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Some Interesting things about Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I love melting fruits with chocolates. Now you can enjoy eating chocolate with fruits by eating chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate sweetness and strawberry citrusy flavor balance the recipe. Both melts easily in the mouth and give a nice kick to your taste bud. I really do care about your interest and that’s why we brought some interesting facts about chocolate covered strawberries. We will give you some useful tips and tricks about how to enjoy a fresh and mouth melting chocolate covered strawberries. No worries you are living in a long distance relationship. Still you can make your partner happy with fruit bouquet delivery to USA.

Make Sure Your Strawberries are very Dry

Many of us love doing experiment by making new recipes and desserts. Making chocolate covered strawberry is not difficult task. You just need to adjust the proportion of melted chocolate and look after the heating temperature as well. The most important thing is you need strawberries which are dry. Yes some moist strawberries can spoil the taste. So before you go to make it make sure strawberries are completely dried with no moisture left on the skin. If you are getting bored with same type of gift giving trend, follow us to deliver chocolate covered strawberries bouquet to near and dear one.

How to make Chocolate Covered Strawberries:

There are certain things you need to follow when you are making chocolate covered strawberries.

  1. Your strawberries should be fresh and completely dried
  2. You must not use any chocolate for coating. You need a baking chocolate
  3. Baking chocolate help to coat the strawberries well.
  4. Well there are so many varieties of chocolate like dark, milk and white you have to choose the right suits to taste buds.
  5. Melt the chocolate in double boiler and then let it come in the room temperature.
  6. Now insert toothpick in the strawberry and then allow it to bath in the melted chocolate.
  7. You can dip the whole or half of strawberry.
  8. Now leave it on the butter paper to dry.
  9. You can use sprinkles or melted white chocolate to make Ziz zag strips on it.
  10. So here is the cool and funky recipe to enjoy chocolate covered strawberries at home.

How Long Do Chocolate Covered Strawberries Last?

Chocolate covered strawberries shelf life is 24 hour in the room temperature. Actually the best time to eat Chocó dipped strawberries is one day. But if you want to store it for next day you can follow the trick. This can be also use for gifting purpose. But if you are not able to make it, you can Send gift Online from here.


  • First of all use plastic or glass air tight container.
  • Now put the butter paper or paper towel to avoid coming extra moisture into it.
  • Then slowly put those strawberries in the single raw.
  • Now cover loosely with foil or butter paper. Don’t cover it tightly.
  • Don’t crowd them otherwise it can spoil the flavor and appearance as well.
  • You can use as many containers to store and protect the chocolate covered strawberries.

How to decorate Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

Chocolate covered strawberries can be elevated with beautiful toppings and designs on it. it is very simple to decorate them. You just need to prepare the ingredients and soon it gets chocolate coating you can drizzle that designs on it. For example you can use crushed dried nuts, white and dark chocolate chips, colorful sprinklers to sprinkle after its final coating. You can also use melted white chocolate cones to make beautiful lines, stripes and desired design on it. You can make funny faces using melted white chocolate cone. So these are some simple tricks for how to decorate chocolate covered berries. I believe in giving healthy and useful gift. And this is why I prefer to Give Fruit Basket as Healthy and Juicy Gift. Chocolate covered strawberry is a healthy as well as tasty.

So here are some interesting tips and tricks about how to make chocolate covered strawberries at home. Also we give some information about how to increase its shelf life. This would rather help you in reducing the stress of how to invite guests in party or in get together. You can easily make it at home. As well you can also take it as a gift. Hope you like the ideas and expecting you will share it with others too.

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