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Poinsettia: The Christmas Flower

Often picking up the perfect Christmas flowers and decorations during the Christmas seems to be an arduous task. Poinsettias are just the right ones for this purpose. Indigenous to Mexico, Poinsettias are a very important type of flower from a commercial viewpoint. It is popular for its bright green and red foliage. Any Christmas celebration would be incomplete without this species of plant.

These flowers last throughout the Christmas season. This cheery plant usually grows indoors. Poinsettias are famous as a symbol of purity and are very effective in providing vibrant color tinge to your home decor during Christmas. No other Christmas plant would have this kind of effect. These days, bringing a poinsettia plant into your home and taking care of them throughout the holiday season has become really simple. Just follow some easy steps and you can become a pro at it.

Flowers play a very important role in celebrating the functions and festivals. Christmas is one such festival where Flowers is of utmost importance. Flowers are usually used as house decor as well as to greet someone. Flowers carry positive vibes that influence the environment around them. Also, there are some traditions and customs attache to flowers for various festivals. For Christmas to are some special Christmas Flowers like Poinsettias, Holly, Christmas Rose, Mistletoe, Ivy, Christmas Cactus, etc., represents Christmas’s spirit and joy. Let’s dig into the most Holy Christmas flower that is Poinsettias.

History of Poinsettia :

Poinsettias have a very beautiful story related to Christmas and why the flower became the most popular Christmas Flower. The story goes like this, there was this little Mexican girl named Pepita who was too sad as she didn’t have any gift to offer to Jesus on Christmas. She gradually headed towards the chapel with remorse and there his cousin followed him.

He asked her about her sadness, she told him that she had nothing to gift Jesus for Christmas. Pedro, her cousin then explained to her that gifts don’t have to be something very expensive, it should be the wishes that should come from the heart. And also told her she can give even the smallest things she possessed with all the love she has for Jesus and Jesus would be delighted.

Listening to her cousin’s advice Pepita went outside the church and looked around and whispered to her she doesn’t have anything she could give Jesus, suddenly when her eyes caught weeds by the roadside. She decided she would try to make a beautiful bouquet out of these weeds and she did the same. She took a handful of weeds and made it into a small pretty bouquet.

Still she was feeling embarrassed as everyone was looking at her and she still felt ashamed because of her gift as everyone in there has something beautiful to offer. Yet keeping her cousin’s thoughts in mind she went towards the chapel, knelt down and kept the weed bouquet at the bottom of nativity scene.

Out of surprise, these weeds immediately turned into beautiful bright red flowers and everyone around surprised. Everyone present considered it as a miracle and from that day regarded these flowers as ‘Flowers of Holy Night’.

Varieties of Poinsettias :

There are almost a hundred different types of poinsettias available in the market. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Visions of Grandeur: The bract of this one is softly textured. The petals have light shades of yellow, pink and creme which are beautifully in contrast with the dark green leaves.

Winter Rose Red: This one does justice to its name. A rosette is formed by the tightly formed vibrant red petals of the Christmas poinsettia.

Carousel Red: The petals of this poinsettia are very curvy and scalloped. Upon a close up view one can see small yellow flowers in the middle of the bract.

Ice Punch: This poinsettia has cool red colored petals. In the middle of the petals white highlights are present giving it a frosty effect.

Monet: This poinsettia is a sight for sore eyes. The petals have soft peach hues and are stronger that the other types.

Tradition of Poinsettias as the Christmas Flower :

With the story of the Mexican girl, people starting regarding them as Christmas Flowers. As the Poinsettias is having star shaped petals they are also say to symbolism Bethlehem which is said to guide a wise man to Jesus and so everyone make these flowers part of their Christmas decoration.  The Red colored leaves represents blood of Jesus Christ and the white leaves symbolizes purity.

Poinsettias bring a holy and spiritual vibes to your home during Christmas and holiday season, so you should use them as Christmas decor and add to your Christmas decoration. They are undoubtedly consider best Christmas flowers because they are beautiful along with that it has a very sacred history attached to it. Poinsettias symbolizes purity, love, hope and joy and will lead to amazing Christmas.

This plant is also consider sacred by Aztec tribe who called them ‘cuetlaxochitl’ and they used it in making medicines and dyes. Poinsettia also make popular gift for Christmas Eve. Buy Christmas Poinsettias online as gifting someone Poinsettias simply means gifting those joys of Christmas. They are indeed the best flowers to add red Christmas color to your home decor this holiday season.

Basically, Poinsettias are native to Central America and even there at a particular place where it is regarded as ‘Taxco del Alarcon’. And Poinsettias derived its name from a man, Joel Roberts Poinsett who was the first ambassador from USA to Mexico in 1825. Also Poinsettias are giving so much importance because there are hardly few flowers that blooms during Christmas and coordinates with true Christmas spirits.


How to Select the Perfect Poinsettias : 

When selecting the poinsettia –  Christmas Plants one must keep in mind the following points, so as to ensure that you are buying the best quality plant.

  • The plants must have thick dark green shrubbery.
  • To ensure that the poinsettia is young and at its peak form, make sure that the yellow buds in the center of the bract have not shed its pollen and is fresh. More the number of unopened yellow buds the longer will the bract be on display.
  • Plants must have sturdy and strong stems.
  • They must not have drooping or discolored leaves.
  • Plants must not show any sign of insects of diseases.
Poinsettia Care and Maintenance : 
  1. Bringing Your First Poinsettia Home :

  • Light– Poinsettias are tropical plants. They will be definitely benefited by as much direct sunlight as it gets throughout the year. Once you bring the plant home make sure to keep the plant near a window which receives plenty of sunlight. If the sunlight is too direct the bracts will discolor.
  • Heat– Temperature between 60-75 degrees F has to be maintained so that the poinsettia can bloom for a longer period. Extreme differences in temperature might hurt the plant and cause the leaves to drop prematurely. Even if it comes in contact with a cold window it will adversely affect the leaves.
  • Water– When you touch the soil surface of the plant and it feels dry, immediately water the plant. Never make the mistake of letting the plant sit in water.
  • Humidity– Want of humidity during winter season is a huge problem for this plant. Care has to be taken to ensure that the plants have the minimum humidity available for their use.
  1. After Christmas Care :

  • January to March– Whenever the surface feels dry, water the plant.
  • April– Gradually decrease the water and make sure that the stems don’t shrivel. Move it to a cool spot and maintain a temperature of 60 degrees F.
  • May– In mid-May cut the stems to 4 inches long and shift it to a new larger pot. Move the pot back to the sunlit window and maintain temperatures of 65-75 degrees F. Water the pot when dry. As soon as new growth appears, start fertilizing at an interval of two weeks.
  • June– Place the poinsettia outside in a partially shaded space and continue the watering and fertilizing schedule.
  • July– Early in July cut each stem by one inch to ensure stout and well branched plant.
  • August– In mid August pinch the stems again and shift it back to the bright window. Continue the schedule of watering and fertilizing.
  • September– The watering and fertilizing should not stop. Maintain a temperature not less than 65 degrees F.
  • October– In the beginning of October keep the plant in complete darkness from 5pm to 8am. Then keep the plant near a sunny window and do water and fertilize.
  • November– In the last week of November the darkness treatment should be stopped and keep the plant in the window. You can see the flower buds appearing at this time.
  • December– Around mid December stop fertilizing, but keep on watering the plant. Treat the plant in the same manner when you first brought the plant home in bloom.

Watch Your Dogs and Cats :

It is important to mention here that poinsettia is mildly poisonous to cats and dogs. Make sure that your pets or anyone else’s pet does not come near the plant. The milky white sap of the plant when ingested can cause drooling, vomiting and in rare cases even diarrhea may occur. When the white sap is expose to skin it may cause itchiness, redness and swelling of that area of the skin. Though the poinsettia plant’s poisonous nature is an over-hype quality of the plant, yet care should be Take. Due to low toxic level medical attention is rarely need, unless anything severe happens.

Where to Buy Poinsettia :

If there is any flower which represents the Christmas spirit perfectly it’s the poinsettia. The poinsettia plant will provide vibrancy in your home or office decor. It will also be ideal as a corporate gift this holiday season. One can find high-quality flowers at Giftblooms. You can order online through our website

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Conclusion :

Christmas is just a few days away. So don’t waste your time and go right ahead and order some amazing and beautiful poinsettias this season. It will not only brighten the mood of your office and home, but also bring joy to the loved ones you gift them to. Hurry up and order now from our wide range of poinsettia baskets and hampers. This fiery tropical plant cannot any equate with any other flowers or plants this season. It’s the season of poinsettias!


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