Find a real Easter flowers arrangement? From table centerpiece to room decorations, these 15 gorgeous Easter flower arrangements will brighten up your day. 

Hey, Easter is just around the corner. The snow has started to melt down and flowers are blooming. Flowers are the main source of attraction for this season. Flowers bring positivity in the home and make the environment happy on the eve of Easter. Picking the flowers as a centerpiece for your living room can make your guests feel special.

Here are 15 Creative Floral Arrangement Ideas for Easter

1. Rainbow Flowers Vase Centerpiece –

Rainbow Flowers Vase Centerpiece

If you really love to keep fresh flowers in your home and create the rainbow effect. Then, take the glass vases in two different shapes and sizes. Pick the seven or 14 white flowers of sweet fragrance and put it in the different seven-color rainbow-colored water. You can prepare the color water from the color gels. Keeping these vases in the center of your dining table will make your living room spectacular.

2. Rustic Planter Box Centerpiece –

Rustic Planter Box Centerpiece

The simple wooden planter box consists of decorated plastic Easter eggs and Irish moss as the plantation. Irish moss looks similar to Faux Easter grass. So, this rustic planter box looks awesome as a centerpiece in the middle of your living room or at the side table of your bedroom. Order Easter gift delivery for your loved ones.

3. Flowers in Egg shells –

Flowers in Egg shells

Have you ever thought that you can decorate the flowers in the egg shell? As you heard it right! Now how you can do that, let me explain. While breaking the egg in your breakfast, break the egg with caution. Wash the egg and remove the membrane as far as possible. After that take the mixed bouquet of flowers. Put these flowers in 12 of such egg shells and these egg shells in egg holder or in any carton. These flowers together will look fabulous on your table.

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4. Spring Glass Centerpiece –

Spring Glass Centerpiece

You can bring the summer back in your personal space by putting prime roses in style in your bed room. You can put the prime roses in the large tea cup and saucer covered under big glass cloak. Bring the contrast by decorating it with different color grass or flowers. This idea is totally unique and you will rejoice this in your summer months.

5. Succulent Centerpiece for Easter –

Succulent Centerpiece for Easter

Have you ever heard to plant the succulents in the egg shaped cups. It is the best addition for the Easter on the table and in your windowsill. Plant the succulents in these egg shaped cup and increase the positivity and festive mood in your home. These egg shaped cups will be the center of attraction in your Easter. Send  Easter gift basket online through us and spread hapiness.

6. Flowers and Carrot Centerpiece –

Flowers and Carrot CenterpieceDon’t get surprised by this idea. The different vibrant colors of the carrot and the flowers will make your Easter colorful and happy. You can take the equal size scrapped carrots and arrange it in the glass cup. Then take the green, red, blue and white colors glowers and place it in between the carrot. So, now your flowers and carrot center piece id ready.

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7. Easter Lantern Centerpiece –

Easter Lantern Centerpiece

By using the lantern, make your own lantern centerpiece. The most amazing thing about this piece is that it is a cute piece that can be placed or can be hanged. If you are doing the dinner, place it in the middle of the table else you can keep it in your book shelf. It will increase the look of your room. It can also be hanged. So, enjoy the Easter with these beautiful lantern centerpiece.

8. Flowers Bouquet in Tray Centerpiece –

Flowers Bouquet in Tray Centerpiece

The tray in your kitchen is the best thing to decorate your home with flowers. You can decorate the tray with different colors and decorating items and then put the flowers in the glass vase in the tray. You can keep that tray at kitchen table, sofa table, console table, coffee tables and end table.

9. Tulips and Asparagus Centerpiece –

Tulips and Asparagus Centerpiece

The best of the centerpiece hack this Easter season is Tulips and asparagus centerpiece. You can trim the tulips and tie it with toilet paper, then cover it with Asparagus. Just keep the same in the center of your table.

10. Sugared Fruit and Flowers Centerpiece –

This time we have brought the idea of sugared fruits on them. You can make the fruits sugared by dipping it in the white egg and then sprinkling the sugar over the fruits, after that let them dry for 30 minutes. You can out these fruits on the bunch of flowers.

11. Herb and Flowers Arrangement –

Herb and Flowers ArrangementThe herbs and flowers are the most common centerpiece that can be used to decorate your house. You can use any potted plants mixed with herbs. You can use Mint, oregano, thyme and Trader Joe’s, begonias, beautiful primrose, roses, hyacinth.

12. Peeps and Tulips Centerpiece –

Peeps and Tulips CenterpieceTake a glass vase, put water in the vase and keep the fresh tulips in the same. Also, you can add the marshmallow treats that pop up in Easter baskets like Peeps. It is a fun candy that peeps out of the Easter basket in just five minutes of putting it. This is the one of the best surprises that you can give it to your kids. They are just going to love you for that.

13. Hanging Mason Jar –

Hanging Mason JarAre you fond of hanging flowers in your window panes or in your rooftop of your balcony. Then, don’t worry, we are here with the flower bouquets and can hang on your rooftop. When you will rise from sound night’s sleep, then you will refreshed and rejuvenating looking at them. You can also create the hanging garden on your terrace. You can rejoice on the terrace and can celebrate the Easter with your family.

14. Bunny Flower Bouquet-

Bunny Flower BouquetPut your flowers and leaves in bunny designed flower bouquet. It is very good addition to your house in the festive season of Easter. Combine the Bunny flower bouquet with Easter chocolate gifts in your Easter basket.

15. Easter Egg Sun Catcher with Flowers-

Easter Egg Sun Catcher with Flowers

You can make the Easter egg sun catcher with flowers and decorate your house with it. First, you have to gather the flowers for your sun catcher. Put the contact paper on the table and draw the large egg on the paper. Paste the flowers, leaves and thin flowers over it. Press the second contact sheet over it. Remove the extra paper and paste the border colored tape. Then display this to the window glass.

With these fabulous Real Flowers Centerpiece Arrangement for Easter, create a memorable occasion. Enjoy Easter!!!

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