Find the Perfect Flower Bouquet Based On Your Astrology Sign

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Find the Perfect Flower Bouquet Based On Your Astrology Sign

Flowers have the best interpretation of everything attached to it- from occasions to sun-signs. Here are some perfect Flower Bouquet based on the astrological signs.

1) Scorpio-> Flower: Geranium

Flower: Geranium

Scorpio is the most passionate sun signs of them all. They are full of love, emotions, and desires. Scorpios perform sporadic yet meaningful acts of love and intensity. The best flowers that reflect the true meaning of Scorpio is Geranium. Dark shades of Geraniums perfectly symbolize the true essence of Scorpio people. These people, just like the flowers are multidimensional and love surprises both to give and to get. That people are very mysterious and intelligent. These people hardly let their guards down to anyone. The darker shades of geranium reflect the similar characteristics of this star sign.

2) Sagittarius -> Flower: Carnation

Flower: Carnation

Sagittarians are full of positive energy and deep ambitions. Their open-mindedness is their craving for new perspectives and learning. They are traveling soul. They have multifaceted personalities that make them perfectly matching to carnations. Carnations are symbols of love, fascination and luck. Even, they express and resemble fantasy as well, according to the colors they carry. Carnations are long-lasting; hence their strength and persistence is the direct reflection of the Sagittarius people.

3) Capricorn -> Flower: Pansy

Flower: Pansy

If there is any one-star sign that reflects the epitome of reliability and responsibility; then it is none other than Capricorn. Their sincerity, discipline, and consistency make them the perfect compliment to the floral varieties of pansies. Pansies grow more beautiful and elegant with time; so does these Capricorns. A true and honest Capricornia is very tenacious and works really hard to achieve perfection. They love to enjoy the materialistic fruit of their effort. Pansies are also the result of immense hard-work, dedication, and effort. Buy flower online and send them to your beloveds.

4) Aquarius -> Flower: Orchid

Flower: Orchid

Aquarians are spiritual, intuitive and graceful people around the whole world. Just as the orchids the most precious flower of the world, so are these human beings. These people themselves are optimistic and are drawn to optimistic people only. No matter whatever color orchid you choose, they all come with a positive approach and messages. And these people also send a similar kind of vibes when they are around. Orchid is a very thoughtful choice of gifts for Aquarius people.

5) Aries -> Flower: Honeysuckle

Flower: Honeysuckle

Aries is an enthusiast and passionate people, who are seekers of adventures. They love to go and beyond the common and attract dynamism. They have the ruling planet Mars on their side. These people are playful, romantic and majestic in nature. The best flower that matches the personality of these people is the Honey-sickles. This is the perfect zodiac flower of the Arians. The people, just like this flower attracts affable people around. These people are born as leaders and they are very easy- going to making friends.

6) Taurus -> Flower: Poppy

Flower: Poppy

Taurus is one of those star-signs that love to encourage people. They are the most supportive ones. The perfect reflection of this flower is poppy- the red ones. Taurus is very much close to things that reflect and spread affinity. Poppy is vibrant and gorgeous. They exude and elucidate a strong sense of classy confidence. They are very resilient in tougher times in life. You can send thank you flower bouquet to your beloved at anywhere around the world.

7) Gemini -> Flower: Lavender

Flower: Lavender

The flower Lavender is the perfect matching flower to the sun-sign of Gemini. The nature of the lavender flower is to decorate and enhance the beauty of the landscape. The Gemini people are like that only- the flourisher in the group. These people are very much expansive and try to find the muse everywhere. These people are full of productivity, creativity, and active mind. Sometimes, it may feel like these people are spreading too many ways, but that is what lavenders exactly do- spread around. Gemini’s social and energetic nature is completely parallel with that of lavenders.

8) Cancer -> Flower: White Rose

Flower: White Rose

Cancerians are highly motivating, emotional and energetic. These are the truly adventurous people. They are very much okay within their comfort zone. Roses are the perfect flowers for this particular star-sign. Roses are symbols of patience and dedication; just what the cancer people reflect on their duties. Among the roses, white roses are elegant, subtle and universally adored by everyone around. And that is what perfectly matches to the Cancer people.

9) Libra -> Flower: Rose

Flower: Rose

This zodiac is perfectly matched with every other kind of roses which is the symbol of love and bliss. Libra has this unique ability to see and understand the hidden meanings of things. And they prove that with underlying evidence. Libra has the eye of classic beauty. Liberians are poets, philosophical and artistic; and they cannot tolerate injustice. As a symbol of peace and passion, roses are completely complimented with the nature of the Libra people.

10) Leo -> Flower: Sunflower

Flower: Sunflower

Leo is the most powerful zodiac sign in the world. Just like sunflowers, Leo is warm, open and natural leaders. They are assured about what they do and are confident. People love to keep these Leo people at the center of attraction and seek help and suggesting to them. Generosity is something that reflects from the face of the Leo person, an exact mirror image of the sunflowers who are always happy growing.

11) Virgo -> Flower: Buttercup

Flower: Buttercup

Virgo is certainly not the kind of person who loves to be at the center of attraction. People often get fooled by their shyness; but once you know a Virgo, you would discover the brand new sides of the people every day. Virgos are organized, neat and love to enjoy things around. And this is what makes them a perfect match with buttercups. If you want to congratulate a Virgo on occasion, then you would love to send from online congratulations flower delivery to USA.

12) Pisces -> Flower: Water Lily

Flower: Water Lily

Water Lilies are very much perceptive and psychic. They are often found to be accepting ideas around them. A Pisces is a true artist, musician and dancer. They are exotic speakers. Coming to the floral part, a Pisces and a water lily is just as same as the combination of bread and butter. Pisces can e whimsical too as they are very much inclined to everything. That makes them as unique as the water lily is.

Every zodiac has its own unique traits that can be reflected through flowers. Above are the best flowers to give according to the sun-signs.

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