Authentic Italian Cakes and Desserts to Taste

Italian Cakes

We might not have been to Italy, but we would love to eat Italian food, desserts and cakes. Everything from architecture to history is so intriguing about Italy, and so are its desserts. You can find many chocolates, boozy bread soaked in rum and mouthwatering treat in Italy. Some of the treats and cakes have become world-famous, so you do not need to go to Italy to try them. Italy has many desserts that will serve as a delight to your taste buds. You wouldn’t know where to start if you end up in Italy someday. You would surely need a guide like us to direct you to try and find some of the most authentic cakes and desserts there. Thus, if you have a knack for trying traditional desserts and treats wherever you go, you are at the right place. Eating in Italy is magical, along with pizzas, pasta, the Italian desserts and pastries are worth a try. Thus we are here with some authentic Italian cakes and desserts that you should taste at least once.


One Italian dessert that you can eat daily is Tiramisu. It is a perfect dessert to end a meal, or you can even have it any time of the day. It is a layer dessert having finger biscuits soaked in coffee. Then piled between mascarpone cheese, cocoa, and cream layers. You get the best Tiramisu in Rome in Italy. Moreover, Tiramisu is now available worldwide, so you can enjoy it anywhere you visit. You can choose from different types of cakes and have the best cake for different celebrations to make it memorable.



Cannoli was traditionally naked during the annual Carnival celebration. It originated on the island of Sicily. But now, this dessert is famous globally; you would find it everywhere from Europe to the far west. These tube-shaped shells of pastry are deep-fried to hold their original shape. Each tube shell has cream filling of ricotta cheese and sugar. You will find variations in this dessert as people use other fillings like chocolate and cream.


Panettone is again a famous Italian desserts for which you wouldn’t have to go to Italy it is available everywhere. This dessert originated in Milan. It is a sweet bread popular during Christmas and New Year. Though Italians consider it bread, it is a thick fruity cake. The key ingredients of Panettone are flour, raisins and candied fruits. You can get fantastic cake design ideas to delight the recipient with a fantastic and delicious cake for their special day.



Maritozzo is a typical Roman sweet, which you can find in Rome or the Lazio region of Italy. It is a small bun, with a filling of delicious gooey custard or whip cream. The ingredients in making this dessert are butter, eggs, flour, honey and salt. Though the desserts sounds simple, their heavenly combination will awaken your taste buds. You can make cake delivery for the ones living away from you and convey your heartfelt wishes.


Torrone is a famous Italian dessert during winter. It has a candy bar-like shape, and it comes between an Italian cake and a confection. It is made with honey, sugar, egg whites and toasted almonds. Even this dessert has many versions as some make it in pistachio flavor while some in chocolate. It is pretty like French nougat or Spanish turron. If you want to try the traditional and classic Torrone, Lombardy is the place to enjoy the ancient version of it.



Crostata is an Italian pie having a crust of Italian pastry and fruit or jelly filling. You can find endless variations to this crostata. It comes with different fillings like cherries, other berries, apricots, Nutella etc,. It is easy to make Crostata, and is an Italian classic so that you can find it easily anywhere in Italy. Make gifts delivery to Italy to your loved ones living miles away from you and convey your greetings to them through unique gifts.

Casita Siciliana

Casita Siciliana is a traditional Italian cake from Palermo and Messina in Sicily. This cake is made by soaking the round sponge cake in juices or liqueur. Later it is layered with ricotta cheese and candied fruit peels. It is a must-try Sicilian dessert with marzipan shell, that you would love. Send a cake to your friends and family and convey your wishes to them for various occasions in the sweetest manner.

We hope these authentic Italian Cakes and desserts give you the taste of Italy and you enjoy it to the fullest.

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