How to Make Up for Forgetting Someone’s Birthday


It’s a general rule that for most individuals, their birthday is considered to be a very special day for them. People feel a bit distinguished on their birthday even though it might not have been marred with elaborate celebrations. Now, it might happen that you might have forgotten the birthday of someone you deeply care about. Now, not only it makes you feel bad, but, they also feel bad. Now, the key for you to make up to that special someone when you forget their birthday is to make an apology which will be meaningful and creative.

A few of the best apologies come from the heart and come in unique ways. Some of the unique ways in which you can make up for forgetting someone’s birthday is as follows

Apologizing Creatively

 If you are really late to wish that special someone on their birthday, and you don’t have access to a card shop, don’t worry. Any tardiness can be amended by making a simple homemade present and a homemade birthday card for him/her. You can redesign a card from your stock of birthday cards that you have received on your birthday if it happened to occur recently. There are numerous ideas which can be found all over the internet. You just need to do some research.

Create ‘I’m Sorry’ Coupons

Another great way to go around apologizing is to create some ‘I’m Sorry’ or Apology coupons. The coupons can be used for activities or services for that special person and he/she can redeem them at any time. You need to think about the person to whom you will be giving the coupons. These coupons can be made at home or you can print them from various websites. On the back of each coupon, write the value of each coupon.

Apologize on Social Media

Humility is reflected when you make a public apology. Also, it shows that you are ready to accept the responsibility and put in something extra to make up for lost time. If you are sure that the other person will not be embarrassed by this, then, post an apology on his/her Facebook/Twitter account. You can add a song or a quote or a photo to make it extra special.

Cake Delivery

There are numerous cake delivery shops from where you can send them a special birthday cake. Order cake delivery service which will offer same-day delivery and you can make up for a lost time. To make it even sweeter, you can add a simple ‘Belated Happy Birthday’ message.

You need to apologize sincerely and creatively. When you are doing the apology, you need to think about the person to whom you are doing the apology – the personality of the person, their likings, the most meaningful thing to them, and other personal things. You can create and mail them a personalized jigsaw puzzle – something funny and creative will do the trick, perfectly. Just don’t make it too sappy or sentimental.

Delay the Celebrations

 You can delay the celebrations for the day; so that, instead of celebrating your special someone’s birthday on that particular day, you can celebrate it at a later date and make them feel special by being with them. They might a favorite restaurant which they like to visit – making a reservation there is only just a call away. So, call up the restaurant, and make a reservation there for a night in the next few days after their birthday. When you invite them over, you can just tell them that you had assumed that the person might be busy on their birthday, and thus, you decided to choose another day. This can also be done with a cinema ticket or a ticket to a play.

Tell a White Lie

A white lie works wonders some times. You can just say that you haven’t forgotten their birthday entirely. You can get next-day delivery for them, and this will make up for it. You can put the blame on the company doing the delivery a bit late. Make sure you get an awesome gift, and this will smooth things over nicely with the special person for forgetting their birthday. Use online chocolate delivery service to gift some tasty chocolates – chocolates do wonder and works like a charm, always.

A Charitable Contribution

This is a great gift for adults and children who like to do charity. If the individual likes to give gifts and really does not need anything in return, then this is the perfect gift for them. Make a charitable contribution made in his/her name. Get some basic information regarding the charity printed and the amount pledged. Choose a charity he/she likes. Donations made to charities are tax-deductible, so you can also get a rebate on your taxes.


 It is a 24/7 job to manage a household with kids. Parents do not get a lot of time for themselves. If either of the parents has a birthday that you have forgotten, then a perfect gift for them is to offer them the service of babysitting. On a few pieces of paper write down ‘One Evening of Babysitting’ and put those inside an envelope. Give them to him/her and watch their eyes light up with joy. Make sure you back up your promise to them or else, this gift will be completely meaningless to them and quite insincere.


Seduction is an art and it works wonderfully on your significant other. If you have forgotten your significant other birthday, then, you need to make up for it, as soon as possible. So, instead of buying something, you can be extremely romantic with them. You can cook up their favorite food, or give him/her a long and sensual massage, or cuddle up with him/her and watch a movie which he/she loves or you can give him/her a foot massage, or even, fix a hot bubble bath. Just do something romantic and exceptional, and what’s best is that you need zero preparation time to do this.

Be Honest

If you have failed in all of these cases, then just be completely honest with him/her. Remember – honesty is the best policy. Make your apologies without any reservations and make sure that you are sincere with your apology. Use one of the less deceptive tips which have been given above. This might just smooth things over with your special someone and all might be forgiven.

You can also give your special friend a small bonsai tree by using a bonsai plant delivery service, found online, that is if your friend like the floral world. If all of the above tips fail and you have no idea what to do, then there is just one element that will help you – time. Time heals everything. Give your special someone time and space to get over this and become less angry towards you. Just hope that things will go back to normal. It also might be a great idea to have some reminders set for the next year so that you don’t face such a situation again.

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