A Complete Guide To Make The Perfect Balloon Installation

Balloon Installation

Balloons are one of the best party supplies no matter what the celebration. Balloons are the cheapest party decoration supplies. Over the past years, balloon installations have become a popular event décor element. You would have watched arches, freestanding structures, and life-sized creations using balloons. These balloon installations are such that they can light up any celebration. You can have different types of balloon installations for different occasions and festivals. These unique decorations and design elements make a huge statement at any party. They can also make the celebration memorable and talked about. With balloons, it is very easy to have fun around and celebrate with a variety of style elements and games. Moreover, you can customize balloon installations to match occasions and festivals. Thus we are here with a complete guide that will help you make the perfect balloon installation. Send balloons to USA to your friends and relatives living away from you. And convey your wishes through these cheerful and colorful balloons.

Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed for Balloon Installation

  1. Latex Balloons: You will need balloons of different sizes and colors you want your balloon décor in.
  1. Glue Gun and Sticks: You can stick the balloons to any surface with this and since it is a low-temperature glue gun, balloons won’t burst.
  1. Balloon Pump: Balloon installations need many balloons. And you cannot blow all the balloons with your mouth and so the balloon pump.
  1. Command Hooks: You can put these command hooks on the wall so that you can hang your balloon installations on them.
  1. Curling Ribbon: Balloons alone will look so dull and so curling ribbons to decorate or enhance the balloon décor.

Tips on Installation

  1. Finalize the Design

Finalize the Design

There are so many types of balloon installations. So you can choose what type of design you want whether wall or arch etc,. Also, choose the color of the balloons for installation well in advance so that you do not get confused later. You can use Pinterest or google for your balloon installation design ideas. You can even sketch down the kind of installation you are thinking of in your head and bring it to life. Look for balloon ideas for a party to decorate your home and venue with decorative and colorful balloons.

  1. Blow Up in Different Size

Blow Up in Different Size

Balloon installations do not mean balloons of the same size. A lovely balloon installation is made using balloons of different sizes and colors. So get the balloons of the desired color ready so that it is easy to make balloon installation. Make sure you blow some extra small balloons so that they can be used to fill up the empty spaces in between. Make balloon installation for various special occasions and parties for a party-like feel and atmosphere.

  1. Connect Using Necessary Support

  • Balloon Wall

Balloon Wall

You can create the shape of the balloon wall using a foam board. Use a hard construction board for supporting the installation. Later attach the board to the wall using double-sided tape and later attach the balloons to the board. Once your piece of balloon wall is ready, cut out the extra foam board to give it a super neat finish.

  • Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch

Balloon string is important for making a balloon arch. It is flypaper for balloons which is a long plastic strip with holes to put the knot of the balloon through these holes. This will make your work a lot easier. You can get simple house party decoration ideas to transform your home into a party place for special days and events.

  1. Fill Out the Empty Spots

Fill Out the Empty Spots

When you make a balloon installation like a balloon wall or balloon arch. You will see so many spaces in between. To fill these empty spaces you can use small balloons, ornaments, or decorating items. The empty spaces will make the décor a little dull. You can use these supplies according to the celebration or theme of the party. Use small-sized balloons, fresh and faux flowers, or tiny decoration items like hanging balls or ornaments. You can make the best balloon installation for the special days to make it more memorable.

  1. Neatly Hang Your Installation

Neatly Hang Your Installation

You can hang your installation using command hooks. If you want your balloon installation to be hung on the wall, use these command hooks. That way the balloons will not puncture or damage your walls. And you can also remove these hooks after the party. Also, be a little careful while hanging the installation because we do not want any of our balloons to burst. Make gift delivery to USA to your loved ones living far away from you and convey your special greetings with amazing gifts.

We hope this guide will help you with the perfect balloon installation.

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