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Complete Guide of Greenery and Filler to Make Attractive Flower Bouquet

If you are looking for greenery and filler to make your own flower bouquet, you have come across to the right place. The greens and fillers make it effortless to craft verdant floral for any event. You can present these floral arrangements at weddings, graduations, birthdays, holidays and fundraisers. You can create your own bohemian and natural look arrangements. Be creative by using varieties of green hues to create a sole floral piece. Here we provide a complete guide with filler flowers names and filler flowers examples.

Types of Greenery

You need to find the perfect greenery for your flower arrangements! Choose your categories according to your theme. Green flora ties the whole look together to make a birthday flower bouquet! Greenery is very acceptable and flexible for any wedding arrangement. It offers ranges of consistency and adds on shape and color to any amazing flowery design.


Myrtle is a wonderful decorative greener if it is used in a fresh bulk green. It has opaque flora that wraps the intact length of the myrtle stem. Order house plants online to get freshly cut foliage’s directly from the farms. Myrtle can be used to make a combination with any bulk flowers. It creates exclusive and romantic wedding bouquets, table centerpieces and amazing floral arrangements.


Ivy is a climbing plant that has a sort of long woody stems. It has lots of lateral branches that contain glossy green foliage’s. The leaves contain 3-5 points which resemble the shape of a duck footprint! Wild and cascading ivy plant symbolizes good luck for the future. It looks great in bouquets, garlands, and centerpieces. It is perfect for the hanging floral arrangement trend which is always in!

Dusty Miller

To provide your floral arrangement a luxuriant look, use dusty miller. This leaf flower bouquet will be beyond just anything! Dusty miller is a leafy plant that has a felt-like texture. It looks like they have been dusted with silver! The metallic gray leaf has a softer, lighter shade of green hue. It makes this foliage different from others!

Lemon Leaf

Lemon leaf is a fresh bulk green that serves as amazing pretty filler. It has a long lasting vase life. Combine these green leaves for flower arrangements
with bulk blossoms to get exceptional and romantic wedding bouquets.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Round, aromatic, dusty blue-gray leaves of Eucalyptus are flexible fillers. It can be used in wedding arrangements and pastoral bouquets alike. The silver dollar eucalyptus adds diversity to the smaller floral arrangements.

Honey Bracelet

Needle-like leaves and woody stems of Honey Bracelet provide superb shape to arrangements. The needles are yielding and supple. It provides a beautiful, woodland vibe to floral arrangements. Create vivacious and exciting arrangements by pairing this greenery with colorful blooms.


Evergreen Grevillea flowering plants are quite delicate in appearance. The bloom is petal less and consists of a long-styled calyx tube. It is sole decorative greenery with brightly colored red stems. The branches bring floral decor and look best while added in bouquet or centerpiece.

Types of Filler Flowers

Create exclusive wedding centerpieces with filler flower which complements Flower Explosion. Filler flower adds on consistency, quantity, and a special touch of hues to green fillers for flower arrangements or bouquet. For wood motivated look this foliage used in flower arrangements.

Sea Lavender

Sea Lavender flower has tinges of purple hues. It goes wonderfully with blue, purple, and white color schemes. This purple filler flowers got a sole color that does a great job! It provides a more traditional look to the floral arrangements.


Snapdragon is a well-liked filler flower to offer height to floral arrangements. This unique bloom assemblage closely together with one another. It provides an impression of a solitary lengthy flower. Snapdragons would make a magnificent accumulation to any bouquet or centerpiece.

Spray Flowers

Spray flowers have several small blooms on each stem. It looks like tiny roses and adds bulk to a wedding bouquet or centerpiece. The buds on spray flowers create a very chock-full and verdant look in wedding bouquets.


Delphinium is a great bloom to add height to a floral arrangement. It has a long stalk covered in many small blooms. The natural blue hue creates a stunning appearance in the arrangement. It stands for rapidity and fluffiness.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath can be used single-handedly to create feathery cloud like arrangements. It is subtle and yielding, just like a Baby! This filler flower signifies purity. Baby’s Breath is obtainable in natural white. You will also get a variety of fun highlighted colors to fit any theme.


Hot pink or green dianthus is very popular in the carnation family. This filler flower adds on color and amusement. It helps in completing a floral arrangement with dianthus is a big hit. It can be used for any occasion to surprise your dear ones!


You can now create a stunning bouquet with Fever few flowers. These small blooms come in vivid, cheery colors. It augments any bridal bouquet or arrangement. It consists of petite delightful petals with a button-shaped look! These blooms offer a fresh picked traditional with a beautiful spin.

It has been easier for you to pick the correct greenery for your favorite floral arrangement. Go through the guide and make vibrant arrangement to make your event more memorable. These green foliage’s and fillers will help you to make more beautiful pieces without breaking your bank.

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