Plant and Wine Pairing to Start Summer this year

It was like yesterday that 2022 has started. And with the blink of an eye, four months have flown away. The heat of the summer has already started increasing. The two most sufficing things as a pair in summer are plants and wines. Green plants soothe the environment with pleasing greenery. On a hot summer afternoon, a glass of wine suffices the human mind and soul. A combination of plants and wines is the best gift that you could send to your beloved. Here are the best plant and wine pairing ideas to start your summer this year.

1) Yellow Begonia and Sprig and Rose Dry White 2020

Bright colours in summer soothe the eyes and minds. A small yellow Begonia pot plant would make your indoor garden shine bright. The delicate petals and pastel shades add eye calming charm to the summer garden. But, the perfect complement is the Sprig and Rose Dry white wine. The overwhelming tastes of toasted fruits make their taste last longer. Fruit flavours include lemons, stone fruit, apple, and tropical melons. This dry and crisp white wine would beat the heat of the outside sun. It would give a chilling vibe to the one drinking.

2) Red Geranium and Folk & Fable Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel

Red is one such colour that would never disappoint anyone. Geranium is a long-time classic flower when it comes to pairing with flagship wines. Red geranium super moon loves bright sunlight. It also attracts pollinators like hummingbirds and bees in the garden. Sitting on your porch on a summer afternoon watching the flowers in full bloom is a pleasant sight. What makes it more pleasing is a glass of Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel wine. Both of these get better with the going days. The sweet notes of toasted caramel and vanilla, with stewed fruits, would make it feel special.

3) Bromeliad Aechmea Pink and Dreamlet Sweet Wine

Pink is one of the most special and beautiful colors to add to the scorching heat of summer. Bromeliad Aechmea pink is the best flower to send from the indoor plant delivery for the family. It has tiger-striped leaves that make it look more pleasing. When you choose to send plant gifts, make sure you pair them with a bottle of Dreamless Sweet Wine. The flavors of ripe fruits like peach and apricot make it taste pleasing. And the floral fragrance of honeysuckle and orange makes it linger in the summer souls for hours.

4) Red Dahlia and Gladiolus Riesling 2020

Dahlia is an exotic summer bloom that captivates the whole garden with its presence. The bright color of the fireball blooms at its best during the heat of summer on the porch. The most beautiful drink balancing this floral gift is acidic Gladiolus Riesling 2020. The fragrance of jasmine and honeysuckle allures people to have this wine on a summer day. The taste of lime, tangerine, and peach keeps the inside calm and pleasing in summer. It is best to order gift online to get an exclusive pairing of plants and wines for your loved ones.

5) Monstera and Watchkeeper Sauvignon 2020

Monstera is a Mexico-originated parent plant, a favourite summer plant for your beloved. It is a climbing plant, hence it would look good in an indoor garden space. Plant people are the ones who are wine lovers as well, specifically the Sauvignon Blanc ones. This Watchkeeper white wine is a fruity and fresh wine that will leave you craving for another sip. The green herbs, pineapple, and citrus flavors give freshness to the burning summer. When you plant to send plants as gifts, a bottle of this wine would pair them fine.

6) Sansevieria Sayuri and Silverscape Syrah

This is the perfect beat-down quotient of the summer. A Sansevieria Sayuri is a plant with soft green leaves appearing to be silver. It is adaptable to any environment. The perfect pair with this green majesty is Silverscape Syrah. The dark notes of black pepper and blackberry draw the drinker into the drink this summer. A perfect gateway escape is this drink when paired with some crafty cheese and fish.

7) Purple Petunia and Obscure Zinfandel 2020

If you are to make your beloved’s summer like a fantasy, this pair of plants and wine is more than one could ask for. A purple petunia is the best flower for a sunny patio. This is a plant that can live in both extreme situations. And the dark purple shades make you remind of a perfect wine pair- Obscure Zinfandel. The blast of berries in its taste makes it the tastiest drink in summer. Tones of strawberry, raspberry, and boysenberry are the elite part of this wine. With toasting black pepper and a hint of oak, it makes the endnotes linger for a long time.

The summer has already arrived and it’s becoming hotter. Make this summer pleasant with cool gifts for plant lovers with the ideas discussed above. It has become important to find the perfect relaxation quotient this summer. Above are the best pairing of plants and wines to kick off the heat of
the summer.

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