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Guide about Annual Flowers According Every Season


There’s no doubt that the elegance and beauty of flowers, will always be the source of happiness. With just a mere glance at them, our heart melts.

However, it requires a lot of care and hard work in growing the flowers. Especially throughout the seasons where all you wish is to your garden look like a rainbow.

In order to help you out, we have curated an entire guide on beautiful annual flowers according to the season.  But, before we dive in, there are few things you need to know what’s so great about them. Here are the list of seasonal flowers with idea of top 10 flowers that bloom all year.

What are Annual Flowers?

Annual flowers or plants are the ones that live for one growing season. This means that they bloom and die within one year only. Furthermore, you can also send flowers online to your loved ones.

So, you also get a chance to try out different kind of flowers and watch which your favorite becomes. Annual flowers are growing faster than you can imagine.

Also, they are quite sensitive to the weather climate. The below mentioned are annual flowers names according to the season.

Summer is the time for scorching heat and full sunlight. Your garden won’t look beautiful if you have not planted the summer season flower.


With the brightening colors, Marigolds are perfect for your summer garden as it’s easy to take care of them. They grow all summer, need full sunlight and well-drained soil.

Moreover, in Marigolds are used in salad garnishing and for worshiping God in Asian countries. You can also gather them up in form of a bouquet.


Hundreds of different species are found in Geranium. This enables the gardener to have an array of selection to plant for his/her garden. The blue colour geranium is a wildflower.

Partial shade or full shade is appropriate for Geranium. They can also be grown as Indoor Plants. Geraniums also need well-drained soil and also watering regularly.


What’s not to love about the gorgeous Vinca? They are impeccable for the dry and hot areas. In addition to that Vinca’s are drought tolerant annual.

Vinca commonly needs full sun or partial shade with a fertilized and well-drained soil. They are found in some beautiful colors like pink, red, purple and white.

Many gardeners always prefer fall season as it provides cool and shade unlike that of summer. You can also give this as a surprise gift and place the order birthday flowers online through any portal.


Thanks to the big blooms and various species of Begonia that becomes garden favorite of everyone. Whether flowerbed, hanging baskets, and container pots – they are adaptable.

 Begonias are constant in need from full shade to partial. Also, they require fertile, rich and loose soil. Water it thoroughly and wait till the soil becomes dry.


One of the easiest flowering plants is the Pansies during fall. The violet color heralds in the garden season are with brilliant colors for striking effect.

Pansies prefer the warm atmosphere and the bit of summer heat. Moreover, they support various soils. Water them during dry period so the soil becomes moist.

Due to the frost and colder temperatures, it’s hard to grow the plants apart from few. There are flowers that make even winter look more enduring like the ones described here.

 Sweet Pea

Commonly used in Perfumes, sweet peas have got a delicate fragrance. A wide range of color combination is available like blue, pink, white, cream and purple flowers.

Whether frosts, freezes or snow cover the old fashioned flower, the Sweetpea is suitable through all circumstances.

Flowering Kale

A flowering Kale is a wonderful red, pink or white in the cool garden season that needs minimal care and attention.

The striking kale needs only partial shade and well-drained soil. However, it is advisable to use fertilizer on and often.

Spring is the time where new flowers are growing making our gardens and home a remarkable place. When planting in spring, make sure the blooms endure little frost.

African Daisy

To a hint of colour in your garden, the African daisies are the happy go option. Also, add the splash of it in the bouquet and present it to your dear one.

African daisy needs full sunlight and soft, loamy, draining soil. Avoid getting leaves dry. Besides, plant them in containers and pots on the deck.

Sweet Alyssum

Thriving into a wide range, Sweet Alyssum is a long time everyone’s favorite. Blossoming its head off in mild spring weather the blooms are named after its fragrance.

 Sweet Alyssum is maintenance free. With drained soil and organic fertilizer will help in growing making your garden look absolutely stunning.


Dianthuses are called the “pinks.” They belong to the family of carnations. A cottage garden is totally incomplete without Dianthus.

Heat tolerant and low preservation is needed for this long blooming flower. Dianthus is the classics available in multiple shapes and size perfect for a bouquet.

Annual flowers provide you with a wide range of flowers and beautiful choices. The above expressed will convey you everything to know about annual blooms for every season.

So, go ahead and pick up the flowers to make your garden look ecstatic.

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