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Send Hugs with Stuffed Animals: Enjoy Special Day while having Long Distance

Long distance relationships are hard but the absence of your loved one make your heart grows fonder. This becomes so tough during holidays and special occasions. Obviously you cannot always surprise your love one by visiting them but you can send your love to your dear one through lovely gifts. There are so many beautiful gifts that can make the separation from your loved one a little bearable. So by treating your loved one you can make these challenging long distance relationships easier. Through sending special gifts to your loved one, you can show them how much you love and miss them. You can do many sweet gestures in fact you can do whatever it takes to keep your special one close no matter how far you guys are in distance. You can treat your partner with creative and unique gifts but out of all the gifts the best are cute and adorable stuffed toys. They can give great company to your dear one even while you are away and make them feel your presence. Thus we are here with some amazing stuffed toys gift ideas to send virtual hugs to your loved ones.

I love you Teddy Bear

This is our Sherman teddy bear and it has an irresistible look on his face. This stuffed teddy bear has extra soft feel and he features contrasting tan fur on the inside of his ears and his snout. This teddy bear looks extra cute because of the little white tees he is wearing which say I Love Tommy. So share your love with your someone special and tell them how much you love them through 21 inch cute and innocent looking teddy bear. Make Romantic teddy bear delivery to your better half and tell them how much you love them through a romantic and adorable teddy.

Twinkles snow Owl Soft Toys

If you are looking for something different than a teddy bear than this twinkles snow owl plus is just perfect. This owl plush toy is wearing a Fair Isle Pattern winter cap which makes it look cuter. It is of huggable material and so it is a very nice winter or snow themed stuffed toy. Thus gift this to your loved one for special occasions and it is really a great choice if you are looking for the gifts that are of soft material. Also this will look so good in a bedroom, thus can be used as bedroom décor too.

Philbin Chocolate Stuffed Animals

This is one of the most popular characters and we are so proud to introduce this in our teddy bear or stuffed animals range. This is a chocolate colored seated plush toy with a classic design that features it paw pad accents and a curious as well as cute expression on its face. It is impossible to not love Philbin. The chocolate color of the stuffed animals makes it more attractive. So treat your loved one with this cute stuffed animal for special occasion.

Rosey Mrs. Claus Teddy Bear

If you are looking for something really cute or a character which is very special, this is one of the most ideal choices. Rosey is Mrs. Claus that is the wife of Santa Claus, so if your dear one is so fond of Santa they would love Mrs. Rosey too. This stuffed toy has a cute sideways smile, embroidered glasses and oversized head. To make this gift even more special for your loved one you can pair it with Santa and enjoy North Pole Scene for festive vibes.

Penelope Penguin Bear

If your special someone finds penguins so cute, you can gift them a penguin bear as you can cannot gift them a real penguin. This penguin chick plush has a furry body and flexible wings. This stuffed toy is built with quality standards and it is very soft and huggable. This Penelope Penguin Bear will also make a great bedroom décor and it can also be easily cleaned as it has washable surface.

Lion Teddy Bear

This teddy is sure to bring more romance in your relationship because this cute lion teddy bear is wearing a t-shirt that has a unique design of couples hearts with their names featured on it. This stuffed animal is designed in such a way to make a great cuddling pal, so send this to your beloved and give virtual hugs. Send stuffed animals online to your loved ones for special occasions and convey your wishes to them through cutest gifts.

Snuffles with Hat

This is 5 inch snuffles teddy and it is ready for winter because it is wearing a red knit hat. The hat has unique crescent design which has made snuffles everyone’s favorite for over 30 years. This miniature snuffles in classic white color with red knit hat is a very cute and adorable choice for your dear one as they would be able to hug this cute creature and feel your warmth.

Fantabulous Frog Teddy

If your dear one finds frogs cute, then this fantabulous frog teddy is a perfect stuffed animal pick for them. This is a cute dreamy eyes frog which would be the most fantastic and adorable frog you would ever see. This frog teddy features a soft chunky body and dreamy eyes which makes it perfcet for snuggling. This frog teddy is a great soft toy for the cars too as it is little.

We hope these cute and adorable soft toys help you send virtual hugs to your loved one so that you can make their day special even having long distance.

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