Go Crazy with Balloons Decoration for Halloween Party

Want to boom a party? Decorate it with different type of balloons. You can add great joy with excitement by filling the party room with amazing balloons decorations. There are so many DIY options to make horrifying balloons at home. Here you can take an idea of making stunning balloons for spooky Halloween party, hope you will like it. If you are thinking to buy gift for someone very close, please get the halloween gift ideas from here.


Make Horror Face on Balloons with Permanent Marker


Horror Faces on Balloon with Permenant Markar


White, yellow and black are the permanent colors of Halloween. Try and buy yellow or orange, black and white balloons for kid’s party. Add an extra terror on joyful balloons by scripting horror faces on it. Use black and white marker. And make a horrible faces on it. You can rely on your children to complete this task. Children will love to do so.

Candy Filled Balloons Decoration


Candy Filled Balloons Decoration


It is the most aspiring and delicious decoration for kids. Your kids will love to blow the balloons filled with candies. Let’s show you how to make it. You need big non inflated orange balloons, candies and sharpie, green tissue paper and double sided tape. Now fill the balloon with candies and float it. Once it catches a proper size of balloon, tie the knob. Now draw a pumpkin face on inflated balloon. Use green tissue paper to make a balloon’s stem. You can draw creepy faces to enjoy drawing.

Hanging Ghost with Balloons and Tassel


Hanging Ghost with Balloons


Hanging ghost of balloons decoration is very simple. You need white balloons and black sharpie to draw ghost face. Also get the white tissue paper, sticky tape and scissor. Just decorate a ghost face on white balloon with black sharpie. Unfold tissue paper and cut the lines from end to ¾ cm at the top. Use double sided tape and stick that tassel at the end of balloon. Now it’s on you, you hang it or sticking it on the wall. Hanging ghost balloon is ready to scream the party.

Wall Decoration with Bat Balloons


Wall Decoration with Bat Balloons


You need bat costume template, stickers and helium to hold the template with balloon. Get the black color inflated balloons. First glue all the stickers of bats on the wall. You need to blow the balloon as well as to hold the sticker. So that it wells around the template and balloon hold it. Now use clear tape to stick the bat balloons on the wall.

Pom Pom Spider Balloons


Pom Pom Spider Balloons


It is little bit time taking project. You need pipe cleaners and black tissue paper. Into this you need to cut a size of paper and fold it in pre-scored lines. Now tie in the center with 4 pipe cleaners. Now start separating the cut layers upwards. It will magically create pom pom effect. Now band the pipe cleaners to show a spider leg. And stick googly eyes of your wish. Some says spider has 12 legs, well this depends on your choice. You can increase the numbers of pipe cleaners. Now give a string to hold it with balloons. Your pom pom spider balloon is ready. Or if you wish you can buy readymade spider toys and hang it on the balloon.


DIY Emoji Balloons


DIY Emoji Balloons for Halloween


What is your favorite Emoji, let’s call them on balloons to decorate the spooky party. Ghost Emoji is perfect for Halloween bash. Terribly it’s a great idea to make the spooky balloons floating across the party. Here you will require printer paper tissue paper, white balloon, adhesive, hot glue gun and scissor. Cut the tongue, arms and eyes of various colored printer paper. Now make a scallop using white sheet paper. Now stick it at the long end with the hot glue on balloon. Now stick all arms, tongue with glue gun.  Later on stick the mouth and tongue. Use spooky eyes at the end. Glue a string at the end to air the ghost balloons in party.


Make Costume for Kids Using Balloons


costume for kids using balloons

Well there are unlimited ideas of balloons costumes. You can use cylinder shape balloons, small balloons, long pipe balloons and many others to shape every type of costume. That depends on creativity of your mind.

In all these you will requires balloons delivery. We have supreme collections of balloons to make the special decoration at home only. We have included almost all types of balloons decoration for making a spooky party in Halloween. Hope you will follow it to make unique party at home without spending extra cost on decorators.

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