Ideas on How to Reuse the Gifted Empty Wine Bottles

Reuse Wine Bottles

We might belong to different communities and follow different beliefs. But when it comes to celebration, we share one identity of being human. Occasional celebrations come with meeting and greeting our beloved ones. Wine is one of the most special and royal gifts anyone can present on any occasion. Wine as a gift has multiple purposes. When the bottle is full, people can drink. But one can also use an empty wine bottle in different ways. Here are the best ideas to reuse the gifted empty wine bottles.

Wine Bottle Glass Pebble Pendant Light:

Wine bottles look very beautiful. They are of different colors and different shapes as well. Hence, as a décor prop, they look amazing. One can find coloring glass balls and finely cut them into halves. Then they can stick those coloring glass balls one after another. Covering all the edges of the bottle, it will look amazing. Then you can use this decorated glass bottle as a lampshade. Such a beautiful pendant light would set the mood for the best celebration on the porch or lawn.

Real or Artificial Flower Vase:

Flower Vase

Everyone loves a corner of their house full of flowers. It is easier to have flowers than plants. Most people use bouquets for the decoration of their houses. You do not need to buy floral vases from somewhere; use empty wine bottles. Since they are of different shapes, they would look amazing. You can keep the empty bottle as it is. Or you can make some decorations on the bottle. It would be a great gift idea for wine lovers.

Soap Dispenser:

Plastic soap dispensers are useful and attractive too. But now, people have become more cautious about the sustainability of nature. Hence, eco-friendliness is the new upcoming trend for every generation. Plastic dispensers can be useful, but they are not environment-friendly. Hence, you can use this glass wine bottle container for this purpose. They might have a chance to break down or damage. But you can replace them with nature as well. Hence, just with the help of a stopper, we can turn a fine wine bottle into a permanent soap dispenser. Such a décor would catch everyone’s attention, and they cannot help but appreciate your thoughts.

Message in a Bottle Craft:

Message in a Bottle Craft

We come across the concept of bottled messages from ancient tales. Sea voyage stories have instances of that. You might have a beloved dreamer who wishes to experience getting lost on an island vibe. This is the perfect idea for you. You can use some old cranky designed craft paper to scribble a few words, a replica map, and some pictures. Then you can roll it and put it inside the empty cleaned wine bottle and seal the bottle. Such a gift would make your beloved adventurer feel like they have gone lost to a paradise in real.

DIY Bird Feeder:

A wine bottle has the potential to be anything creative and useful. We all have some common birds visiting our houses every day. For an animal lover, the idea of using an empty wine bottle as a bird feeder would be the best. You can make a hanging platform with a base and a roof. Then you fill the wine bottle with seeds and seal it. Then fix the bottle upside down where the open end is touching the platform. Now open the bottle cap. It would be amazing to see various birds coming on your balcony to get some good food for free.

Whimsical Terrariums:

Whimsical Terrariums

This is a unique idea to reuse wine bottles. It might seem a little hard and technical, but it is unique. You can make a glass showpiece inside the bottle. You can use any ingredient. The only thing you need to be careful about is when you put the decorative things inside. This is a better decoration idea in a mason jar. But, if you can complete it with patience and care, this would be a masterpiece gift for your loved one. If your beloved is not around, you can send gifts online to USA or any other country they live in.

Plant Water Sprinkler:

More or less, everyone has a patch of green in their home. And the plants need regular watering. The best way to utilize the empty wine bottle is by turning it into a water sprinkler. You can choose to DIY decorate the bottle or keep it simple and raw. Just fix a cork at the bottle mouth and make some small pricks. It will make the water come out easier without any effort. You can order bottles of wines from wine basket delivery sites for the best quality.

Sauce Containers:

Sauce Containers

We all love to change taste sometimes. Cooking has become more or less everyone’s pastime or passion now. Continental dishes have amazing sauce. The best thing about pickles and sauces is that it stays fresh and tasty for a long time. One needs to avoid metal containers. These wine glass bottles would be the perfect container for keeping different sauces. They would look good, stay afresh, and be easier to identify.

There are many things around that we can use in different ways. Wine bottles are beautiful and attractive things that can be amazing home decor. Above are the best ways to reuse gifted empty wine bottles.

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