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Propose your Long-Distance Girlfriend with Romantic Gift

Propose your Long-Distance Girlfriend with Romantic Gift

Love have always has many dimensions. It is an abstract noun that you cannot see, cannot touch; only feel. Love is one such feeling that you cannot encapsulate into one relation, into one definition, between two things. It is eternal, universal and amorphous. When the person whom you love is around you, it is one kind of feeling and love. But there is tougher love as well, where the patience is more important than the celebration of being together. It is long distance relationship. Here are the best possible ways to propose to your long-distance girlfriend with romantic gift.

1) Bloom Box

Bloom Box

Flowers have always been the survivor of every relation- be it a patch up or a break up, with an sweeter mode. A bouquet of flowers to your beloved woman living away from you can say many things that the weekly letter you write to her or the regular phone call you make to her cannot. A bouquet of red roses in a gift box will express your heartiest wish of having her forever with you in the best way possible. Online sites like flower delivery online to USA provides floral bouquet gift delivery throughout the world. So, it won’t take much drama to make your girl understand what you wish for.

2) Send Personalized Gift

Send Personalized Gift

Artificial or commercialized gifts always express how far you can go to make your beloved happy and blessed. But a personalized gift reflects how much your value the person, the feelings you have for her and what will you promise to do for her. So, personalized gifts are always a better choice of gifts through which you can propose. It can be a personalized letter, a jewelry that she can wear always, or a DIY card, any or all these to propose her.

3) Her Favorite Chocolates

Her Favorite Chocolates

Chocolates have their history embedded and entangled with the emotion of love. A woman is always a little weak to the delicacy of chocolates. So, taking chocolate as the proposal gift is something that a girl might say no to. Like every other person, your beloved woman also has her favorite flavor and brand of chocolates. Sending her favorite chocolate along with a proposal letter or jewelry will take her to the moon. She would be so happy that she would wish you was there proposing her with your physical presence.

4) Rice Name Jewelry

Rice Name Jewelry

This gift is associate with a very ancient myth. A story of an artisan and an explorer in Anatolia and in India has first found names and small messages engraved in the rice grains. From that story, people around the whole world believe that rice names bring good luck to the person you love. The grain of rice is either put inside a glass pendent or is dip into an oil to magnify the message on it. You can write her and your name initials with a love sign between. Or you can write the magical three words to express your love for them. You can send romantic gifts online to her to cheer her mood up.

5) Send Spa Gift Basket

Send Spa Gift Basket

A woman like her who is living away from the love of her life must be working hard to stay strong and smiling. She is a superwoman who needs more pampering that you could have given if you were with her. But, till then, let the spa gift basket take care of her. Send her favorite brand spa gifts along with the message of how much you take care of her and want to take care himself throughout the whole life like this. Her face will glow in happiness; she could never say a ‘no’ to the proposal from her dream person.

6) Surprise her with a Visit

Surprise her with a Visit

The best gift for long distance GF is this gift. Every day is still okay, but when the woman has special days of her life, she might not express but she misses you. And you also understand that as well. So, the upcoming special day in her life, plan a surprise visit to her place. And that would be the perfect moment to propose her as she would be in cloud in her happiness. You can take a definite yes for your proposal from her.

7) Surprise with Wine

Surprise with Wine

A wine is always a class companion in special events. And proposing the love of your life is one of the most special events. So, it will enhance the charm of the ambiance. If your lady love has choice of wine- red, white, sparkling, or any other brands, grab one before you propose her. You know she is going to say yes. It is always best to prepare for the celebration after event. Such a gift after proposal will make the best day of her life.

8) Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet Gift Basket

A Gourmet gift basket is full of delicacies that we all love. Especially, when it is the proposal gift; it is the most special. A gourmet gift basket is full of chocolates, chips, cookies, toffees, cakes, pretzels and many more to cheer up the mood of woman of your life. Every time she opens the basket, it will remind her about the special moment of her life. It is a basket of happiness.

Proposal is just making what has always been there official. And to keep it simple and subtle, above are the best romantic gifts to send to your long-distant GF.

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