How to Make Our Beloved's Birthday Special If We Away from them

How to Make Our Beloved’s Birthday Special If We Away from them?

Distance makes the heart grow fonder right? That’s what we’ve been hearing for a long time. However, all being said, it becomes quite difficult not to be with your partner especially on occasion such as Birthday. You wouldn’t miss a chance of making him/her feel special and loved. Even though s/he is miles away from you, here are some fabulous birthday surprises ideas for your sweetheart to celebrate birthday even if not being physically together.

#1) A Birthday Countdown

A Birthday Special Countdown

Whenever the birthday is around the corner, the excitement level grows. This time though, you are apart from each other. Thus, to keep alive the thrill how does a birthday countdown sound? All you need is to begin the countdown from 10 days before his birthday. Collect different gifts each for his birthday and label an envelope to open the gift on which day. Alongside this, you can stick a quote or funny memory even his favorite lyrics. Make sure to send birthday gifts to the USA a week back so as to have it at his doorstep just the day countdown starts.

#2) Send Your Affectionate Memories

Birthday Special With Affectionate Memories

Remember how you went out for the movie date and later at your favorite restaurant to eat some delicious food. While being away on his birthday, it does break your heart. But you can still express your sentiments in the most beautiful way. A fun way is by gathering all the memories in form of a scrapbook and decorates it. Or combine all the moments you have spent together in form of a slideshow or movie with the help of software. A perfect way to send your warm feelings.

#3) Scream “Happy Birthday” at Midnight

birthday surprises with mid night screaming happy birthday

It’s your turn to surprise him at midnight even though he is in another country. First and foremost, check the timings. Once done, through any shop at his place send cake online and ask them to deliver midnight. Call him up at midnight and scream “Happy Birthday” Here comes the interesting part, tell him to open the door. The moment he will open the door stunned to see his favorite cake beside a gift for him. You’ll hear all the giggles and laughter.

#4) Offer Love and Joy

birthday surprises with offering love and joy

For someone who loves books dearly, that would be his paradise. Even if not being a book lover, if he is fond of music, shopping, or loves to dress up then you know what to do. Simply get a monthly subscription from Amazon Kindle or his favorite magazine, newsletter, or monthly visit to Spa and saloon. This won’t cost you a fortune, in fact, he will certainly love this surprise more than anything.

#5) Birthday Party in a Box

birthday surprises with gift box

Now that he isn’t with you, what are you going to do about it? Well, it does sound pretty awful but, you can make him go awe for you just by picking up an entire birthday party in the box. Confused Err? Well, here’s what you have done, gather all of his favorite items like gifts, you wish to offer him, a birthday hat, a candle of his age, and of course opt for birthday balloon delivery for a wonderful surprise. Moreover, pack all this up in a basket and order cake through any online shop. The basket, cake, and balloons will reach on time on his birthday.

#6) Name a Star After Him/Her

birthday surprises with name a star for them

This may sound cheesy but it’s an idea worthy enough for his birthday. There are organizations that help you in buying a star. Contact them and name a star after your beloved one name. In return, you’ll get a certificate stating he owns a star. in addition to that, he’ll also receive some kind of star kit and books.

#7) An Online Date

birthday surprises with online date

Swoon him over by organizing an online date. Get your laptop and ask him to do the same. Order each other’s favorite food along with a glass of wine. Have a meaningful conversation and celebrate his birthday by cutting the cake. To make it even more romantic, light up the candles, dim the lights, and cozy up the atmosphere. At last end your date with you singing his song.

#8) Write Down “Open When Notes”

birthday surprises with written open notes

This is a gift that keeps on going for days or even weeks. A simple DIY to make him feel on the ninth cloud. Collect notes and write down sweet and loving messages. Fold it and keep inside a jar. Although you can keep some rules like opening twice a week when he feels down or angry. Heck, you can make 365 days as well. Adorn it in a romantic way. And Voila! There you go! With little creativity, you will win his heart and make him feel your presence every day.

#9) Plan a Surprise Visit and Weekend Getaway

birthday surprise with visit

Nothing in the world is more loving than meeting your boyfriend after a long time. Therefore, pack your bag, tie up your lace, and get ready to surprise him. You can go to his favorite cafe where he goes daily. Along with his friends plan a surprise party. He will be shocked to see you. Might end up crying as he is seeing his love in front of his eyes. And lastly, show him the tickets you booked for the getaway. Sigh!

#10) A Box of Full Happiness

birthday surprises with a box of happiness

Something that is being loved and savored by everyone is Chocolates. That being said, a birthday is totally incomplete without offering this sweet and sinful delicacy. Hence, offer him a box of chocolates through online delivery with you stating your feelings in the utmost affectionate way.

Everyone wishes on Facebook walls but it’s time to step up your game for your dearest. To all those times, where you were inseparable, without even knowing, you created so many memories. Here’s to you and yours a wonderful time. Happy Birthday! Let the love keep blooming every moment.

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