The Complete Guideline for Placing an Order on

Step1-> Open


The website will open and the home page will have the description of the website, why should you choose Giftblooms, services at Giftblooms, etc. There is a drop-down menu from which you can choose your desired country, there is a search option, top left corner there are three lines when you will tap it you will have options like balloons, flowers, cake and same day and these are also drop down boxes you can find other option by clicking on the ‘+’ sign (for mobile version). On right-hand corner, you can find a cart and what all you have added will be shown in the cart.


Step2-> Choose Recipient Country


There is a dropdown menu with the name “select country” wherein there are various countries in the world where we offer our services so you can choose the country. Another way you can also scroll down and find their flags of different countries like Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France and so many other countries you can choose by clicking the option International. Thus you can choose the country you want to send gifts to and likewise proceed with the order.


Step3-> Choose an Occasion/ Category that you Want to Buy


Once you have chosen the recipient country, a new page will be open and there will be services and gifts that are offered in that particular country. There will be various gift options and for what occasions you want to buy the gift shown on the page. So you can choose the occasion or the category accordingly. For example, if I choose USA, there will be options like Chocolate, Balloons, Cakes, Wine and many more categories to choose from. You can choose a particular category as if you want to buy cake click on Cake option.


Step4-> Choose Product


Giftblooms believe in giving the widest range of products customers can choose from and get the most appropriate gifts for their loved ones. Thus whichever option you will choose, there will be hundreds of products of the same category. So you can find the most perfect gift for your dear ones. You will also get a short description of the products being shown on the page. Once you click on the product there will be the description, price details, quantity, availability, etc mentioned below the product. You will also get the option of writing a message of some 200 characters if you are ordering a cake or flowers. For adding the product to the cart they will ask you for the recipient’s zip and delivery date and then you can add the product to your cart.


Step 5->Enter City/Zip Code

You might have the option of choosing the city or zip code sometimes after choosing the delivery date. Thus mention there the recipient’s zip code or city’s name. There is a number of places we offer our online services to enter the city name or zip code to send your gift.


Step 6->Choose Delivery Date

Once you will give your zip code or city details there would be some dates mentioned below which you can choose and there would be standard delivery charges written too. Select the date you want your gift to be delivered and the item would be added to the cart. There would be several delivery methods same day or standard or 2-day or 3-day delivery option and charges would also be mentioned next to it. You can choose the accordingly and the charges would vary.


Step7-> Fill out Shipping Address


Once the product is added to the cart and contact information is given, you will be asked for your recipient’s/receiver’s full shipping address like First name, Last name, Address, Country, Postal Code, state and phone number.  Make sure you check the shipping address twice so your gift reaches to your loved ones at their right place.


Step8 -> Choose Payment Options


You will have different options to make payments like all credit/visa card wherein you need to fill up details like your card number, expiry date, and security code. Another option provided for payment is through PayPal where again you will be asked the details of the PayPal account like name, address, country postal, etc.


Step 9 -> Then Make the Payment

Once you make the payment your order would be completed and you receive confirmation email from with Unique Order ID/Number soon in your mailbox (in some cases it might be in spam so check that also if you don’t receive) and your gift will reach to your friends and relatives with the utmost care and diligence.


——————————————- HAPPY SHOPPING ———————————————