Make Perfect Candy Bouquet: Use these Steps

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Are you in search of any homemade and no-bake food gift idea for your friend’s or any family member’s birthday? We have a wonderful idea. We know how difficult it is to bake a cake and if anything goes wrong the results would be worse. So we are here with an easier alternative of a home-made food gift. We would have seen online attractive candy bouquet delivery with different arrangements of different chocolate bars and candies. When can definitely buy it online but if you want some personal touch we are here to guide you on how to make a perfect candy bouquet.

1) The Best Gift that is Made with Candy

This one is going to be the best gift because we will only include the candies which are loved by the recipient of gift. This candy bouquet can also be made in a basket or like a bouquet. These candy bouquets are made for different occasions like wedding, anniversary, birthdays, graduation, baby shower, bridal shower etc. You can take various themes in making the bouquets like colour scheme, pictures theme, messages themes, etc. For example a candy bouquet for someone’s wedding can be decorated with red hearts and red satin net to make it look attractive and related to the occasion.

 2) Start with Basics

Now let’s get into making of candy bouquets and what supplies would be need for making the candy bouquet.

  • First of all you need to decide which candy and how much candy will be required for making it.
  • Also you will need any container, pot or any creative vessel if you want to decorate in it.
  • What kind of candy you will require, you also have to undertake the colour scheme of the wrappers of different chocolates.
  • Size of the candies are to be kept in mind as larger the candies, larger would be the candy bouquet. We advise you to take candies of not more than 6 inches because it would become difficult to erect the bouquet. But you can absolutely include fun size candies.
  • Container, as mentioned earlier you need to decide the base of the bouquet as to where you will place the candies, it should have strong base. You can use vase, tin buckets, small plant pots, jars or some re-cycled cans. You can also D.I.Y vase or a container.
  • Next thing you will require is floral foam or any craft that would fit inside the container you have choose to make it as candy base.
  • The most important thing is candies make sure you include candies which are loved by the one you are making it for.
  • Lastly you can buy decorative supplies other than candies which can be used to decorate the candy bouquet like ribbons, glue gun, gift tags, clear tap, confetti, crinkle paper etc.

3) Step By Step Guide

We are here with 2 to 3 different types of candy bouquet tutorial.

  • Hershey’s Bars in glass vase

Get 6 pieces of Hershey’s bars try to arrange it like a bouquet in any colour butter paper. Place a piece of floral foam inside the vase and place in it three wooden sticks now paste that candy bouquet arrangement on that sticks. You can decorate the vase with confetti or ribbon.

  • Kit-Kat in decorative jars

You can keep the red colour scheme for this candy bouquet. Take 6 to 8 kit-kat bar and glue 4 each on the wooden stick. Now take the tin or a can for base and wrap it with strings and make it decorate. Now arrange those candy sticks inside the tin with the help of floral foam.

  • Potted Reese’s Bouquet

For this you require small plant pot, paper streamers and floral foam. You can fill the entire pot with paper streamers and arrange the Reese’s inside it with help of any bigger candy’s support.

4) Fun & Creative Arrangement Ideas

You can make a candy as well as a floral bouquet. You can also place a small soft toy inside the bouquet and a message. This can be a red arrangement.  If your friend is a sour tooth you can arrange all vibrant colour sour candies like skittles, sour patch, Hubba Bubba, starburst and other in a nice colourful packaging. You can also make a bouquet of all lollipops making it a cute candy bouquet.

5) Our Feature Products

  • Sweetest Chocolate Bouquet

Sweetest Chocolate Bouquet

This is Chocolate’s Paradise because it contains almost all the chocolates like Hershey’s, Milky Way, Reese’s, Snickers, Skittles, M&M, Butter finger etc. These different varieties of chocolates are nicely decorated in a wooden basket.

  • Sweet Love Candy Bouquet

Sweet Love Candy Bouquet

This Bouquet gets you in chocolate indulgence with assortment of different chocolate bars like Hershey’s, Baby Ruth, Twix, Reese’s, Nestlé’s candy bar, in a pretty rectangle wicket wooden basket which makes a perfect Congratulations or thank you gift.

  • Candy Cake Bouquet

Candy Cake Bouquet

This is a best no-bake cake. You can get a three tier candy cake instead of a regular cake. Different candies like skittles, sour patch, laffy taffy etc. are arranged in such a way that makes a giant three tier cake. This would make a fun gift for a kid’s birthday with cake delivery online.

It is a wonderful idea to treat your loved one with homemade gifts and these candy bouquets are one of the most unique ideas. We hope you loved these ideas.

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