Know How Long Cookies Last and Tips to Store Them

Tips to Store Cookies

Cookies are one of the best treats that people like to have regardless of special occasions. Theirs is nothing better than a gooey and a soft cookie out of the oven. But keeping these cookies fresh is a big challenge and that is something we spend a lot of time thinking about. Thus we are here with some of the best tips on which cookies last how long and also how to store cookies for long.

  • How Long do Cookies Last?

How long do cookies last depends on two things first the type of cookie and second the way they are stored.

  1. Dry Cookies

Dry Cookies

Cookies like shortbread cookies, ginger snaps, and Danish butter cookies are dry cookies. Thus, they will stay fresh for a longer time as they have very little moisture. These dry cookies become stale when they suck up moisture from the air. These causing them to become soft and lose their snap. So make sure you store them in an air-tight container.

  1. Soft Cookies

Soft Cookies

Soft cookies like peanut butter cookies or chocolate chip cookies are hard to keep fresh. This is because these cookies get their chewy texture from the balance of moisture in them. These cookies have lots of moisture in the centers and less moisture on the edges. Thus the middle part is soft and the edges are crispy. Whereas chewy cookies become stale when they lose moisture to the surrounding air. Eventually, making them hard and brittle. If these cookies have a strong flavor they should be stored away from other flavored cookies. And to keep these cookies soft you can also tuck a slice of white bread inside the air-tight container.

  1. Crispy Cookies

Crispy Cookies

With crispy cookies, you have to keep moisture away. You should keep these cookies separate from soft cookies whose moisture can soften them. You should store them in an air-tight container that’s not completely sealed. This will allow some air to sneak in and these will keep your cookies away from moisture and humidity. Moreover, if these cookies have a strong flavor then divide them by type. You can get ideas to reuse leftover cookies so you can enjoy your leftover cookies in different ways.

  • Tips to Store Cookies

One of the biggest troubles that cookies face during storage other than becoming stale is their texture is lost. This means the soft cookies can become hard and the crispy ones can become soft. The strong flavor of one cookie can overwhelm the other. Thus the best way of storing cookies is to keep in mind their original characteristics so that they are preserved for a longer time. If you want to store cookies for a long time then it is best to freeze the cookies. However, if you want to keep the cookies fresh for about a week, you are better to keep them at room temperature.

  1. Store at Room Temperature

Store at Room Temperature

To keep the cookies at their best, place greaseproof paper between layers of cookies and put them in an air-tight container. Like that they will last for almost a week. If your cookies go a little stale then you can restore them. So as to restore them all you have to do is sprinkle some water, put them on a baking tray, and place them in the hot oven for few minutes before eating.

  1. Don’t Mix Them

Don’t Mix Them

The cardinal cookie maintenance is to avoid storing soft cookies in the same container as crispy cookies. The higher moisture content of these cookies will make the other turn soggy. When you store soft cookies, opt for an airtight plastic container that will limit the airflow. And it will also keep your cookies moist for a longer time. Crispy cookies are best stored in a glass container like a cookie jar, these will let a little air in to keep the batch crispy. Also, plastic bags shouldn’t be used to store cookies unless they are to be put into the freezer. You can also buy cake online and surprise your near and dear ones with mouth-watering cakes.

  1. Add Protection Layer

Add Protection Layer

If you want to avoid your cookies from drying out before festivities, you can go for this easiest method. Put some absorbing sheet that will absorb the dry air and keep the cookies fresh for a longer time. One of the simplest ways of air absorption is to include a slice of plain white bread in your tin. This bread will dry up and harden while leaving the cookies as soft as they were when they came out of the oven.

  1. Know How Long they will Last

Know How Long they will Last

Different cookies last for different periods of time. In general, cookies last for about 3 days at room temperature if you store them correctly. And they can last for up to 6 months in the freezer. Different types of cookies need special storage otherwise you should consume them faster. Drop cookies, cutout cookies, Icebox Cookies, Shortbread and spritz cookies, etc; last for different periods of time. Order cookies online from our gift store and treat your special ones with a sweet delight to win their heart.

  1. Use Right Storage Box

Use Right Storage Box

To keep the cookies fresh, you need to keep the air out. And so you should store the cookies in an airtight container. Make sure no air gets in the way of the container and its lid. You should also make sure the seal is tight. There are so many different types of cookie containers that are made of stainless steel, glassware, or some BPA-free plastic.

  1. Freeze Cookies

Freeze Cookies

Once the cookies are cold naturally, transfer them into an airtight plastic bag. You can choose a bag that is sealable and large enough for the cookies to sit. A sealed bag will not let cookies absorb other flavors and it will save their smell too. You can place this airtight bag into the freezer for up to 5 months but make sure you don’t keep it for a longer time as it may lose the flavor. You can get a variety of cookie bouquets from an online gift store and delight your friends and relatives.

We hope these tips will help you store cookies for a long.

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