Valentine’s Day is a day of gifting special gifts to your beloved, no matter whatever love status you are. Sometimes, one of the best gifts to send on Valentine’s Day is the beautiful and unique sets of jewelry. Here are some unique choices of jewelry to gift on Valentine’s Day to your love.

1) Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

She will be in love with the gifts as women usually love jewelry.

a) Zodiac Necklace

Everyone has a zodiac sign. And this is a gift that is never going to change at all. So, if you want to gift her something really special, this star sign stud necklace will be perfect. This dainty necklace with the star sign on it will blow her mind. This necklace will make her expose how proud Capricorn or graceful Liberian she is.

b) Handwriting Bracelet

Now, as you are in love with her, verbally there are more than a million times that you have said ‘I Love You’. This gift choice will take this love to some other eternity level. There are online shops that customize jewelry on request. Give them one small written message of two or three words in your own handwriting. They will craft the message and make it fit on the wristlet. When you gift this, she would love to receive such a gift.

c) Silver Stud Earrings

If your love is a very stylish woman with her own choices of things; this is a perfect choice of gift for her. The silver stud earrings come in various designs. It can be words or signs. They come with some cool messages as well like ‘YO’ and ‘OK’. The unique one will be gifting silver stud earrings with her initials on them.

d) Name Earrings

 Name earrings are one of the coolest gifts that is very much trending as good jewelry for valentine’s day. Gifting such a precious gift with her name engraved on it will make her feel proud of her love. It looks best on both silver and golden earrings.

2) Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Him

Well, he is equally deserving to receive a gift of love on this special day. Here are some outstanding choices of gifts for him to send on Valentine’s Day.

a) Black Ring

Black is the royal color for men. You can simply engrave his name on it to make hi believe he owns it. Or you can engrave some special date or message on it. The stainless steel ring looks both elegant and bold on him and it is very handsome to wear on a regular basis as well.

b) Silver Couple Ring

Couple rings are the perfect love gifts for each other on this occasion of love. It is more perfect when both the rings say the same message of ‘I Love You Always’. The only difference will be in the size of the rings but not at all in the feelings. There are both thin and thick bands available. You can choose according to his preference for rings.

c) 3D bar Necklace

This 3D bar necklace one of the trendiest gifts for men. This looks amazing both in silver and gold. On it, you can crave some special messages like the date you started your relationship on one side. On the other, you can carve his name and on the east side, crave some love sings on the pendant. It is very small yet very significant.

d) Leather Cords

There are some men who prefer leather more than metal. If your man is one of such, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day for him. This leather band has silver plating on it. As it is customizable; you can design some of the sweetest messages to him. The band is of Italian genuine leather and the button is of stainless steel. There are varieties of designs of the leather band that you can choose among. If your love is far away, then send valentine’s day gifts like this to surprise as well as impress him with your love.

Though people in love are lucky to celebrate Valentine’s Day whenever they want to. But, this 14th February will always remain a memorable day. Above are some of the best jewelry gifts to make your day more beautiful for your lover.

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