Surprises are the best way to bring a HUGE smile on your girlfriend’s face. Especially when it is her birthday then all you wish is to make her day happiest. There are ample ideas that you can follow and give her romantic surprise. But, again don’t you think everyone does the same.

 To ditch the usual and surprise her in a unique way is worth it. Today in this blog we have narrowed down how to give woo your girlfriend according to the timing throughout the day. Remind your girl how great she is by grabbing this opportunity for her birthday. To know more, keep scrolling.

Midnight Surprise

Midnight Birthday Surprises for Your Girlfriend

Words cannot be expressed all the time. Little gestures tend to leave a lasting impression. For your girlfriend’s birthday knock on her door at midnight. In case if you guys are living together, then bring her a favorite cake through birthday cake delivery with a candle on it. Or tag along with a band of musicians to sing your girlfriend Happy birthday. Sneak her out with a private concert of the favorite singers. Trust us; she is going to jump in your arms with ecstatic joy.

Morning Surprises

Once your midnight surprise is all wrapped up, it’s time for a morning surprise. She will be deep in sleep, make sure you prepare all beforehand. Without making some noise, whisper in her ear and say happy birthday or perhaps a loving quote (Only if she isn’t a heavy sleeper).

1) Door Surprise – Balloon in a Box

Door Surprise Balloon in a Box for girlfriend's birthday surprises

There’s a huge mystery box in the front door. The moment your sweetheart pulls the ribbon off the box, pick up the lid – she will be squealing like a little girl who just saw a bunch of balloons. You can just pre-order them through a shop and they will send birthday balloons right at your doorstep. With vivacity of colors, balloons will brighten up her like never before.

2) Gifts for Her

birthday Gift surprises for girlfriend

And just when your girlfriend feels her day couldn’t get any better, amaze her again with gifts right at her workplace, home, or where she is heading out. If you are very well aware of her choices that will bring a smirk to her lips then buy them through birthday gift delivery of any online portal. Either a bar of chocolate or personalized jewelry, notebook, etc.

Afternoon Surprises

Sweep her off her feet for afternoon surprises. She might assume there’s a surprise already waiting for her. Hence, now it becomes a little difficult for you to amaze her. Make sure the surprise is something that she has never ever thought you’ll do. For instance:

1) Pick Up Her with a Car

birthday surprises for girlfriend Pick Up Her with a Car

Visit your girlfriend’s office or home and later blindfold her. Hold her hand and take her out to the car and let her feel what it is. Then watch your girl’s expression as she watches the dream car in front of her. Afterwards, you can go for a long romantic ride.

2) Go For A Private Plane Ride

girlfriend's birthday surprises Go For A Private Plane Ride

There are many private airstrips that give you a private plane ride. Hundreds of feet flying above in the sky, it’s going to a precious moment that will take place and settle forever in the memory. Make sure it’s worth it every second.

Evening Surprises

Sun is setting down and it’s a beautiful evening out there. The evening surprises should be simple, and just the two of you. A thoughtful way to end the day is:

1) Romantic Movie

Girlfriend's Birthday Surprises with Romantic Movie

There are so many movies, play your girlfriend’s favorite movie or go to the theatre to watch a movie. You can set up at home and snuggle under piles of the blanket together and eat pizza.

2) End With Romantic Dinner

End With Romantic Dinner on girlfriend's birthday

After having so much fun together, we are sure you will be starving and all you wish is food. Thus, end the birthday girl’s day with a romantic dinner. You can go to a fancy poolside or rooftop restaurant and have candlelight dinner or cook food her favorite food on your own.

Love is a powerful feeling. It can help people heal. When two people are madly in love, they will always try to make each other happy. So, on your girlfriend’s birthday, try out these excellent ideas that are going to make the day memorable for the rest of your lives.

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