Cocktails are always in season, but Halloween comes only once a year. Mix up a pitcher of Witches’ Brew or Zombie Cocktails and celebrate the midnight hour in style. A lot of what makes Halloween what it is the creation of a spooky atmosphere and anything and everything involved in a party can be converted from mundane to eerie very easily. Cocktails are no different. These haunting drinks are great ghastly additions to the Halloween theme. The cocktail is also Best Halloween gifts for men. We’ve got you covered some delightful cocktail, martini, punch and shot recipes — all guaranteed to raise spirits at your monster mash.


 1. A Bloody Good Cocktail

At your Halloween party, why not serve your guest a bloody cocktail. Use popular drink like Mojito and  add some red sweet syrup and pour everything in a ghost designed glasses. Decorate with mint leaves and lime wheel and serve extra chilled to give them real chilling feeling.


 2. Goblin Mimosas

Become a crazy scientist and make this eye popping cocktail for your Halloween party. Fill half of your glass with orange juice then carefully add black vodka using spoon so it doesn’t get mixed up. Make it scary by creating eyeballs using Olives and candy eyeballs on a bamboo skewers. This forbidden drink is only for brave ones.


 3. Wacky Wine

Be creative and make some creepy, witty labels for your Halloween party wine. These repulsive labels give your guests a good talking point and fill your party with buzz. Use some skeleton shaped glasses and horrible banners to make it extra scary. I am sure all your zombie guests will not leave this bar for hours. Also offer some Halloween cookies with this wine.


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