Perfect Guide for Lip-smacking Chocolate Tasting

Enjoying and experiencing fine quality chocolate is like no other. Each bar of chocolate has different rich, sole and complex flavors. The cocoa bean is the source of all chocolate and the essences can be varied by a massive amount of variables. These are like topography, weather, soil conditions, post-harvesting processing, and genotypic properties. In fact, the flavors in dark chocolate exceed those in red wine! So it is imperative to taste chocolate carefully. Then only you can take out the fullest zest prospective. We are here to put together this chocolate tasting guide. It will assist you guys to easily experience speculates of fine quality chocolate in no time.

5 Chocolate Tasting Senses

You should engage each of your senses while tasting chocolate. Just like a fine wine, a dark chocolate engages you with all its subtle and complex notes! It is better to taste chocolate in a peaceful ambience. You can then concentrate with all your senses! Here we are going to help with the main principals.


Our eyes consume the exquisiteness and stimulate our craving for food. It creates thrill and eagerness to have a little more with a simple sight of chocolate. The appearance of a chocolate bar tells you many things. Good quality depends on the chocolate whether it is glossy or tedious, reddish or ebony-dark. Chocolate comes in an assortment of colors which depends upon the type of beans used. The regional origin and the making procedure infused the taste within it. Let your eyes go beyond the thoughts.


Fine and high-quality chocolate will melt once it comes at your body temperature. Just place a piece of chocolate between your thumb and index finger and rub tenderly. Once it begins to melt at the room temperature, feel the texture. Feel the smooth composition and the texture. A fine quality chocolate will hold so small particles that it would never get grainy or rough.


When you put a bite into the chocolate, just listen to the clear crack. It will sound like a twig underfoot on a chilly morning walk! It will be that much of tempting. This crack is a result of proper tempering. Tempering is a process that brings into line the cocoa butter and cocoa crystals. It turns out the batter into a smooth, glossy finished chocolate bar.


Smell plays a great role to anticipate all the flavors. Chocolates can be enjoyed best at the room temperature. If you are opting for a solid piece of a chocolate, just rub the piece with your thumb and index finger gently. Warm it up a bit. Then place your fingers in front of your nose to take the smell. Now, do you get a delicate, subtle aroma? Else does it is penetrating a bit? The senses of smell and taste are tangled with each other. A delicate scent would bring water in your mouth instantly!


Put a small slice of chocolate into your mouth and let it be melted on your tongue. Close your eyes and inhale the aroma through your mouth. Let it out through the nose. This will allow the fragrance to stimulate your senses fully! Now, chew the slice slowly and deliberately feel the taste and texture. Feel the flavor augment your tongue. Identify the zest whether it’s spicy or neutral, sweet or salty, nutty or fruity. Let the zest linger you throughout.

Chocolate Tasting Parties

Host a chocolate tasting party experiencing the lighter and darker sides of chocolate. This can be fun and sweeter than anything else. Serve samples of chocolates and even prepare desserts using different types of chocolate. While starting with the mildest flavor, finish it off with the darkest and richest ones! Taste little by little with all your senses. Get more infused into the zest of chocolaty-world!

To help you with chocolate party ideas, here are some chocolate ideas:

Start with Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is an extraordinary and amazing chocolate. Get online chocolate delivery at your party with great flavors. Try out caramelizing, creamy, soda-fountain chocolate malts with brown sugar and vanilla flavors.

Semi-sweet party

Set up small platters with few varieties of medium chocolates. These can be woodsy, nuttier, and darker ones.

Chocolates for all

Serve candy bars for every single guest. Let them experience their individual flavors. Order individual chocolate gift basket online and present it to your guests in favor of the party.

Finish with Dark

When you reach your final point, bring out the really dark chocolates of all. Offer samples of two or three varieties for tasting. Finish your gala time with one last dessert made with chocolate!

Hope this chocolate tasting guide will help you a lot to taste your chocolate. Remember not to drink or smoke before start tasting the chocolate. Feel the differences between the chocolate. This will allow experiencing individual zests!

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