah

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December is the symbol of festivals. The biggest and famous festival of winter is Christmas. But from end November to early January, the festive season continues. Besides having a well-known festival of Christmas, there is another lesser known festival. It is Hanukkah, the Jewish festival. There is confusion in its date as the calendars vary. It is December 6th that is famous as the common celebration of Hanukkah. It is also a festival where you send hanukkah gifts to your dear ones. But there are similar etiquette guide like Christmas in Hanukkah gift giving as well. Every etiquette guide has certain ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Here are the ‘dos’ of Hanukkah gift giving.


A) Give Small, Thoughtful Gifts 

Hanukkah is a get together festival. There is no need of the pricey and high quality gifts like jewelries. Tradition says that lavish gift giving is not a Hanukkah culture. Small remarkable gifts like good books and flowers are appropriate gifts for Hanukkah. Hand-made clothes or certificates/cards will also be good enough as a Hanukkah gift. At times you can’t be together with your folks, for such moments you can always go for hanukkah gift basket delivery. One can look at the options and combinations which is the best as to Gifts conveying personal feelings and simple thoughts are desirable gifts of Hanukkah occasion.

B) Put a Modern Twist on Tradition 

Besides following traditions, one can try a twist in the tradition as well. For Hanukkah food, the Potato latke is the traditional fried-food. One can try to gift some sweet dishes as well. A box of designer donuts symbolizing ‘sufganiyah’ can make a great Hanukkah gift. The tradition is an Israeli tradition of eating jelly-filled donuts. You can consult online gift shops to have better modern ideas of Hanukkah gift.

C) Ask about Specific Family Gifting Traditions 

One important thing to remember when you are attending a party. Every Jewish family has their own tradition of celebrating Hanukkah festival. Some might follow the common tradition. But some might exclude the tradition of gift exchange. Gifting children the chocolate gelt is a tradition. One must be sure about the host family’s tradition of celebration. They might not insult their guests but try to be as novice and respectful as possible. It is quite impossible for the first timer to be perfect. Ask them in a direct way what are their tradition. They will appreciate your curiosity and will feel free to share their tradition. In that case, if something goes wrong, they will not mind at all.

D) Add Some Sweetness in Hanukkah 

Sweets after any dish is like the cherry on the cake top. So sweets will be a great and unique Hanukkah gift to a Jewish family. A European chocolate bar, a special Gourmet sweet gift basket will surprise the family. The food basket includes chocolates and fancy jams-spreads. The specialty is the special cooking oils that will make the recipient happy. One can find many websites for successful online delivery. Hanukkah is a festival of fried food. But a unique and the surprise sweet dish at the end of the course always makes the party memorable. Thus, one can also opt the option to send hanukkah cakes of different flavor to your close Jew friend wherever they reside. It is still okay if you do not follow the ‘dos’ in a proper way. But never forget the ‘don’ts’ of the tradition.


A) Avoid Red and Green Gifts

Make sure you can distinguish the colors of the different festivals. It is Christmas and the market is full of green-red combination. But never choose a green-red combination as the Hanukkah gift. Hanukkah has its unique color code of blue-white. Try to select things that have a tinge of blue or white.

B) Don’t use Christmas Wrapping Papers

Not all the gifts have specific wrapping papers. But some events do have specificity of their guidelines. One of them is wrapping. Christmas has its own wrapping-print paper. Do not mix them up and wrap a Hanukkah gift with a green-red Christmas wrapping paper. First choose a wrapping paper of blue-white color. ‘Menorah’, ‘Star of David’ prints with Hanukkah is best wrappers of such occasion.

C) Don’t use Hanukkah gift for Christmas

The possibility of mixing up gifts is very high in this case. Both Hanukkah and Christmas has its time during December. You might think of giving your Hanukkah gift to your friend whom you meet on Christmas. Never do that. Hanukkah is a separate festival, deserves its own respective 8 days long celebration. If you are to gift someone a Hanukkah or Christmas gift, send them on the respective occasions only.

D) Stay Away from Food Items that Aren’t Kosher

Not all the Jews family eats non-kosher foods and they have their own diets as well. Make sure you know the family’s on-diet dishes. One general advice is to avoid pork meat or shell fishes as a gift for Hanukkah occasion. Many Jew families avoid eating those.

Hope this discussion will help you out to celebrate Hanukkah in its traditional way. If you are a beginner at a Hanukkah festival, it is a must read for you before choosing your Hanukkah gifts. Mind that selection of proper gift is utmost important to stamp your feelings for the recipient. So, choose a proper gift and stay blessed!

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