Know these Interesting Facts about Perfume

Interesting Facts about Perfume

Every individual is unique- in their behavior and choices. People have different likings, favorites, and preferences. But there are some things which are intimate choices of people. And these things vary in brands or labels but they are similar in the category. One such thing is perfume. Both men and women love some specific aroma. It is so intimate that they share it with their immediate partners. This perfume has been a very special point of charm and interest for centuries. From emperors’ essence boxes to gift boxes- this perfume played an important role. Here are some of the most interesting facts about perfume. It is best to order perfume online.

Meaning of Perfume

The origin of the word Perfume is from far away, Latin lands. The Latin word ‘per fumum’ is the mother word for today’s perfume. There is a distinct meaning of this word in Latin. It means ‘through the smoke. It was first the Arabs and the Romans who invented perfume. From around 2500 years ago, these people refined the art of preparing and usage of perfumes. There is a famous story of Emperor Nero about this perfume. He used to organize feasts with rose petals and jasmine oil. The rose and jasmine oil poured through the fountain. Then it gets wafted through the air spreading aromatic essences. The Arabians practiced a new trend called Bakhoor. They burned incense sticks and precious wood to make their clothes smell fresh. It also kept the environment clean.

First Perfume

First Perfume

Perfume is nothing but a proportionate mixture of different ingredients. It is uncertain to mention the first perfume of the world since there is no recording. But, the first chemist of the world was Tapputi. She was a resident of Babylonian Mesopotamia around 1200 BCE. She had invented the basic methods of creating perfume. Another interesting perfume fact is its factory production. The record of the first factory-produced perfume oil is around 4000 years ago. It was in the Cyprus islands. As a part of the culture, the Egyptians created perfume around 3000 years ago. They also invented glass vessels and stones. This is to keep the essential oils, perfumes, and scented balms.

Perfumes have a Long Expiration Date

Indeed, perfumes do not expire in a shorter period. If one can check, the expiry dates on every perfume bottle are on an average 5-6 years. But, there is something also to know. Every perfume is a chemical product with natural ingredients. It causes a reaction and results in change once it comes in contact with air. This is the reason why perfume changes its texture and fragrance at different times of the day. So, it is advisable that after opening a bottle of perfume, one should use it within 3-5 years. After a certain point of time, some perfumes may lose their essence and only smell alcohol. Another important perfume fact is its concentration. The higher concentrated perfumes last longer both inside the bottle as well as on the skin. Perfumes with an oriental base remain fragrant for a longer period.

Price and Quality are Independent

Price and Quality are Independent

Perfumes have undergone different changes. There are different brands of perfume available in the store today. Even within the brands, there are different essences and aromas of perfume available. The difference in texture and fragrances results due to varieties of ingredients. Some perfumes use floral essences; some use fresh mineral extracts. Likewise, the quality of the perfumes also varies. Process and methods often cause differences in quality. Hence, different brand of perfumes has different qualities. Another important thing to follow is the sign of price and brand name. It is not always true that perfumes with higher costs are of higher quality. The brand name indeed carries the reputation through maintaining quality. But sometimes, indigenous manufacturers produce cheaper perfumes with great quality as well. One of the best tips to select perfume is to check the aroma before buying.

Most Perfumes use Animal Ingredients

People have become very sensitive these days. We all love animals and are against any animal products for use. But, one should know these perfume facts. Most of the perfumes use animal ingredients for preparing and nurturing. Some brands manufacture ‘Vegan perfumes’. Other than that, in most of the perfumes, two common ingredients are bee-wax and honey. These are two bi-products of the honey industry, considered animal ingredients. Perfumes of women like Victoria’s Secret also contain animal ingredients.

Scent Alters the Mood

Scent Alters the Mood

One of the best perfume facts is its scent. Each perfume has a different scent. This difference comes from the different proportions of ingredients. This is why similar essence perfumes from different brands smell different. Also, the essence of the perfume smells different on the skin. After coming in touch with air, the smell changes due to reactions. Hence, the perfume smells change with time. But, it is always true that perfume changes the mood of the person and the place with its presence. It is a very popular ‘mood settler’ for the celebration as well as for the people as well.

Moisturized Skin Holds Scent Longer

There is a small hack to keep your perfume lasting for a longer time. Before applying perfume to the body part, it is better to moisturize the place. You can use our favorite lotion to dab your skin area. Perfumes diffuse well on the moist skin. The fragrance of the perfume fades quicker from the dry skin. Hydrated skin holds the perfume better.

A perfume is a very expensive and exquisite gift. You can buy it for yourself, or you can present this to someone else. Above are the most interesting perfume facts that everyone should know about perfumes.

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