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What to Gift a First Time Pregnant Mom Malaysia?

Pregnant Mom Malaysia

We all have different stages of life. Our journey of life becomes complete in the course of various chapters, just like a book. We take birth as infants, grow up as children. From children, we transit to adolescents and finally to an adult. We mature, find our life partners, and get married. And after that, the most special phase of life begins. We become parents. The first time, every woman is afraid; but it is the most special one as well. Here are the best gifts to Malaysia for a first-time pregnant mom.

Pregnancy Gift Box

A woman during pregnancy undergoes different changes. She needs more care and nourishment since she is carrying another life within her. Hence, a customized pregnancy gift box is the most essential gift for a new mom. A standard pregnancy gift box includes nourishment body products for the new mother. There are moisturizers, soft towels, nourishment oils, and more. Sometimes there are some wellness notes added to the gift box as well. It would make her day bright and delightful. It is best to order gift box Malaysia to get the best pregnancy gift boxes at a reasonable price.

Home-Cooked Meals

Home-Cooked Meals

During pregnancy, a mother needs the best nourishment for her and her baby. Processed food can be really dangerous for their health. The baby is still growing. Nutritious food would help them grow quicker and healthier. Home-cooked herbed food is the best food for her during pregnancy. There are different food corners available that in specific deliver home-cooked meals. These meals are lighter in taste, contain more nutritious ingredients. For a working moms, this is the best gift they can receive from their loved ones. Such an adorable and caring gift idea for a woman who is pregnant would keep them happy and healthy.

Lactation Cookies

After birth, the only baby food comes from its mother. And it is none other than breast milk. So, it is important to keep the mother hydrated and lactating after giving birth. These lactation cookies include nutritious ingredients like oatmeal. Oatmeal helps to increase the quality and quantity of breast milk. Doctors often prescribe lactation cookies after birth for the mothers. It is not just nutritious but also delicious as it contains chocolate chips seasoning. It is one of the most necessary baby gift ideas to order from gifts to Malaysia sites.

Dessert Box

Dessert Box

Women are very health conscious. They resist their craving for sweets in their younger days for their figure. But after giving birth, their body needs some fatty and tasty food. If your beloved new mother has a sweet tooth, this is the perfect pregnancy gift for her. In this dessert box, there are tasteful pastries, cookies, candies, and more. There are many artisanal products as well which are healthy and tasty as well. Such a box of gifts is the most important one for the new mother. Such gifts are best available in the gifts to Malaysia sites.

Soothing Plant

After giving birth, there is a lot of change in the mother’s routine. She becomes more careful and concerned for the child all the time. Besides the child, she has her other engagements as well. Coping up with everything makes her days very stressful and tiring. She needs something refreshing like the plants. A bunch of self-reliant houseplants would be a very good idea. Such plants reduce the pollutants from the air and keep it fresh. It relaxes the mind of the new mother and she can take rest well.

Pregnancy Jewelry

Pregnancy Jewelry

Pregnancy brings a new phase into a woman’s life. She gets another feather to her crown of identity- a mother. Hence she deserves to celebrate the new identity. You can choose to send different customizable and affordable pregnancy jewelry. It can be a chain with a customized ‘mama’ engraved pendant. Be a ring with the date engraved. It can also be a bracelet with the ‘mama love’ message on it. Such jewelry gifts are very beautiful and remarkable for the mother as well. It marks a special episode of their life for a lifetime.

Baby Book

The only language and gesture that the child understands are of her mother. So a baby book would help her keep the child comfortable. Baby books include different colorful pictures and stories for the baby. It would be a great way to put the child to sleep. Newborn gifts to Malaysia include varieties of baby books according to the child’s age. It would also help the child learn about some basic important things for grooming.

Babies are the most precious thing in a mother’s life. She enjoys being a mother. Above are the best gift ideas to be a part of her celebration of motherhood for the first time.

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