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Good Fragrance Perfume for Men and Women that Attract Everyone

Good Fragrance Perfume for Men and Women

The fragrance is one of the unique choices that identify personality. Every person has his/her own choice of perfume that they use. And it is quite difficult to gift smell to anyone as they rarely go beyond their brand. Here are some good perfumes for both men and women that attract everyone.

1) Perfumes for Men –

Here are some of the best fragrances for male.

 a) Bvlgari Man

Bvlgari Man

This fragrance has a charm that spreads on every woman around the man who uses it. It lights up the kindred spirit of the man. And women cannot help but fall in love with this perfume, and the man. This woody smell of oriental includes smells of cashmere wood, benzoin, white honey along with amber and musk. It is comfortable, charismatic and charming.

b) Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Well, the face of this brand is none other than the mighty Thor, Mr. Chris Harmsworth- a certain reason for women to drool over this smell. This perfume was inspired by apple strudel, which is a famous dessert. The citrus essences along with the bold wood notes give the best strong and tranquil fragrance that clarifies a man and draws a woman. It is light, sophisticated, manly, but not overpowering; a smell that lingers throughout the whole day.

c) Chanel Bleu de

Chanel Bleu de

This is one smell that is a perfect amalgamation of nature with class. Chanel Bleu de offers you a refreshing grapefruit note along with the strong sandalwood fragrances. It makes it charismatic and sexy and drooling- even before trying. The perfume is masculine, wearable by any age person, delivered in a sleek and classy bottle. It has a magnetic lid that makes it more attractive. It is highly expensive; but once you use it, none of the people can forget it. You can buy perfume online for your beloved man that makes all the other women envious.

d) Tom Ford Oud Wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood

This is hands down the best perfume for men in the world. It is fashion designer Tom Wood’s brainchild that is full of sophistication. Oudh is the rarest ingredients to be used in perfume. And hence makes it very, very classy and expensive. The fragrance is dark and rich, strong and undeniable. This will be the obvious swooning reason for the women and men near the one who wears it. What else do you need!

2) Perfume for Women

Now here are some of the smells that women love to wear and men love to drool over.

a) Lancôme La Vie Est. Belle

Lancôme La Vie Est. Belle

A unique and ideal scent for a woman that spreads the idea of class and femininity. It is bright, young and floral, hence subtle yet attractive. The perfume is sweetened with iris, jasmine, orange flowers and patchouli notes tinged with black-current and pear. It is best for a young woman, who would love to smell consistently beautiful and attractive throughout the whole day. It makes others think the person is carrying the whole garden with her.

b) Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau De Perfume

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau De Perfume

Victoria’s secret is a dream perfume for every woman. This one is a summer fragrance for women of all age groups. The peonies, complementing the passion of fruit and vanilla orchid makes it no less than divine. It is very mind, but very long lasting. It draws even the most sensitive noses and gets appreciation. The bottle is also well designed as it is the cover that attracts the people first. It is by far the best wallet-friendly perfume that gives a lady, a class.

c) My Burberry Blush

My Burberry Blush

Pink is the color of women. But this perfume proves that pink is the smell of women too. The fresh apple and pomegranate mixture smell hinted with soft rose notes. Well, popular comment drawn on it is- it is good enough to even eat! The green apple rose, pomegranate and lemon give it the touch of a divine freshness. And the floral notes of jasmine and wisteria make the scent linger longer. It’s unique both in smell and in look, the bottle is sassy and charming, just like the perfume is. You can get it for your woman from online gift delivery sites.

d) Viva La Juicy Rose

Viva La Juicy Rose

Sweet citrus notes and honey pink blossoms make the perfume smell like heaven. A fresh, breezy punchy attitude is reflected from this pink bottled perfume. The woman, who wears it, reflects the better choice of taste to others and men love women with right choices. The sensual and exotic amber will make you kneel to its charm and make your man go on knees to get you. Such an amazing fragrance will guarantee you to come back for spring after spring.

Brands make the social identity of the person, while smell creates the inner identity of the person. Above are the best perfumes on earth for both men and women which attract the opposites to each other.

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