Do You Know These Funniest Easter Traditions From Around the World?

Do You Know These Funniest Easter Traditions From Around the World?

Certain occasions are there which many people around the world celebrate together. Festivals like Christmas are widely known for their global platform. But different part of the world has various ways to celebrate the world. One of the most celebrated festivals apart from Christmas is the Easter. Easter falls in any day between March 22 and April 25. The countries celebrate this have their own weird ways of observing this festival.

Easter Traditions in USA

Funniest Easter Traditions in USA

Easter plays an important role in USA. It breaks the boundaries between all Americans and unites them as one in this occasion. Each year, New Orleans hosts the Easter carnival with colorful parades, music parties. They call it Mardi Gras. Each family cooks their favorite vegetable and ham dishes and has them with hot cross buns. Easter Egg Roll is the most famous game that every American child plays on this occasion. An Easter Egg hunt is a popular family game in America, where families paint the eggs and hide them. All they have to do is search and find it. Americans decorate their house with Easter trees and lambs during the celebration. They consider Easter to be the perfect time to get married. They have traditions to send gifts to their close one through easter gifts delivery in USA sites.

Easter Traditions in New Zealand

Easter Traditions in New Zealand

The festival of Easter reminds us of Easter chocolates-eggs and cute bunnies. New Zealand is a place where the idea of sweet bunny on Easter will horrify you. They celebrate Easter in one of the wackiest ways possible. On the Easter Sunday, you will find almost every citizen of New Zealand around the country side. In excuse of clearing the ‘pests’ from farmland, they pay to kill those cute little creatures. Every year, more than 20000 bunnies get killed in Easter in New Zealand.

Easter Traditions in Czech Republic

Easter Traditions in Czech Republic

On the Easter Monday, if you find a Czech man whipping a Czech woman with a colorful stick, don’t get shocked. It might sound crazy but is their familiar tradition of celebrating Easters. Of course they do not whip the woman hard. But just pat them with the decorated stick on their legs and shoulders. Czech belief says that such an act brings good health and good look to the women in following days. Men around world send flowers or teddies wishing the best to their women. But Czech men follow this weird tradition. If you were a Czech woman, won’t you prefer to stay inside your house in Easter?

Easter Traditions in France

Easter Traditions in France

France has one of the grandest celebrations on Easter. It is weird too, but more it is surprising. On Easter Monday, in the town of Haux, French people prepare a huge omelet with 5200 eggs. 1000s of French people come here to observe the cooking of the omelet on a large pan. Once the omelet is ready, they eat it all together. To give the common feeling of Easter to your French friend, send easter chocolate to France on Easter.

Easter Traditions in Papua New Guinea

Easter Traditions in Papua New Guinea

Everywhere around the world, Easter has a token of Chocolate and Eggs. But the symbol of Easter in this place will surprise you for sure. In Papua New Guinea, tobacco is the Easter guilty pleasure. On the Easter Sunday, the churches in Papua are full with tobacco decorations. They cover the trees with tobacco and cigarettes. Once the ceremony is over, they distribute the tobaccos among the fellow Papuans.

Easter Traditions in Philippines

Easter Traditions in Philippines

Philippines celebrates Easter with a tradition of redemption. Here you can find each Catholic walking on the street with bamboo sticks in their hand. They beat themselves with that and also some cut their back with a blade. They belief such a punitive act will save their souls and purify it from their sins. Catholic churches do not support this tradition, but almost none listens to them.

Easter Traditions in Poland

Easter Traditions in Poland

Easter Sunday in Poland is all buttery. They take up a knob of butter and reshape it into a lamb. Then place it on the dinner table on the occasion of Easter. This tradition is out of their belief. The lamb represents the absence of Devil in the dinner table. Rooted 100 years back, this tradition is on the belief that devil had taken every life form before. But the lamb is the only one the devil failed to take.

Easter Traditions in Greece

Easter Traditions in Greece

In the Greek Island, one can find the wackiest ways of celebrating Easter. On Easter Saturday, People hurl the empty without flower mud vases out of their window. Besides, the two rival churches make up a fake war scene by blowing firecrackers and rockets. The Greeks welcome this festival with exchanging gift. You can also send gifts to Greece to your friend through easter cookies delivery site.

Easter Traditions in Hungary


Like many other countries around the world, Hungary also celebrate Easter. It also has its own way of celebrating Easter. But this one is way funnier than some of the other countries. In Hungary, women dress in traditional costumes on Easter. But the funny part is men throw water to them to ruin their beautiful dressing. This might feel weird to other people around the world, but this is how they make their Easter a happy festival.

Such different traditions make Easter the most colorful festival in the world. Before you start celebrating, it is best to know from here about your country’s celebration.

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