Mother's Day

Interesting History & Celebration of the Mother’s Day in all over World

We, human beings are all busy in our lives. But, we never leave a coin upturned when we get to celebrate Mother’s Day. We even go out of our own community and celebrate different festivals around the whole world. Every occasion around the world has a history behind their celebration. Mother’s day is around the corner. Little do we know about the occasion of Mother’s day! Here are the history and the various celebration of Mother’s Day in different parts of the world.

History of Mother’s Day

History of Mother’s Day

We all see in calendars the holidays are mark as ‘Hall-Mark Holidays’. But the celebration of Mother’s Day started way back than the card company was invented. In 1905, Anna Jarvis’s mother passed away. She determined to tribute her mother along with other mothers around the world. On the second anniversary of her mother’s death in 1906, she held a service in remembrance of her mother at the Church. It was 10th May 1908 that officially started the celebration of Mother’s Day. But back then it was not a holiday.

This day was celebrated with small events in only Philadelphia, where Anne lived, and at West Virginia. Her mother used to teach in the church every Sunday morning. So, she sent 500 carnations as a gift to her mother’s students and asked the boys and girls to wear them. Anna wrote pamphlets and letter with Mother’s Day on it until and unless she drew the attention of the US. And in 1914, the Mother’s Day became an official holiday and since celebrated around the whole world.

1) Mother’s day in the United Kingdom on 31 March

Mother’s day in the United Kingdom on 31 March

The UK celebrates Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of their Lent and calls it ‘Mothering Day’. In the medieval ages, poor families used to send their sons to serve rich families. They used to get a day off during the Lenten season to worship their mothers. So, on this day, the children used to go to the church and pray for their mothers. And then they picked up flowers and gift their mothers. Their surprise was often the cake they baked called Mothering Cake or Simnel Cake. As Lenten had rituals of fasting, this day was express as Refreshment day as well as people used to eat on this day. Today, the UK celebrates Mother’s Day like Americans- with cards, flowers, family meals, and gifts.

2) Mother’s day on 12 May (India, Australia, Ethiopia, Peru)

Mother’s day on 12 May (India, Australia, Ethiopia, Peru)

In Australia, the special gift on Mother’s Day is flowers. Carnations and chrysanthemum are giving to mothers, aunts, and grandmothers. Peru has a tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day with kids giving hand-made gifts to their mothers like cards with chocolates. Yet, Peru’s Andean community celebrates Mother’s Day in August. In Ethiopia, the three-day Antrosht festival is celebrate with daughters bringing vegetables and fruits while the men carrying lamb or bull meat. In India celebrate their real Goddess day during the Durga Puja in October. They do celebrate this westernized Mother’s Day in May with showering gifts and love to their mothers. Many order flowers from Mother’s day flowers delivery sites.

3) Mother’s day in Egypt on 21 March

Mother’s day in Egypt on 21 March

Mother’s Day in Egypt is celebrated on the first day of the Spring season, on 21st March. It is an unofficial holiday in Egypt with celebrations followed by meals and gift basket for mom.

4) Mother’s day in Indonesia 22 December

Mother’s day in Indonesia 22 December

On the anniversary of First Indonesian Women’s Congress, Indonesia celebrates Mother’s Day from 1953 onwards. There is an official holiday on this day in Indonesia. On this day, the Indonesians tribute and celebrate the contributions of the women in their society. The women’s movements by the first woman in the governmental body are celebrate on this day.

5) Mother’s day in Bolivia 27 May

Mother’s day in Bolivia 27 May

Bolivian men fought when they were fighting their freedom to fight with Spain in the early 19th century. A group of women in Cochabamba stood toe to toe with the men and fought for the country’s freedom on May 27th. They all died and their contribution is still celebrate on 27th May every year. From 1920, this day is officially celebrate as the Mother’s Day in Bolivia. People here send Mother’s Day gift to their motherly figures.

It is important to know the history of the celebration we do as well. Here are the history and tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day at some of the countries.


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